Indoor Games for Families: 3 Family Games to Play At Home…Kid-Friendly & With Unique Twists (Part I)

Games to play at home

Nothing says fun indoor games for the family more than home game room products. In this special at-home feature, we’re taking a look at popular games that have been altered to make playing at home more fun, and they’re also kid-friendly

Perhaps you’re one of the many families who have played all the games in your home game room so much that you don’t even wanna look at them anymore. You might be experiencing A.H.B. (At Home Boredom) and are searching for ways to reignite the fun. Don’t fear…Games For Fun is here to help bring you a roomful of entertainment in your time of need!

What we’ve learned during the pandemic is that there are ways to stay entertained even when the entertainment gets, well, stale, to say the least. One of the easiest and most effective ways we’ve been able to combat at-home boredom is by tapping into our creative side with unique twists on popular indoor games. By adding or removing a rule, your home game room can take on an entirely new personality! In part 1 of this article, we’ll be talking about variations of billiards, foosball, and ping-pong. And in part 2, we’ll be talking about air hockey, shuffleboard, and darts. You name it, we’re playing it!


Teach the Family How to Play A Game of Billiards At Home…With A Korean Twist

We’ve written about billiards before. This game might be considered a “simple” game to play in homes all across America, and that’s why that billiard table might be collecting dust as we speak. But adding a cultural twist to this well-known pastime could give you a run for your money. Korean billiards, known as “danggu” in Korea, isn’t really what you would call a “simple” or “popular” game in America. In fact, there’s a general lack of danggu tables in this country.

Traditionally, this four-ball billiards or four-ball carom is played on a pocketless table with four billiard balls, usually two red and two white, one of the latter with a spot to distinguish it (in some sets, one of the white balls is yellow instead of spotted). However, this article explains that this version of the game is played with two red object balls, one white cue ball, and one yellow cue ball (or sometimes both cue balls are white, with one having a red spot).

Each of the two players is assigned a white or yellow cue ball; whether the opponent can use it as an object ball is a difference between the version you want to play. A point is scored when the shooter caroms on two balls. A carom on only one ball results in no points and ends the shooter’s inning.

How can you recreate this game at home? Your pool table could be used in the place of the danggu table. American billiards requires players to knock the pool balls into six evenly placed pockets. In danggu, two white cue balls and two red balls are used on a table similar to an American pool table — but with no pockets. To achieve this “pocketless” table, simply stuff the pool table pockets with some sort of cloth to block the balls from going in, or place disposable cups upside down on the pockets to cover them. To keep the cups from moving around, tape them down if they don’t fit snug. A yellow ball can replace one of the white cue balls to avoid confusion.

If a player hits both red balls on a single hit with one of the cue balls, the player receives one point. A player is allowed to continue to hit until he or she misses a ball. A wooden box mounted on the wall with score chips helps keep score. Chips are deducted from the amount set at the beginning of the game.

Another great thing about this game is that the number of people allowed to play doesn’t matter, as long as it’s an even number. So the whole family could play! If there’s an uneven number, you can do rounds and the winner can play the next family member.


When the Family Is Bored at Home Try This Foosball Game Variation

Multiball foosball is basically the same as standard foosball, except instead of 1 ball being served, multiple balls are served each time. In this case, 3 balls are served each time. A point is given to the person who scores the most goals. Only 1 point is given each time, even if one player scores all three goals. The game progresses until someone reaches 10 points.

Wanna add more crazy to the already-crazy? Introduce the idea of Crazy Multiball to the family. In this game, you layout maybe 9 or 11 balls at the center (you can use as many balls as you want, but really it needs to be an odd number to avoid ties.) After a countdown from 3, the players try to get as many of the balls as they can into the opponent’s goals. The winning player is the one who scores the most goals.

Some more ways you could make this game even more fun is by using weighted balls to increase the overall challenge of the game or try playing a one-handed game where each player can only use one hand of choice and hands cannot be swapped during a game.


Ping-pong for Kids vs. Ping-pong (After Hours)

The name in itself is already fun, but start incorporating some new rules and it takes this traditional table game to the next level. Let’s start off with the kid-friendly variation of ping-pong. Rotating ping-pong requires a minimum of three players. The players respectively position themselves on either side of the table. The side with more players is the first to serve.

The principle of the game is to hit the ball while circling the table. When a player misses a ball, the latter lays his or her paddle on the table. If a player who is still in the game bounces the ball on the bat, the eliminated player can rejoin the game. Once there are no more than two players, they get involved in a match to decide the winner.

If your family is composed of all adults, or maybe the kids have gone to bed, here’s a rather popular version of ping-pong: beer pong! The idea of this variation is to throw a ping-pong ball into a plastic cup filled with drink, which your opponents then have to drink. Essentially, each time the ball lands inside the cup, the opposing team has to drink its contents. The cups are positioned in a triangle on both sides of the ping-pong table and must be touching. The player designated to shoot keeps his or her elbow behind the edge of the table. It’s possible to replace the cups at any point in the game. All you have to do is position the cups where they would have been if they hadn’t slipped over.

To add more variation to this game, fill the cups with various beverages (water, iced tea, beer, vodka, apple juice, and more). The team which manages to reach all the opposing team’s cups wins the game. As a tip, opt for an outdoor ping-pong table, which is much more hard-wearing and suited to such ‘boozy’ leisure pursuits. You could still use it indoors, it’s just likely to last longer since it’s built to withstand the conditions of the outdoors.


Indoor Family Games Don’t Stop, They Only Get More Creative

Between Korean billiards, multi foosball, and rotating, beer-drinking ping-pong which game variation was your favorite? Which one are you most excited to try at home? Remember that being at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun as a family!

For more inspiration on how to have fun, check out the Games For Fun blog. Each month, we discuss various gaming topics from home game room ideas to popular games you can play in the fall. And be sure to stay tuned for the second part of this blog where we’ll be talking about ways to make air hockey, shuffleboard, and darts more fun when playing at home. You name it, playing it (after we give it a lil’ twist for extra fun).


The Most Unique Game Room Ideas That You Can Add Into Your Game Room

Unique Game Room Ideas

If you’re looking to get some inspiration for your home game room, don’t fear — we at Games For Fun are presenting you with some of the coolest game room ideas in this blog. After this, we don’t doubt that you’ll be fully equipped to a) win over the kids b) win over the neighbors c) win over the spouse or d) simply win.

Outdoor Fun…Indoors

Swingin’ into the fun! Have you ever considered how fun it’ll be to have an indoor slide added to your home game room? It sounds a bit intense, but it’s totally doable (and, did we mention, it’s also really gnarly). In this article on Home Beautiful, a twisty slide is added to a game room for a visually unexpected, edgy addition. See you later, Six Flags! If adding a slide into your game room isn’t considered a unique game room idea, we don’t know what is!

Slide to the left! On that same note, if you don’t have enough room to build a slide, opt for an indoor swing instead. No matter how much space you have to use, we believe that any space is enough space for a good time (and creative takes on the standard game room). Adding a swing will make the game room feel more personalized and unique. Plus, the swing set is always our first stop at the park anyway…right? Whether you are going for a hammock for a peaceful game room, a wooden chair for a fun outdoor vibe, or even a tire for a more rustic look, adding a swing could make for an extra awesome game room.

George of the Jungle…Gym. There are also few things that are more exciting than having a jungle gym inside the house and, more specifically, adding that jungle gym into your game room. Whether you add a rope wall, ladder, or something else, these outdoor activities can add some pizzazz to your home game room.

Leisure Activities

Let’s go to the movies. Sometimes, having fun doesn’t need to be competitive (but, at the same time, you want to still have the option to challenge someone to a game of ping pong or billiards). If you want to create a unique game room, why not add a movie projector? This creates a well-rounded space dedicated to entertaining so your guests could either be hands-on and play some games, or relax and watch their favorite movie.

Slam dunking in the fun. There’s the Pop-A-Shot electronic basketball game, and then there’s the real deal. We’re talking about mounting a basketball backboard onto a wall to create a half-court and to also out-awesome some of the most awesome game room ideas. This one might require some space or a high ceiling, but it’s worth trying it in smaller spaces with open flooring.

Bars and games. It doesn’t get much better than that. We’re all familiar with pool halls — dim-lit atmosphere with beer and billiards (or something close enough to that description). There’s no denying that booze and games are quite an entertaining combo. That’s why some of the coolest game room ideas we’ve come across are designed with a bar department. You could do a victorian-style bar, a modern, sleek, and dark bar, or create your own style from scratch!

Themes! Themes! Themes!

Sports heads. So, maybe you can’t decide on which of your favorite sports team to showcase in your cool home game room renovation. Why not showcase all of them with a sports-themed game room. Deck out the walls in notable colors and mascots, and add accompanying accessories such as color-coordinated chairs, large rugs that boast your favorite team, neon signs, wall posters, and more! And when it’s game day, you know where everybody in the neighborhood will be going to watch the game.

Gaming up the game room. If you’ve never thought about increasing your home game room appeal by giving it a game theme, think again. This Minecraft-inspired home game room comes equipped with distinguished colors, a variety of wall art, matching sofas, and the actual game for the cherry on top. If this sounds like a cool game room idea, but you don’t know where to start, we’ll help. If you plan on drawing inspiration from this cool game room idea, start with your favorite game first:

  1. If you can’t think of one, go with the first game that popped into your head for easy selection.
  2. Pinpoint the game’s primary colors (ex: Mario is Red, blue, white, and gold).
  3. Start figuring out what kind of furniture you want in the game room. Things like sofas, stools, tables, rugs, pillows, throw blankets, and even curtains, cups, coasters, and lighting could all add to the theme.
  4. Think about placement. If you intend on including your favorite game into the game room, be sure there’s enough room for the game machine in addition to the other elements. The last thing you would want is to purchase items only to find out that you don’t have enough room to fit everything. Save yourself the hassle and measure, plan your space, and create a list of what can fit.

Lights, camera…actually, just lights. Natural light is great, but so is ambient lighting designed and situated for optimum coolness. Adding LED lights throughout your home game room could set the tone for whether you want to be a winner, or not. Lights could be used in just about any way to turn any standard game room into the ultimate light show. You could add lights behind fixtures for a unique silhouette glow, trail lights across the ceiling walls and floors, add big and bold neon signs, get changing lights for a taste of the rainbow, take advantage of lights that project images such as the night sky or unique designs, and even add candles if you’re into a more relaxed form of entertainment. You could choose to use all the methods listed, or just one. But the goal is the more lights, the better.

Go Big Or Go Home

So, what’d you think about our list of awesome game room ideas? Some might have been over-the-top and some might have been a bit out of the average Joe’s budget, but, in the event that you have the resources to try out one of these cool ideas for your home game room, make sure to take photos! Now, what are ya’ waiting for? You’ve seen these awesome game room ideas and have been inspired. Now take that inspiration and create something cool for your home game room.


Beat Coronavirus Blues…Fun “Lockdown” Games To Play Indoors

lockdown games indoors

If you’re suffering from Coronavirus Blues, Games For Fun is here to help! Today, we’ll be talking about some fun things you could do during the lockdown, focusing specifically on fun games that could be played indoors so you and your household can stay safe, busy, and positive during the lockdown!

But, Games For Fun, what is this “Coronavirus Blues” you speak of?

Coronavirus Blues

  1. That overwhelming misery you get as a result of being stuck in your home for weeks without an actual social life or the option to have one except via technology thanks to Coronavirus…thanks Coronavirus…NOT!

“After being on lockdown for over three weeks, she’s got Coronavirus Blues

So, maybe the term “Coronavirus Blues” isn’t validated by the Oxford Dictionary (or any dictionary, at that), but the Games For Fun team is still making it a thing because, well, it kind of is a thing. And while we recognize that some introverted personalities might love this new stay-at-home adjustment, many of us are going bonkers.

You might be one of those people wondering if there are any fun things to do while on lockdown. Games For Fun understands your concerns, and we’re here to help. That’s why we’ve curated a list of awesome games and activities you could play indoors while waiting for the time to pass!

If you remember our past article about how to stress less, we talked about some of the ways that stress can affect your body. Many would agree that we live in a society where stress seems like it is part of our lives, and it’s even worse now that Coronavirus is causing highly stressful conditions for many people. But, one of the easiest ways to counteract stress is by having fun!

Did you know that having fun actually gives you more energy than it takes away? Our article on having fun highlighted the importance of having fun amidst stressful or overwhelming times. Being on lockdown as a result of a life-threatening virus is rather stressful and overwhelming. So, where do we start with this “fun” thing? Well, aside from disinfecting your entire home, you could always play some games!

In order to live a healthy life, we need to incorporate a balance of work, leisure, fun, and activity. However, with the recent at-home adjustments as a result of the Coronavirus, we know that work, leisure, fun, and activity have been overtaken by leisure for many of us. And a lot of us might be running out of things to do at home or ways to stay busy during the lockdown. Let’s consider some games you can play indoors to maintain positive vibes and an upbuilding home atmosphere.Air Hockey. Since the 1970s, air hockey has been a game of friendly competition inside at-home game rooms.

Having an air hockey table in the home is a great indoor game to play during the lockdown and the perfect way to bond with family and friends! If you’ve never played air hockey, but walk by that table every day, now’s your chance to test your skills…you’re home anyway!

Tips & Tricks: As with any game, a good offense is a good defense. Keep your paddle a little further out from the goal. This allows you to react faster as the puck comes your way. Instead of following the puck with your eyes (which usually results in slow reactionary shots), try to track the puck’s projection and move along with it. That positions you appropriately for when the puck comes towards you.

Like all other things, practice makes perfect when it comes to air hockey improvement. If you’d like to up your game this year, we have a variety of air hockey table options to browse.

Darts. A few great things about darts is that it’s a game that can be enjoyed by everyone and it’s a super easy indoor game to play while on lockdown.

Darts have a rich history. As best as we can tell, the practice of throwing “arrows” to hit specific targets started through archery; its long-lasting appeal is felt worldwide. You’ve seen dartboards everywhere–in your favorite bar, in your best friend’s basement, or in the garage hang-out you had growing up. And almost everyone has picked up a dart and hoped that they would hit that bullseye. More likely than not, your dart landed on the wall next to the dartboard, but that’s a different conversation for a different day.

Challenge those in your house to a game of darts. And if you don’t have darts, check out our dart inventory. This isn’t about becoming skilled at one of the oldest known games today…this is about pure fun!

Foosball. This thrilling game allows for two to four people to play at a time, heating up the competition in your home.

As simple as this game may seem, it never fails to create excitement for players of all ages and levels, and it’s still considered to be one of the most accessible and fun games to play to date. Foosball is ultra-competitive, all-age appropriate, and spectator-friendly. And with many people on lockdown, foosball is the perfect indoor game to keep everyone entertained.

Whether you’re just beginning to pick up this hobby or you have been a professional for years, this game will always spark adrenaline and entertainment. If you are looking into a foosball table, you may want to check out our online store. Happy Foosballing!

Ping Pong. Playing table tennis is a great way to spark up the competition with family and friends, or to simply unwind after a long day doing nothing. (Hey, it’s the truth!)

Table Tennis, also known as Ping Pong, began as a simple “parlor game” to enjoy indoors during cold winter months. So, what better game to include in this ‘games to play indoors while on lockdown’ article. The classic game we have grown up to know has evolved to become a popular recreational activity played both inside and outside. From an Olympic sport to a common piece in many game rooms, table tennis has provided entertainment to all types of groups.

This is the perfect game not only for entertainment, but also to test your hand-eye coordination. After all, after sitting at home for so many hours barely moving, your body itself could use the challenge!

Pool. A pool table is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be played by 1, 2, or 4 people at a moment’s notice.

For many players, terms such as billiards, pool, and snooker are used interchangeably to describe a cue game. Even though these games are very similar, there are distinctions in their play. Each of these cue sports brings different types of enjoyment for players, and pool is the most convenient to learn and play, so the entire family could join in. If you’re stuck at home and looking for fun games to play during the lockdown, pool is out of the question. What are you waiting for…grab your pool stick!

Don’t have a pool table, but interested in playing while on lockdown? Games for Fun provides pool table rentals, as well as other indoor games to rent.

Shuffleboard. As the game heats up, this pastime will surely bring out your competitive side!

Whether you have a large group playing, or just one-on-one, shuffleboard requires more skill than luck. While there are multiple ways to play this simple game, the most common is between two players. So, play a Mother vs. Daughter game, Husband vs. Wife, Father vs. Son, Sibling against Sibling, and the like!

Along with pucks, you can find everything you need for shuffleboard on our online store! Check out our shuffleboard accessories here.

Games For Fun…During Lockdown

From air hockey to shuffleboard, we’ve touched on several fun things to do during the lockdown. Being indoors doesn’t mean you have to be bored or miserable! At Games For Fun, we recognize the importance of enjoying your time with those around you, even if the surrounding circumstances are the most favorable.

Laying on your bed all day, or watching T.V. every day, or counting sheep each day can be mentally exhausting for many and can cause productivity to slow down and can cause many to lose motivation to do even the simple daily tasks. While there is nothing wrong with sleeping or watching TV, how you spend your time throughout your day can affect the rest of your day and your household dynamic.

If you have a few game tables in your home, take advantage of them! If you look back at your favorite memories as a kid, they might include game nights that were most likely filled with family and friends. And, over time, we see board games being stashed away in the closet and video games becoming replaced by the next best thing. Game tables stand the test of time.

Having a game table in the home provides a place for your favorite people to have a good time. If you don’t have a game table or any of the games listed above, or you feel that your space might not be conveniently-sized, we have many games available that can be incorporated into your space seamlessly.

Games For Fun is proud to supply many Southern California homes with games for their family. We know that stopping by our showroom in San Bernardino isn’t doable as of right now, but you could still give us a call, and we can help you find the perfect game for your home and family.

Whether it’s three weeks or three months, Games For Fun is sure that we can all beat Coronavirus Blues together…one fun game at a time!

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Game On: Four Companies’ Killer Office Break Rooms

A lot has changed since the days of the cutthroat rigidity of the corporate world.  We are seeing companies take a softer approach and putting their attention to offering relief for an overworked or overstressed team. In order for employees to be fully engaged, motivated, and productive during the entire day, they need to have a balance of work and play.

One tactic that companies are using to create this balance is through their office game rooms. Implementing games inside offices may sound like a waste of time, but hard-working employees know that momentary game of ping pong or pool is just a few steps away.  

Businesses are set on finding top talent by creating a workplace that projects a sense of creativity and company culture.

Check out how these companies enhance company morale through their fun office break room ideas:



With over 300,000 listings worldwide and over 10 million nights booked, it’s no mystery that Airbnb’s break room culture contributes to their success. These employees enjoy a ping pong table, weekly yoga classes, and a kitchen outfitted with a chef who cooks lunch every day. Having games such as ping pong helps employees learn how to work together in a relaxed and fun manner. They are building team skills without the stress of daily work tasks.



Taboola cares about cultivating a rich culture for the company and its employees; so much so that it has appointed an internal committee to oversee the assembly of fun office events on a monthly basis. Employees can escape from their busy work days and shoot some hoops with their arcade-like basketball hoop.  Don’t forget that kegerator either!



The interior of DHL’s office is a combination of both elegant and modern employee-friendly spaces. To match the office rooms, their game rooms are neatly organized with their brand colors and games such as darts, foosball, and video games. If employees don’t feel like playing an action-packed game, they can unwind on a soft bean bag.

Bleacher Report


Bleacher Report’s vision for their office blends the culture and lifestyle of their followers as well as the teams they cover- blurring the lines between fan and celebrity, team and spectator. With a plethora of games such as ping pong, foosball, and air hockey, employees can immerse themselves in a creative space that will carry over into their work. This type of break room builds exciting moments that evoke the importance of exploration and team involvement.

Unique break rooms in the office that are created for fun that are branded and authentic don’t happen by accident; they take intentional planning and design. Simply adding a game table may not be enough, and without careful design things may come off looking unprofessional. But done right, a game room could inject your workspace with the startup vibe we all strive for, help grow a sense of community and attract and retain talent.

Games For Fun supplies many Southern California companies with games for their office break rooms. Stop by our showroom in San Bernardino today or give us a call, and we can help you find the perfect game for your office.

We are open Monday – Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Man Cave To Fan Cave: A Room For Your Favorite Team

Looking back on the days of our childhood, most of us could agree that our fondest memories include games – more specifically sports. Whether it was going to Saturday afternoon tee-ball games or listening to your dad scream at the television during Monday Night Football; sports bring out the competitive, yet territorial side out in all of us.

We all love being at the games, experiencing the action in person.  But hosting a party at home is a close second. While a majority of us would assume this happens in our living rooms, at Games For Fun, we think differently.

Perhaps you’ve considered the ultimate man cave for your home; but have you ever thought about taking it a step further and building a fan cave instead?  As the most modern way of decorating your extra space, a fan cave allows you to bring out your passion for the team you’ve loved since you were young.

Here’s the type of gear you’ll need to create the fan cave of your dreams:

For Your Pool Table

When transforming your room into a sports sanctuary, you’re going to need decor that seamlessly fits into what you already have. Your pool table is the perfect place to show loyalty to your team! If you can’t get your team’s mascot printed on the felt, don’t stress, we’ve got other ways to represent your team that are much less costly and time-consuming.

Instead of making permanent changes to your pool table, adding accessories with your team’s branding will give your table personality and flair. Switch out your set of balls or cues with school spirit! Are you a die-hard Alabama fan? Consider a maple cue stick covered in classic red and black fiberglass. Once you’re finished playing, cover it up with one of our NCAA Fan Shop pool table covers.

For Your Mini Bar

Save money and bring the sports bar into your room! With a bar in your game room, you’ll be avoiding the big crowds and angry rival fans. When your team is far away, there’s no better way to cheers to your team than at your themed mini bar. Showcasing your team pride is as simple as adding in bar stools and pub tables. Hosting a backyard BBQ during the Oklahoma State game? Bring out a couple stools and tables to complete the look; your guests will be nothing short of impressed (and a bit jealous).  

For Your Wall

If you have a more modest taste and would prefer not to overload your room with team spirit, wall decor is a great alternative. Without changing the items in your room, you can add memorabilia to your walls that will compliment your team’s style. But instead of having signed jerseys and photos, try something unique! Keepsakes like our dart cabinet is a perfect way to incorporate your team without being overly flashy. Next time you’re watching Auburn play, showcase your passion for the team during halftime while playing a round of darts from our dart cabinet.

You love your team, show them off the right way! Looking for decor that matches your school spirit? Check out our collection of NCAA Game Room products.

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Why Your Office Needs Game Tables In The Break Room

After countless hours working 9-5, employees can get burnt out quickly.  Because of that, more companies are focused on improving workplace conditions and cultures to improve employee retention.

Sitting in front of a computer all day can be mentally exhausting for many and can cause workers to slow down and lose motivation. While taking breaks is necessary, how you spend your time during those breaks can affect the rest of your day.

Having a few game tables in your office’s break room allows your employees to recharge, without even leaving the building. If you take a look at tech companies such as Google and Facebook, you will notice that they are no strangers to creating a modern company culture that includes having games like table tennis and foosball in their break rooms.


These are the benefits of having game tables in your office’s break room:



At times, stress can be inevitable at work. Stress can cause people not to think clearly and take longer to complete normal tasks. In order for workers to stay productive and motivated, they need ways to recharge and restore themselves before they feel worn out. When employees are playing games during their breaks, they are developing multitasking, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills outside of their daily tasks. After playing a quick round of air hockey, your employees will come back to their desks refreshed and ready to take on projects with new eyes and a level head.



Your company culture plays a big role in the overall satisfaction of your employees. When your office includes ways to make your employees feel more at balanced (meaning more than just a snack drawer), they come to work because they want to, not because they have to. Boost your company’s morale with outlets that are easily accessible for them, like having a pool table in the break room. Your employees will be more inclined to perform well when they feel fulfilled in all areas of work success.



When your break room contains games that require two or more players, employees are given  chance to work together in a situation that’s solely for enjoyment. When this type of teamwork forms, it carries into the teamwork needed for work. An intense round of foosball can give your employees an opportunity to think quickly and communicate effectively. Now that they have already worked on their team bonding, they have better knowledge and experience on how to handle situations in the workplace together.


Games in the break room don’t have to be a distracting element to your office. When they are used in moderation, they bring benefits that cannot be gained anywhere else. Allow your employees to get a fresh perspective in the middle of the day through a quick game; you will begin to notice the overall advantages sooner than you realize.

Did you know Games For Fun supplies many Southern California companies with games for their office break rooms? Stop by our showroom in San Bernardino today or give us a call, and we can help you find the perfect game for your office.

PS: All online orders provide free shipping!   In-store purchases are considerably cheaper, and we have a low set-up and delivery fee.  Our Inland Empire game showroom is conveniently located in San Bernardino, adjacent to the 215 freeway and near Rialto, Colton, Fontana and Redlands.  We are a short distance away from Los Angeles and Orange County.

Give us a call at (909) 885-3604



How Much Do You Really Know About Pinball?

While there has been countless games that have come and gone in arcades, there has not been anything quite like pinball.

The classic arcade game of pinball dates back to the 1800s. Beginning as a game that required constantly lifting and tilting the table, it has evolved into the bright, action-filled game we know and love today.

Because this game is so historic, there are a lot of things many of us don’t know about it.


It Began The Coin Craze

The arcade industry changed completely when pinball came around! Before this game, we stuck to more simple ways to have fun. Pinball is the first coin-operated machine in America. In the game’s early years, Ballyhoo was the first company to include coins in their pinball machines. This started a revolution for coin-operated games. Pinball became extremely popular in the 1930’s during the Great Depression, due to low playing costs.


It Was Banned For 40 Years

This arcade game caused quite the controversy in America. In the 1940’s and up until around 1976, pinball was banned from major places like New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. This was because the pinball table back then did not have flippers yet. This made the game more about chance, not skill.


Some considered this game to be connected to gambling. Also, churches and schools were against it, as it encouraged children to steal coins to play. Prohibition-type raids were held all across the country to get rid of these games.  


It Has A Unique Best Seller

As the 90’s approached and our society became more familiar with computer programming, pinball machines began to get more creative. March of 1992 was a groundbreaking time for the game of pinball, and we can thank a famous film for that. With more than 20,000 units sold, The Addams Family pinball machine is the highest selling pinball machine in history. Combining pop culture, the table’s great game play, and modern gaming technology; The Addams Family pinball machine was the ultimate success.


No matter at what age, pinball is a timeless game that everyone enjoys.


Bring the arcade into your home! We have a wide variety of pinball machines that’ll bring you back to your childhood.

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Man Cave Must Haves

Everyone needs that space in their home where they can unwind after a long day at work. Whether this space is used to watch your favorite sports teams, or to have your closest friends over for some pool; your man cave gives you an escape from reality. Through your style and interests, you can create a room that is meant solely for leisure.  

When your buddies come over, you’re gonna want to make sure you have all the essentials to keep them entertained.

These are the must haves for every man cave:


You and your guests won’t enjoy the next football game standing up! In this room, the right furniture is just as important as your TV. You’re gonna need some comfortable seating for you and your guests. With a L-shaped couch, everyone will have room to spread out and still be close enough to reach for more chips and dip.  Along with a couch, having a few recliners will help spread out the seating. During an intense game, this will be needed!

You don’t need to limit yourself to just sitting by the TV. If you have enough room, adding some bar stools to your man cave game room is always a good idea. This will be especially helpful when you have a lot of people over. In our showroom, we have plenty of bar stools and chairs to get you started. 


Although we love watching sports games on the TV, sometimes sticking to the classics is necessary. A pool table is a staple item in most entertainment rooms and gives your guests a fun activity to do when there are no games on. In our showroom, we have a diverse selection of pool tables to choose from to match any man cave style. If you can’t make a trip to our store, check out what we have available online! We offer free shipping on all orders and will deliver it right to your door. 

Don’t have enough room to fit a pool table? A foosball table is the perfect alternative. This game is more fast paced, and is easy to set up in any type of room. Unlike pool, you don’t need to be an experienced player to get competitive in this game! 


What is a man cave without drinks? If your room is not near the kitchen, you’re going to need to make refreshments easily accessible. After all, this is the first place your guests will run to upon entering your game room. 

Although having a mini bar is ideal to most, some rooms just don’t have the space for it. If your room is limited on extra space, you are going to need somewhere to store those cold beers. In our showroom, we have products like a kegerator and a Coca Cola refrigerator to keep your drinks cold and ready to go for any game.

After a long day at work, nothing is better than coming home to a room full of your favorite things. Your man cave is the space in your house where you can kick up your feet and relax. This area is exclusively yours and you have the freedom to make it whatever you want.

Get your next must-have piece for your man cave in our showroom! We have a wide variety of products that will seamlessly fit into your favorite space. We are right off the 215 freeway in San Bernardino. Stop by any time Monday through Saturday between 9:00am-5:00pm.

Fun Shuffleboard

A Beginner’s Guide To Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard The classic game of Shuffleboard has been around since the 1400’s. Beginning in the U.K., it has gained popularity all around the world. You’ve probably seen a table or two inside a bar or in a killer game room before.Whether you have a large group playing, or just one-on-one, Shuffleboard requires more skill than luck.  As the game heats up, this pastime will surely bring out your competitive side! While there are multiple ways to play this simple game, the most common is between two players. The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent using four metal pucks. Learn the rules, layouts, & how to play shuffleboard below.

How To Start

The layout of a Shuffleboard table is quite simple. The long wooden plank has three scoring zones on each end, and it is surrounded by an area where misfired pucks can fall out of the scoring zones. The table is covered with sand or powder to allow for the pucks to glide across smoothly. While most people use a coin toss, determining who shoots first will depend on each group of players. Each team will have different colored pucks. Along with pucks, you can find everything you need for shuffleboard in our store or online! Check out our shuffleboard accessories here.

How to Play Shuffleboard

In a two-player game, each player will have four pucks to shoot. There are a few things each player must keep in mind in order to play the game correctly. Before starting, whoever is playing must stand behind their end of the table to slide their pucks. Players must slide or “shuffle†their pucks to the other side while keeping their pucks on the table. The first player begins by shooting one of his colored pucks and the second player follows. Each player rotates shooting until all eight pucks have been used.

How To Win

In the game of Shuffleboard, aim is everything. To get the most points, the puck must land on the farthest end of the table while remaining on the surface. At the end of the game, the score is determined by counting only the pucks that are closest to the end of the table. If the puck is not entirely inside the score zone, the points do not count. Shuffleboard is an easy game to play and so simple that you can make up your own rules! This is especially true when you have the table in your home!  Your table. Your rules. It’s that simple.Interested in having this classic game in your home? A great one to start off with is our Fundamental Shuffleboard Table. This table combines timeless design with precision engineering, creating family fun to last generations. If you want to see our tables for yourself, come to our showroom!


Arcade All Day

For the majority of us, when we think of an Arcade, we are reminded of a building chock full of video games, dim lighting with some cigarette smoke lingering around you.
You had scrounged every last quarter you could find to get as much playing time as possible, and you worked so hard to get a better high score or get to that next level. The American Arcade was in its heyday from the 1970’s – to mid-80’s. But it has some pretty exciting origins.


The earliest arcades were created in the early 1900’s with the invention of skeeball and later pinball.

However, in the 1940’s these arcades suffered a big hit. The Mayor of New York City made pinball machines illegal. He saw them as a gateway to gambling and called the people who owned them a “slimy crews of tinhorns, well dressed and living in luxury on penny thievery.” Granted the earliest pinball machines did have a lot in common with a slot machine. This sentiment was backed by other areas across the country and would be in effect in New York City until 1976. They viewed arcades as the place where young hooligans could meet up and cause trouble. When this ban lifted and with the creation of games like Pong from Atari, the arcade saw a resurgence. Suddenly new video games were being created, and new arcades were going up all across the country. Popularity peaked with the invention of PacMan. That small yellow disc who avoided ghosts and looked for those cherry treats caught the heart of the country. People from any generation are still familiar with that game. However, this craze didn’t last long, and the same downfall that befell the pinball arcade came to the video arcade. Parents and legislatures started to cry out that arcades were a place for young delinquents to initiate and cause trouble. Before long, these outcries and the rise of the home video game system saw the vast majority of arcades closing down.

If you loved arcades and want to recreate that magic for yourself, you can look at our arcades games. We have some updated arcade classics that will keep you having fun for hours! Check them out in our arcade shop!