6 Underrated Summer Activities to Try This  Year

 Overview: Are you familiar with these underrated summer activities? Let’s explore  these unique activities

Besides sunbathing and wearing our favorite bath suits – allowing the sand to run through our toes and feet dipping in the sand – there are several underrated ideas to add to our bucket list when it comes to our summer plans.

Try New Food:

Maybe this isn’t considered underrated to people who have access to different types of food, but for those who are surrounded by the same few cuisines, summer could be a great opportunity to get your tastebuds in on the fun. Have you ever had an exotic food experience, like eating escargot, oyster, or starfish? Maybe sushi or frog legs? When you think of all the foods you’ve eaten vs. the ones you haven’t, the options suddenly seem exponential. Use this summer to try new cuisines. And who knows, you might end up stumbling upon delicacies you’ve never thought you’d love before this summer.

While compiling all these fun activities for this summer, we kind of came across the idea of planning a picnic. In connection with trying new foods, you can pick a food basket with unique snacks and one specialty entree that’s light and digestible. Get the basket in the backseat of your car, and gather with the people you enjoy.

Attend Outdoor Concerts:

Concerts are what we live for! In the United States, 40-50 million people attend concerts each year – making it a top thing to do! While this may not sound like something underrated, if you’re a new mom or dad, you might be dropping the idea of going out to concerts and public gatherings like you used to. While parenting is of utmost importance, don’t forget to do things you love. Make out time for yourself and check out these 10 outdoor stunning concert venues.

Run a Travel Book Club with Like-Minded People:

Finding someone who has the same interest in reading and shares the same energy as you isn’t easy. So if you’ve found some, keep them. If you’ve a restless explorer soul, we’ve got better ways to explore cultures and history by setting up a book club with like-minded people and reading novels from writers from different times worldwide. If members live nearby, you can also take things to the next level and plan a trip with them inspired by your books.

Have a Home Spa Day:

Even if a 5-star resort isn’t on your summer list or budget, you can still take some time to pamper yourself and your loved ones. The reality is that most of the time (even during times when we’re supposed to be most relaxed) we’re focused on how to make others happy and feel validated – or planning things for others. Summer is one of those times when we should be relaxing, but tend to prioritize others’ interests. So buy or make some relaxing face masks using home-based ingredients, put on some chill music, and take a relaxing soak.

Relaxation also means anything near the pool or jacuzzi/spa, and when it comes to underrated summer fun, nothing beats yoga by the pool day with your closest friends and family. If you don’t have a pool at home, ask a friend to arrange it at their place and have fun there. Or you can always go to the beach early in the morning when it’s still quiet.

Recreate Your Version of the Olympics:

We know this is underrated because, well, who plans a mini Olympic competition in the middle of summer? (Not us, that’s for sure!) Though we’ll sadly have to wait another year to get the Tokyo Olympics on our screen, we can at least create something similar for ourselves with friends and family members. It’s like a talent but to stress athletics and competition.

Although the word Olympics might excite you to go above and beyond, archery and pole-vaulting are strictly not advisable. However, there are plenty of activities you can recreate while you’re at home. For example, if your home lacks enough space for some popular Olympic activities, you can discuss your idea with your neighbors and get set on the ‘track’ or around the neighborhood/block. You can also take advantage of smaller sports like basketball, shot-put, and even long jump.

Divide the teams, create your mascots, and arrange a few small gifts (as your budget allows) to see who wins. Awarding gifts will not only encourage the players, but they’ll be documented by their loved ones to cherish the memories for the rest of their lives. For sporty events, there’s no option better than the summers – which we’re wholeheartedly welcoming.

Do Yoga:

We admit that there’s no shortage of yoga activities during the summer. And while we’re on the subject of taking out “me” time, yoga is something we vouch for when it comes to mind and body. Yoga soothes your brain, and as an additional benefit, they help shape your curves better than ever. If you’re fond of weightlifting and cardio but consider yoga not your cup of tea, give it a try – and you’ll never regret it.

In Summary:

When we think about summer, we’re always overwhelmed with some creative ideas — and honestly, it’s difficult to sum everything up in one go. But thank goodness that those warm breezes and sun rays are here with us again – and of course, we’re looking forward to doing things that we haven’t done in the past.

With that said, we’ve listed a variety of activities for extroverts (concert goers) to introverts (book clubs and yoga by the beach). But don’t forget bout our exclusive range of game tables that could also make for an enjoyable summer! 


8 Tips to Plan a Fun and Organized Summer 

Overview: Summer is all about fun – we’re marking our calendars with all the event details and activities to plan for a funnest summer. Let’s do it together!

After months of not going outside, the season of socializing is finally here. We’re talking about summer. This is the season that’s all about making memories. And since you’ve made your way to us, we know that you’re in charge of all the fun summer activities, but this could understandably be exhausting at times.

To lessen the load, we’re here to spam you with the ideas on how to plan the funnest summer this year. Here’s how we’re planning for our summer. We hope our ideas will make summer planning that much easier for you.

Mark Trips On Calendar:

Enough of you putting your fun aside for the sake of your working schedule and other engagements – we’re not listening to any further excuses. Whether you’re married, single, or a family person – plan that trip to the beach, darn-it! Or if you’re old school, visit the beautiful ruins of Rome this year and enjoy the summer with your loved ones.

Schedule Swimming Classes for the Youngsters:

Do you have a younger sibling at home that your mom has been scolding to learn to swim? Or maybe you have kids you want to teach how to swim especially with summer here? Either way, this is the perfect opportunity for you to mark this activity for you.

Get the kids out of their beds and arrange swimming classes for them! Kids are sharp to absorb and keen to learn, so they’ll require minimal time to learn how to swim. You can also practice swimming with them to enjoy the time when you were of their age teaching it.

Fill a Bucket of Activities:

Mark your calendars with all the activities you enjoy doing, including painting, boxing, or drawing. Alongside this, don’t forget to mark how you will respond to the events that are to follow in the upcoming days.

Summer welcomes the festive season to enjoy the union of loved ones and birthday bashes. With so much on your plate, don’t panic. Take a journal and mark every minute detail on it. It will be easier for you to manage your tasks with this practice.

Prioritize Goals and Projects:

If the walls of your garage or house are chipping, summer is the time to get them done. Gather a group of friends you know you can count on and ask them to join you in painting the walls. Take food breaks in between and enjoy working. Or, if there’s a project you have been putting off for a long time, do it on a day that you aren’t overwhelmed with your schedule – maybe a weekend.

Restock on Summer Supplies:

What constitutes “summer supplies?” Add a swimsuit and sunscreen to the top of the shopping list and apply them before going to the beach. Also make sure everyone has a swimsuit available for them. Ample water, and maybe even a mini portable fan can be included on that list. Let’s not forget the scorching heat can negatively affect your skin and cause severe sunburn. To deal with this, make this summer shopping list.

Plan a Loose Schedule:

Disclaimer: This one’s gonna be fun! This idea is included and designed — not to keep you or your kids busy or occupied from dawn till dusk — but to address only one activity divided into each day. The catch: You can’t repeat doing the same thing every day. This includes eating the same food everyday, too. It’s a challenging task that could make summer more engaging. Let’s consider some daily ideas for this:

BUSY MONDAY: Encourage your kid to do their favorite activity. Well, this part is for kids and adults alike. Oftentimes, we tend to ignore what our hearts yearn for – like sketching or making a sand house. Do it with your kids and relive your childhood days. Or you can dedicate Monday to learning a new skill and/or a foreign language.

YUMMY TUESDAY: Dedicate the Tuesday to enhancing your child’s baking and/or cooking skills considering their interest. If they enjoy decorating the cookies, teach them to bake with you, and they should enjoy what they cook/bake.

WANDERING WEDNESDAY: On Wednesdays, we wander – that is to say, take your kids to unusual places outside the city or neighboring areas they aren’t familiar with. You can also take them to a museum to educate them about the history without pressuring them. Plan a picnic, hiking, biking, or just a sports day to learn something new and fun.

READING THURSDAY: For Thursdays, read your favorite books – without using the dictionary. There will be words you will find challenging to read, but challenge yourself to read it as it’s – and the fun will be un-match-able. You can also imply the same practice to your kids/siblings.

FRIDAY – FRIYAY: With the weekend just around the corner, we’re doing fun on Friday nights. Enough of every day’s exertion; we’re ordering a pizza tonight. On Fridays, do as you like and enjoy one of the funnest summer nights the way you please.

SATURDAY SHOPPING: Saturday is for groceries and clothes – bills are not exempt either. Pay the bills you were supposed to submit last week, and get yourself the shirt you were trying to avoid because you didn’t have time.

SUNDAY REST DAY: We know how Sundays could get — real chaotic real quick. So much for a day of rest. We want to make sure that we’re giving ourselves time to recuperate form the summer activities, though, and that’s what this day is for.

In Summary:

Practically speaking, no one can plan summer activities overnight or in one sitting. So to save yourself a tough time, consider doing small activities each day, so you don’t push yourself into overwhelm. And if you’re one of those people who enjoy playing games, feel free to visit us for a collection of exciting game tables at highly affordable rates.


 Summer Party Ideas: Tips to Host the Best Kids Party this Summer

Overview: Check out these adorable yet affordable summer kids party ideas! 

Does one of your kids have a birthday coming up? Or do you want to celebrate them scoring good grades? Either way, parties are a special occasion for kids. After all, who doesn’t like gathering with friends and having a good time with them? A day dedicated entirely to fun, games, and zero homework? Yes, please.

Summers are all fun, so why stress about the party? With a little drizzle of creativity and by following this step-by-step guide, you’re going to pull off an amazing kids party this summer keeping you sane and giving the best to kids, ensuring that they’ll enjoy. Let’s talk a bit more about hosting this cool summer kids party.


With sunny weather and long afternoons, kids have a lot of time running and having fun with their friends. One way to make an instant gathering is to host a party in the backyard or at their favorite park. Not only will it keep costs down, but the kids will have a large area to roam around and participate actively.

Water Party:

Kids enjoy playing with water – some would love water guns, others will fill it in balloons and throw them at each other. And when the weather is hot, there’s nothing to match the enjoyment of having a sponge fight or a water gun fight!

Look around, you may find some outdoor swimming pools hosting kids summer parties, or maybe an organization that supports watersport activities such a paddle boats for younger kids and older children.

If you aren’t on a budget, a raft-building party will guarantee a great day for your kids. However, don’t forget to carry out a safety kit and risk assessment check in case of a mishap.

Kite-Flying Party:

Did you envision a little kid running after the kite from street to street, hoping to get it so they can fly it with their friends? Focusing specifically on summer,  you can let your child explore the wonder of being a kid by teaching them how to fly a kite with friends.

DIY kite instructions are one tap away! And based on the number of children you’re inviting, you can set up a table with supplies such as glue, sticks, thin ropes, and paper for everyone to make their own kite. Some might require your help but, overall, this practice will enhance their creativity (and trust us here – you’re gonna see the most amazing kites once the kids make them).

This is such a simple yet fun activity for the kids! They can munch on snacks in between their kite-flying party.

A Picnic or Tea Party:

When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade in hot weather – and when the weather blesses you with its hotness, the possibilities to enjoy it are endless. Consider a side spot near your home, set up a table, some nice food items, and boom – you’ve organized a great tea party for the kids.

You might need assistance from a few adults to help you carry food, water, and other beverages – but the best part is that the kids will be able to roam freely and grab their snacks in between tag wars and rounders.

Arts & Craft Party:

Your budding Picasso will have a wonderful time at the minimal cost if you’re throwing an arts and craft party. From the very beginning, we see kids prone towards drawing, making sketches, and adding colors to them.

To enhance their ability, set up a table with good supplies of food, papers/notepads, pencils, crayons, and glitters – the messier the table, the happier the kids. With no one telling them to stop creating mess on the page, they feel more confident in their drawing abilities and imaginative skills.

Provide them with paintbrushes, canvasses, and water colors then allow them to unleash their hidden talent and artist! Just make sure to give a call to the parents of your kids’ friends to dress them in colored clothes so they don’t get the “nice” clothes painted.

Go Thematic:

Okay, so it’s a birthday party thing now. Do your kids love Pokemon? Dora the explorer? Disney Princesses? This is your chance to host a summer party for their favorite cartoon character – from props to stickers and even balloons, everything is available out there on the market. You can pick one theme that your kid loves alongside other goodies to span the spectrum.

Pizza/Cookies Party:

Does your party boy or girl love to bake? Kids are dramatically creative when they’re given the opportunities. Help your kids with cookies dough and allow them to show their creativity. Invite them to decorate cookies and cupcakes as they please.

A pizza party is a fun activity, too – provide the kids with pizza dough, pre-chopped toppings (veggies and chicken, etc.), and a station to showcase their pies. Not only will they enjoy eating what they baked, but they will also learn responsibilities.

Camp Out:

We might be biased, but this might be our favorite kids summer party idea from the list. Invite a few of your kid’s best friends for a sleepover, this time with a twist. Grill some BBQ, pitch a tent in the backyard so that they may sleep under the stars, and if there’s a bonfire to roast marshmallows for late night s’mores and ghost stories in the dark — even better! And stargazing will be an additional luxury with the warm summer night and cackling bonfire in the background.


With plenty of summer party ideas for kids, we’re sure your kids will have a great time this summer. These party ideas are affordable, easy to arrange, and safe. So what are you waiting for! Plan a memorable and stress-free kids party for them to remember for years to come.

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6 Practical Game Room Ideas for a More Enjoyable Holiday

With Christmas approaching, make sure your game room is set up for the holidays as much as possible with these awesome holiday game room ideas

It’s the holiday season, you have a spare room, and you’re not sure what to do with it. Don’t worry; we got you covered here. We’re helping you create a holiday-themed game room to get into the holiday spirit.

These days, gaming isn’t confined to children, toddlers, or “geeks” — we all need an outlet for our daily stress and, we have to admit, Christmas could be a very stressful time. Whether your game room is a winter wonderland theme, or you want to deck it out in all things red and green, we know the options are limitless.

Here are 10 awesome game room ideas to get yourself in “the spirit” this holiday season.

1. Include Extra Seating for Family Visits

Before determining what theme you want for your room, you have to take into account the square footage of the space. It can be a large room or just a nook in the living space where you can set up a small gaming area.Yes, even a tiny corner of your bedroom would work.

When wanting to add game room furniture, make sure that the space isn’t too big or too small. Although this room is meant to cater to the whims of you (and possibly family members during Christmas) you have to think about the layouts in order to accommodate appropriate decor like trees and seating.

If your space is small and can’t fit a large entertainment center with speakers and game consoles, consider going for a minimalist yet modest design plan.

One fun holiday-themed idea that’s super easy for a game room is to get a computer desk with a gaming chair, some funky LED lights, and maybe some bean bags and furry white throw blankets and pillow to mimic snow. Get yourself rounded shelving to mimic igloos and store all your video games.

2. Soundproofing for Your Personal Space for Karaoke

Your game room can be a pretty noisy zone, and most gamers enjoy the game with full immersion (a.k.a. loudness). So playing games on low volume isn’t realistic. However, soundproofing your game room leading into the holiday season (did somebody say karaoke?) is an inspiring solution to this problem.

A simple paneling and rubber lining on the doors or windows will be a great help in keeping your gaming confined to the room. You can have glass doors to your holiday gaming room if you are privileged enough. If correctly installed, not only do they
Soundproof your space but also create a marvelous game station experience.

3. Make it Inviting, Make it Warm

Your game room setup can be of any variety to reflect your style and preferences like the rest of your house. But what matters the most when trying to get into the holiday spirit is to choose an appropriate and warm theme.

We mentioned throw blankets and pillows previously, but warm lights (yes, Christmas lights) are a perfect addition to the game room! I personally have Christmas lights hanging around my space year-round because it’s beautiful lighting that automatically creates a warm atmosphere.

Take a look at how this room uses Christmas lights for a warm, inviting atmosphere! Hang them from the ceiling to create draped overhead lighting or line them across your ceiling, floors, or even wrap them around your platform bed for a glowy floating affect!

4. Don’t Ignore Your Gaming Chair

You wouldn’t want to decorate your game room without getting yourself a comfortable chair, right? Gaming chairs are a blessing that provides lumbar support to your back, so you shall play games for long hours without getting your back hurt.

Check out some super comfy and affordable game chairs here.

5. Wide Monitor or Projector

Here’s the thing: Everyone loves a good Christmas movie. Watching Macaulay Culkin sing “White Christmas” in Home Alone with your friends is always a good time. Now try doing that on a PC… quite the challenge. So investing in a wide monitor or projector is your best bet for a homemade theater. And one of the many benefits of installing a projector in your game room is that you’re able to expand the size of the screen.

Now all you need to do is make sure it’s connected to some speakers. Throw a mountain of white, red, and green blankets and pillows on the floor and invite everyone over! And thanks to the soundproofing you did from point two earlier, “White Christmas” will be contained in your holiday fort.

6. Bring the Forest Indoors… Gamer Style

Now comes the fun part. Your room is equipped with everything you thought of — fur throw blankets, red and green pillows, beautiful Christmas lights dangling from the ceiling. But one of the most popular symbols of Christmas is the tree. And what better way to create that holiday spirit than with a Christmas tree.

We put trees in our homes all the time — so why not do the same for your game room. We already talked about how the layout and size of your space will affect the furniture and other decor pieces you include. This is true with finding the right tree, too.

The great thing is there are so many different trees on the market. There are smaller sized Christmas trees with lights that are perfect for placing on a desk or table for those smaller spaces.

If you have some space to spare, you could also consider a normal-sized tree with game-themed tree decorations to integrate your love for games and Christmas!

In Summary:

At the end of the day, your game room is based on your style and budget. If you don’t have a limited budget, the sky is the limit. Still, you can set an appealing room within your budget range even during the holidays.

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14 Halloween-themed games and activities for all ages

These kid-friendly games and activities are perfect for the whole family to join in this Halloween season

Halloween means trick-or-treating and lots of fun, so if you’re planning a spooky party or playdate for the family this year, crank up the fun with these entertaining Halloween party games and activities for kids.

We’ve written about  kid-friendly games to play in the fall  but it’s time for a list of dedicated Halloween fun. Because we all know the perfect Halloween party needs the perfect mix of spooky, funny, and sweet.

These games are designed to be kid-friendly, but we don’t doubt adults will have fun watching or participating! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for suggestions to turn some of these kid-friendly activities into 21+ games.

1. Toilet Paper Mummy

We know what you’re thinking… this isn’t mindful of the recent pandemic. We know toilet paper has been something like a hot commodity over the last year, but this game doesn’t need to use toilet paper, per se. A great and just-as-good alternative is newspapers. Either option is budget-friendly and still super fun!

Rules/Objective: Create teams of 3 (1 mummy + 2 wrappers). The goal is to create the best mummy in a limited amount of time. We find this game to be most competitive and entertaining with a shorter time limit like 3 minutes. The team with the best mummy is the winner.

2. Pop/Stomp The Pumpkin

This game is exactly what it sounds like — popping the “pumpkin” (orange balloons) by stomping on them. The catch: Each pumpkin is filled with something “spooky” or gross. Some ideas to stuff your balloons with:

– dirt
– fake spiders
– cotton and/or toilet paper
– orange jello

This game will get messy and loud! And you always want to make sure to include slips of paper with prizes written on them in some balloons.

3. Mummy Bowling

For mummy-themed fun, wrap up some plastic pins in toilet paper or newspaper and glue on some googly eyes for a fun (and spooky) round of bowling. You can purchase plastic pins from the Dollar Tree in the kids/toy section!

If you don’t have plastic pins, you could also opt for old plastic bottles such as soda bottles. Add a few rocks inside for additional weight/sturdiness if you want them to easily stay upright.

4. Frankenstein Bowling

Here’s another festive twist on bowling! Save your cans and paint the faces of Frankenstein characters and other popular Halloween characters (Beetlejuice, Wednesday Addams, etc.) before stacking them. You could also cover the cans with Halloween themed scrapbook paper.

5. Spider Toss/Spider Pong

This is a spooky twist on the traditional marshmallow toss. Use small black and orange toy spiders and white Styrofoam cups for the game. The objective: From a distance, see who can toss the most spiders into the cup.

This is similar to “Beer Pong” so, for an adult twist, use a mix of candy corns and plastic spiders and fill the cups with assorted beverages such as beer, vodka, tea, and water. The goal is to get the candy corn or spider into a cup.

Candy corn probably isn’t that tasty when soaked in vodka or beer! But that’s the fun in the adult version. You get to watch adults fish out tea-soaked candy corn then eat it… talk about entertaining.

6. Pin The Tail On The Cat

You can never go wrong with any version of “pin the tail” at a party. Whether you purchase a template online or DIY one, the goal remains the same: Pin whatever item as accurately as possible on the image before you, blindfolded.

Some renditions:

– Pin the Tail on the Cat
– Pin the Hat on the Witch
– Pin the Leg on the Spider

7. Bingo! Halloween Edition

Bingo is probably one of the most customizable games out there. You can print free printable Halloween Bingo cards online. Or you can custom-make your own cards with assorted images of ghosts, haunted houses, mummies, cats, bats, brooms, etc.

To make it more challenging, you could also include words on the cards such as common Halloween phrases (boo, trick-or-treat, etc.) and if someone says the word, cross it off!

8. “Pumpkin” Egg and Spoon Race

We always include an egg race on our list of party games for kids! We make this Halloween-ified by painting real eggs orange.

To make it even more challenging, create an obstacle course for participants by placing random objects such as Jack-o-lanterns, tombstones, black cats, and even a fog machine between the start and finish line!

9. Scavenger Hunt: Halloween Edition

Who doesn’t love a good Scavenger hunt? Simply hide a variety of Halloween-themed items throughout your home (bat, ghost, witch’s hat, etc.) and ask the participants to find them.

10. Halloween Word Search

Similar to our Halloween Bingo mentioned earlier, word searches are old-fashioned and super customizable so making a fun Halloween word is easy! Try to include a mixture of Halloween-specific words and phrases that aren’t too common.

The adult version could be a customized cryptic crossword puzzle. You could include clues from Halloween pop culture such as movies, TV shows, and music.

11. Eyeball In A Spiderweb

It’s like you’re looking for a needle in the haystack, except the needle is an eyeball and the haystack is a tangle of spiderwebs.

12. Telephone: Ghost Story Edition

Don’t we all love a good scary story? This is a great icebreaker game that takes a modern twist on the classic Telephone. A group of participants sit in a line (or circle) and the beginning player whispers a short ghost story to the person next to them. That person whispers what they heard to the next, and the pattern continues down the line until the last person repeats the story out loud.

The objective is to listen intently so the original story doesn’t change by the time the last person hears it. Almost often, the final story is nothing like the original story.

We also suggest creating some ground rules such as how many times a person can whisper to the person next to them. I’ve played a similar version of this and capped the amount of “whispers” to 3 per person to keep it fair. You could also space out individuals for extra “whispering” room.

13. Scattegories: Halloween Edition

A Halloween version of a classic favorite. Roll a letter of a dice and see what Halloween-themed words you can come up with without matching others.

EX: If you roll a “c” you can write: candy corn; cat; cauldron; etc.

14. Mafia (AKA: Werewolf)

This is a personal favorite to play all year long but also works great for Halloween!

Everyone gets a card that tells them if they’re a villager or a Werewolf. Everyone closes their eyes and the werewolves “kill” someone. Then the entire group has to decide who they think did it and one by one try to figure out who the werewolves are.

Other Halloween-themed renditions of this game:

– Villagers x Witch
– Villagers x Vampire
– Villagers x Zombie

BONUS! Fear Factor (Adults-Only)

If you’ve ever seen the TV show, this is a way to bring that to life! Get creepy challenge ideas (like touching actual worms or raw meat) or put out a plate of food that the team must eat without using their hands.

Since this is an adult game, you can do things that might be tougher and grosser to eat like blue cheese, octopus, and more.

You could also switch it up and do the same thing but make people actually name what they’re eating in this guess the food game.


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Activities you should avoid this summer for maximum fun

Overview: With summer on everyone’s mind, we’re talking about the worst summer plans you can make this year that’ll RUIN your fun

In this special edition blog, we’re shifting gears and talking about things you should avoid doing during summer because we want you to have a fun summer, not a bum one. And if you’re all about fun like we are, you know that summer is the season of fun (right up our alley), but we also know that summer can be ruined by a bad batch of plans.

You trust us with all things fun, right? So if you really want to enjoy this summer to the max, avoid the following activities.

Avoid crowded indoor spaces, like restaurants and bars

After staying at home for a whole year, it’s understandable that people are looking forward to a meal at their favorite restaurant or a drink at their favorite bar. California recently getting the green light to open things back up, however, indoor spaces are still risky.

It’s harder to maintain social distance in a confined indoor space, and any airborne particles may linger in the air longer than they would outdoors. Thankfully, many restaurants and bars have added outdoor seating to the mix.

You might not be able to avoid the crowds this summer, but the least you
could do is opt for outdoor seating options. Besides, there’s nothing like eating a good meal and drinking a nice beverage on the rooftop of a building during summer!

Related article(s): Four Activities You Should Avoid this Summer — and What You Can Do Instead

Avoid taking a summer vacation anywhere that requires flights or the airport

For many, “summer” is synonymous with “vacation.” These trips are often what people look forward to throughout the year, and they typically succeed in creating lifelong memories. But while vacations are great for unwinding, this summer might not be the best for long-distance travel.

While airlines and other modes of transportation are doing their best to keep things safe, long-distance travel still comes with a significant degree of risk from passengers and from shared, high-touch surfaces. And guess what? Places like airports and train stations are no exceptions.
Remember: Summertime travel madness begins at the airport.

Avoid spending every day indoors watching Netflix

Summer is often linked to an increase in leisurely activities, which means you have more time to catch up on anything and everything on Netflix. But we’re suggesting that you don’t do it.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you don’t watch any Netflix. That would be crazy. And we’re not ignoring our previous points. That would also be crazy. But we’re saying to have a balance.

Our recommendation for maximum summer fun: Go outside every other day. Be a person. Don’t spend the season cooped up indoors binge watching 40 different TV shows and movies in one week. That’s not what summer is meant for. Maybe spend one or two days a week staying indoors and watching Netflix, but be sure to spend some time actually getting outdoors.

Avoid hanging out at all the same places

Last year made us all realize that, even if we don’t want to do it, we all have the ability to frequent one place for an extended period of time —months, actually. However, since we finally have our summer “freedom” back, the last thing we should do is repeat the mandated pattern from last year.

Rather than spending your free time frequenting the same place, go exploring. Similar to the previous point, the goal this summer is to try and get out of your comfort zone a bit without compromising on safety. You might end up finding some more exciting (and safe) places to spend your summer days and nights.

Avoid popular places like Disney World, the obvious attractions in famous cities, and the hottest destinations on Instagram

So, what about when you get out of the Orlando airport and head to Disney World? Is summer the worst time to go to the park? The truth is that popular places such as Disney World are packed year-round. Is this summer going to be different? Well, yes and no.

Yes because people are itching to just get out and do something. No because of the reason we stated above: Disney is packed during summer… there’s nothing new here. But Disney expert Laura Begley Bloom says, “Late summer is generally better than early summer.”

Begley suggests that if you do decide to check out Disney World, lines to enter the parks and lines for the rides will be the shortest in the early part of the day.

Now regarding popular travel destinations (those that are popular year-round), they actually do see a surge in tourism during the summer months. And don’t go straight to a location that’s blowing up on social
media — at least, not during the summer. Travel journalist Matt Meltzer learned his lesson the hard way.

He set a day trip to the highly Instagrammed Antelope Canyon during a recent visit to Arizona. Located in a Navajo tribal park, the otherworldly sandstone formations are often portrayed as mysterious, empty passageways on the Internet. But when he showed up for a tour he reserved, it was anything but empty.

Meltzer discovered that the park was “like a Walmart parking lot outside the canyon.” He says that the reality did not match the expectation.

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Avoid Work Extra Hours at Your Summer Job

Some people are workaholics, but summer is coined as the season of leisure and relaxation. If you end up getting a summer job, congrats! Especially with last year’s employment situation (or lack of) for many, getting a job is a great deal. However, don’t overwork yourself.

While you may want to have the extra cash to spend on experiences, working overtime might take away from time you’ll have to actually do things you actually enjoy.

If you have the option to pick up someone else’s shift or add more hours, try to avoid jumping on the opportunity — ask yourself if it’s really worth it, and learn how to say no. Give yourself the opportunity to do something more exciting instead. It’s what summer was made for (unless work is the most exciting thing for you… then more power to you!).

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A simple 5-step guideline to creating the perfect game room at home

Learn how to create an awesome game room in the comfort of your home  in just 5 steps

Your childhood memories tell you that Cousin Joe had the best game room out of all the cousins growing up, but the reality is that creating a cool game room like Cousin Joe’s might not be as complicated as it might appear.

The reality is that an unused corner of your garage or living room can easily become a gaming area. Or, if movie nights are more your thing, a portable projector can transform your living room or backyard into an epic home theater. (Don’t forget the popcorn!)

But we don’t want to give too much away without the details, so we’re showing you the easiest guideline to make yourself a game room that even Cousin Joe would enjoy if he were to see it today! 

A game room isn’t cool because of how much space you have or how many games you own. With the right designing mentality and a couple of game room products, you’re on the successful path to an amazing game room in your own home (invite the cousins over… this one is for the books).

1. Consider the size of your current space.

While size matters when establishing a video gaming room, it shouldn’t be the main reason you opt out of creating a game room. Though you have to be mindful of the placement of items such as game room tables, keep in mind that some game rooms are spacious and still lacking, and others are small but mighty in entertainment. 

Like we stated before: There could be a small unused space in your home that you can use. So when we say consider the size of your current space, we don’t mean consider if you can have a game room. We want you to consider what you can do with the space you currently have.

2. Invest in a projector.

Playing a video game on a PC screen or watching a movie on a standard TV may be a little too small for you. You can use a projector to enjoy the game on a larger display screen or create a real theatre ambiance with a projector.

Keep in mind that a projector allows you to customize the range and size anytime as you want, whereas you can’t change the size of a TV screen. All you need for this is a blank wall and a small area to keep the projector. And not all projectors are bulky. Some are mini and others are portable making this an ideal space-saver.

3. Install all the lights.

Believe it or not, lighting is an important aspect of a video gaming room. We’ve talked about this before in a previous article about unique game room ideas, and it doesn’t hurt to emphasize this feature again. 

Even if you live in a box, adding some light strips around the room could tie your entire game room together. And the room doesn’t need to be too bright, but medium-moody lighting will make it look the perfect mix of elegant, hardcore, and entertaining all in one. 

You need to install the light at various or particular parts of the room, based on your preference, but the room needs to be completely dark when using the projector. For a better experience, choose push-button control lighting. 

TIP: The correct way is to install the light on the ceiling and on the back of the screens. This setting enhances the tone of the room, so players can focus on the screens while playing games.

4. Look for multipurpose pieces/multigame tables.

If there’s one investment we definitely say save for, it’ll be a multigame table. If you have space for just one game table, make it count!

The best way to get more from your game room is by investing in pieces that serve multiple purposes, like a cleverly designed pool/tennis table combo! In fact, a pool/tennis game table combo is being generous.

Some companies have a 10-in-1 game table. Consider this awesome game table. It includes foosball, push hockey, ping pong, billiards, and even game boards such as chess.

Honestly, you don’t have to sacrifice space for fun. Multigame tables are affordable, space-friendly, and ideal for creating variety in your game room! These game tables that serve more than one purpose provide excitement and something new for you and your guests.

5. Don't forget the accessories... affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

Turning your existing room into a video gaming room can be a hard challenge when you try to completely re-style the entire decoration and design. That’s why you shouldn’t focus on restyling the entire room.

You can utilize the existing design of the room and take advantage of simple decorations and accessories that tie everything together. Whether you add a color on the walls or ceiling, hang some drapes or posters, or add a sofa or bean bag, the small things matter. And what’s even better is that these won’t dry out your wallet! 

TIP: Another great option when you’re short on space? Tabletop games! Any room can become a game room with these space-saving finds. Add a small table and have some card games and even jenga to keep the entertainment going. 

A longer list of game room ideas can be viewed here.

The perfect game room is right around the corner...

When it comes to creating the perfect game room, you don’t need to a have a big budget or a big space to do it — all you need is big creativity and a big desire to get that game room you’ve always wanted. 

If your room simply isn’t equipped for a game room, don’t fret! You can utilize your outdoor area like the backyard. In warmer months, an unused corner of a deck or patio can easily act as a recreation area with the help of outdoor-friendly games. You can also take advantage of an unused garage or storage area.


Classic Games With a Twist: 3 family-friendly classic games to play at home…with a unique twist (part II)

family-friendly classic games family-friendly classic games family-friendly classic games family-friendly classic games family-friendly classic games family-friendly classic games family-friendly classic games

family-friendly classic games to play at homeIn part one of this blog, we talked about curing AHB (at-home boredom) by adding a twist to popular games that are typically played at home. As if it wasn’t enough to play Korean-style billiards, multiball foosball, or ping pong (after hours) with ‘lots of cups and ‘lots of beer — this blog will give more options for the family to brighten up that home game room.

We said it in part one, and we’ll say it again: Don’t fear...Games For Fun is here to help bring you a roomful of entertainment in your time of need! Let’s take a look at what we could do with a traditional air hockey table, shuffleboard, and darts. Our goal is to take entertainment to the next level by using the same old games and changing up one or two rules.

This 3-in-1 air hockey variation is bound to get kids and adults alike moving with a lot of laughs and fun competition

Imagine this game of air hockey: Two against two…with blindfolds…and two pucks instead of one. In this variation highlighted in this article, players integrate three different obstacles for the optimal air hockey rumble. Typically, one player squares off against one opponent in air hockey, but adding partners to the mix can make the action even more intense. This variation on the game is also ideal if you have a lot of people visiting your home and wanting to play the game since it allows twice as many people to play one game. This could be fun, especially if the pairs are mixed as adults vs. children or guys vs. girls, etc.

Now, when it comes to the blindfold aspect, perhaps eyesight isn’t always necessary. So we welcome the blindfolds! This variation can be funny for the players themselves and downright hilarious for those watching. Take a pair of old neckties or other pieces of material and blindfold each of the players. Now you have a total of four players, each blindfolded, trying to make a goal. How much more entertaining can this get? A lot. Just think about what happens when you add in another puck.

Air hockey tables usually come with multiple pucks, so all you’ll need to do is toss another one onto the table as the game begins. This variation also works well when there are many people awaiting their turn. Using two pucks can often lead to more goals, a game to five or 10 points will often end quicker than a game with just one puck — and this allows the players to take a break while a pair of other people get a chance. Of course, though, when there are blindfolds included, the game might take longer. Regardless, this triple threat variation will definitely build a group of spectators who won’t be able to resist laughing!

Shuffling into some at-home fun, one weight at a time...

Tap and Draw is a great Shuffleboard game for beginners. The game can be played one-on-one or in teams. Players will take turns shuffling weights to the opposite end of the table. In this game, they must avoid knocking other player’s weights off the table to avoid penalties. The game ends when one player reaches 51 points and the frame ends. If the first team/player to reach 51 points reaches those points at the end of the frame, the game is over. If the other team has not played in the frame, they will play, and the team with the highest score wins. When playing the game one-on-one each player will shuffle all 8 weights. When playing in teams of 2, each player will shuffle 4 weights (of the same color), for teams of four, each player will shuffle 2 weights. For each frame, scoring will begin when a weight lands in a 3-pt zone and no weights behind the foul line.

If you want to use your shuffleboard table in the opposite way of what was presented above, consider Target Shuffleboard. This is a lot like regular table shuffleboard, except players are allowed to knock off their opponent’s weight; the area in which their weight rests determines their points. This game can be played one-on-one or in teams. Each team uses one color of weights (red or blue) and the game is played in frames until one team reaches 51 points. Scoring doesn’t begin until a weight rests on a 3-pt target or higher.

For more fun shuffleboard variations, check out this article. There are approximately 15 shuffleboard variations, including the two listed here. With variations from Canada’s Canadian Shuffleboard to Dutch’s Sjoelen to Britain’s Shove Ha’penny to Ancient Greece’s Quoits, your shuffleboard can get new recognition.

Keep the good times going with this clock-inspired dart variation, “Around the World”

According to this article, this game is super beginner-friendly (also meaning that children can take a stab at this one, too). Considered to be one of the simplest games you can play with a dartboard, you don’t even have to keep score. This is a great option if you just want to get a quick game in. To win the game, you must hit numbers sequentially until you reach 20. So, you’d start out by aiming for the 1 block. When you hit it, you move onto the 2 block. This continues until someone wins the game by hitting 20.

Players get 3 shots each. Double and triple rings can be used to your advantage. If you hit a double, you get to skip the next number. If you hit a triple, you get to skip the next 2. For example, if you hit a triple 1 during your first round, your next goal would be to hit a 4. Any shots that land outside of the number you’re currently on do not count for anything. You can also add the bullseye as the final game-winning shot if you want to make things more difficult.

If you want to try any of these game ideas out, or are simply looking to buy a new game room table, contact Games For Fun for all your fun at-home entertainment

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Indoor Games for Families: 3 Family Games to Play At Home…Kid-Friendly & With Unique Twists (Part I)

Games to play at home

Nothing says fun indoor games for the family more than home game room products. In this special at-home feature, we’re taking a look at popular games that have been altered to make playing at home more fun, and they’re also kid-friendly

Perhaps you’re one of the many families who have played all the games in your home game room so much that you don’t even wanna look at them anymore. You might be experiencing A.H.B. (At Home Boredom) and are searching for ways to reignite the fun. Don’t fear…Games For Fun is here to help bring you a roomful of entertainment in your time of need!

What we’ve learned during the pandemic is that there are ways to stay entertained even when the entertainment gets, well, stale, to say the least. One of the easiest and most effective ways we’ve been able to combat at-home boredom is by tapping into our creative side with unique twists on popular indoor games. By adding or removing a rule, your home game room can take on an entirely new personality! In part 1 of this article, we’ll be talking about variations of billiards, foosball, and ping-pong. And in part 2, we’ll be talking about air hockey, shuffleboard, and darts. You name it, we’re playing it!


Teach the Family How to Play A Game of Billiards At Home…With A Korean Twist

We’ve written about billiards before. This game might be considered a “simple” game to play in homes all across America, and that’s why that billiard table might be collecting dust as we speak. But adding a cultural twist to this well-known pastime could give you a run for your money. Korean billiards, known as “danggu” in Korea, isn’t really what you would call a “simple” or “popular” game in America. In fact, there’s a general lack of danggu tables in this country.

Traditionally, this four-ball billiards or four-ball carom is played on a pocketless table with four billiard balls, usually two red and two white, one of the latter with a spot to distinguish it (in some sets, one of the white balls is yellow instead of spotted). However, this article explains that this version of the game is played with two red object balls, one white cue ball, and one yellow cue ball (or sometimes both cue balls are white, with one having a red spot).

Each of the two players is assigned a white or yellow cue ball; whether the opponent can use it as an object ball is a difference between the version you want to play. A point is scored when the shooter caroms on two balls. A carom on only one ball results in no points and ends the shooter’s inning.

How can you recreate this game at home? Your pool table could be used in the place of the danggu table. American billiards requires players to knock the pool balls into six evenly placed pockets. In danggu, two white cue balls and two red balls are used on a table similar to an American pool table — but with no pockets. To achieve this “pocketless” table, simply stuff the pool table pockets with some sort of cloth to block the balls from going in, or place disposable cups upside down on the pockets to cover them. To keep the cups from moving around, tape them down if they don’t fit snug. A yellow ball can replace one of the white cue balls to avoid confusion.

If a player hits both red balls on a single hit with one of the cue balls, the player receives one point. A player is allowed to continue to hit until he or she misses a ball. A wooden box mounted on the wall with score chips helps keep score. Chips are deducted from the amount set at the beginning of the game.

Another great thing about this game is that the number of people allowed to play doesn’t matter, as long as it’s an even number. So the whole family could play! If there’s an uneven number, you can do rounds and the winner can play the next family member.


When the Family Is Bored at Home Try This Foosball Game Variation

Multiball foosball is basically the same as standard foosball, except instead of 1 ball being served, multiple balls are served each time. In this case, 3 balls are served each time. A point is given to the person who scores the most goals. Only 1 point is given each time, even if one player scores all three goals. The game progresses until someone reaches 10 points.

Wanna add more crazy to the already-crazy? Introduce the idea of Crazy Multiball to the family. In this game, you layout maybe 9 or 11 balls at the center (you can use as many balls as you want, but really it needs to be an odd number to avoid ties.) After a countdown from 3, the players try to get as many of the balls as they can into the opponent’s goals. The winning player is the one who scores the most goals.

Some more ways you could make this game even more fun is by using weighted balls to increase the overall challenge of the game or try playing a one-handed game where each player can only use one hand of choice and hands cannot be swapped during a game.


Ping-pong for Kids vs. Ping-pong (After Hours)

The name in itself is already fun, but start incorporating some new rules and it takes this traditional table game to the next level. Let’s start off with the kid-friendly variation of ping-pong. Rotating ping-pong requires a minimum of three players. The players respectively position themselves on either side of the table. The side with more players is the first to serve.

The principle of the game is to hit the ball while circling the table. When a player misses a ball, the latter lays his or her paddle on the table. If a player who is still in the game bounces the ball on the bat, the eliminated player can rejoin the game. Once there are no more than two players, they get involved in a match to decide the winner.

If your family is composed of all adults, or maybe the kids have gone to bed, here’s a rather popular version of ping-pong: beer pong! The idea of this variation is to throw a ping-pong ball into a plastic cup filled with drink, which your opponents then have to drink. Essentially, each time the ball lands inside the cup, the opposing team has to drink its contents. The cups are positioned in a triangle on both sides of the ping-pong table and must be touching. The player designated to shoot keeps his or her elbow behind the edge of the table. It’s possible to replace the cups at any point in the game. All you have to do is position the cups where they would have been if they hadn’t slipped over.

To add more variation to this game, fill the cups with various beverages (water, iced tea, beer, vodka, apple juice, and more). The team which manages to reach all the opposing team’s cups wins the game. As a tip, opt for an outdoor ping-pong table, which is much more hard-wearing and suited to such ‘boozy’ leisure pursuits. You could still use it indoors, it’s just likely to last longer since it’s built to withstand the conditions of the outdoors.


Indoor Family Games Don’t Stop, They Only Get More Creative

Between Korean billiards, multi foosball, and rotating, beer-drinking ping-pong which game variation was your favorite? Which one are you most excited to try at home? Remember that being at home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun as a family!

For more inspiration on how to have fun, check out the Games For Fun blog. Each month, we discuss various gaming topics from home game room ideas to popular games you can play in the fall. And be sure to stay tuned for the second part of this blog where we’ll be talking about ways to make air hockey, shuffleboard, and darts more fun when playing at home. You name it, playing it (after we give it a lil’ twist for extra fun).


The Most Unique Game Room Ideas That You Can Add Into Your Game Room

Unique Game Room Ideas

If you’re looking to get some inspiration for your home game room, don’t fear — we at Games For Fun are presenting you with some of the coolest game room ideas in this blog. After this, we don’t doubt that you’ll be fully equipped to a) win over the kids b) win over the neighbors c) win over the spouse or d) simply win.

Outdoor Fun…Indoors

Swingin’ into the fun! Have you ever considered how fun it’ll be to have an indoor slide added to your home game room? It sounds a bit intense, but it’s totally doable (and, did we mention, it’s also really gnarly). In this article on Home Beautiful, a twisty slide is added to a game room for a visually unexpected, edgy addition. See you later, Six Flags! If adding a slide into your game room isn’t considered a unique game room idea, we don’t know what is!

Slide to the left! On that same note, if you don’t have enough room to build a slide, opt for an indoor swing instead. No matter how much space you have to use, we believe that any space is enough space for a good time (and creative takes on the standard game room). Adding a swing will make the game room feel more personalized and unique. Plus, the swing set is always our first stop at the park anyway…right? Whether you are going for a hammock for a peaceful game room, a wooden chair for a fun outdoor vibe, or even a tire for a more rustic look, adding a swing could make for an extra awesome game room.

George of the Jungle…Gym. There are also few things that are more exciting than having a jungle gym inside the house and, more specifically, adding that jungle gym into your game room. Whether you add a rope wall, ladder, or something else, these outdoor activities can add some pizzazz to your home game room.

Leisure Activities

Let’s go to the movies. Sometimes, having fun doesn’t need to be competitive (but, at the same time, you want to still have the option to challenge someone to a game of ping pong or billiards). If you want to create a unique game room, why not add a movie projector? This creates a well-rounded space dedicated to entertaining so your guests could either be hands-on and play some games, or relax and watch their favorite movie.

Slam dunking in the fun. There’s the Pop-A-Shot electronic basketball game, and then there’s the real deal. We’re talking about mounting a basketball backboard onto a wall to create a half-court and to also out-awesome some of the most awesome game room ideas. This one might require some space or a high ceiling, but it’s worth trying it in smaller spaces with open flooring.

Bars and games. It doesn’t get much better than that. We’re all familiar with pool halls — dim-lit atmosphere with beer and billiards (or something close enough to that description). There’s no denying that booze and games are quite an entertaining combo. That’s why some of the coolest game room ideas we’ve come across are designed with a bar department. You could do a victorian-style bar, a modern, sleek, and dark bar, or create your own style from scratch!

Themes! Themes! Themes!

Sports heads. So, maybe you can’t decide on which of your favorite sports team to showcase in your cool home game room renovation. Why not showcase all of them with a sports-themed game room. Deck out the walls in notable colors and mascots, and add accompanying accessories such as color-coordinated chairs, large rugs that boast your favorite team, neon signs, wall posters, and more! And when it’s game day, you know where everybody in the neighborhood will be going to watch the game.

Gaming up the game room. If you’ve never thought about increasing your home game room appeal by giving it a game theme, think again. This Minecraft-inspired home game room comes equipped with distinguished colors, a variety of wall art, matching sofas, and the actual game for the cherry on top. If this sounds like a cool game room idea, but you don’t know where to start, we’ll help. If you plan on drawing inspiration from this cool game room idea, start with your favorite game first:

  1. If you can’t think of one, go with the first game that popped into your head for easy selection.
  2. Pinpoint the game’s primary colors (ex: Mario is Red, blue, white, and gold).
  3. Start figuring out what kind of furniture you want in the game room. Things like sofas, stools, tables, rugs, pillows, throw blankets, and even curtains, cups, coasters, and lighting could all add to the theme.
  4. Think about placement. If you intend on including your favorite game into the game room, be sure there’s enough room for the game machine in addition to the other elements. The last thing you would want is to purchase items only to find out that you don’t have enough room to fit everything. Save yourself the hassle and measure, plan your space, and create a list of what can fit.

Lights, camera…actually, just lights. Natural light is great, but so is ambient lighting designed and situated for optimum coolness. Adding LED lights throughout your home game room could set the tone for whether you want to be a winner, or not. Lights could be used in just about any way to turn any standard game room into the ultimate light show. You could add lights behind fixtures for a unique silhouette glow, trail lights across the ceiling walls and floors, add big and bold neon signs, get changing lights for a taste of the rainbow, take advantage of lights that project images such as the night sky or unique designs, and even add candles if you’re into a more relaxed form of entertainment. You could choose to use all the methods listed, or just one. But the goal is the more lights, the better.

Go Big Or Go Home

So, what’d you think about our list of awesome game room ideas? Some might have been over-the-top and some might have been a bit out of the average Joe’s budget, but, in the event that you have the resources to try out one of these cool ideas for your home game room, make sure to take photos! Now, what are ya’ waiting for? You’ve seen these awesome game room ideas and have been inspired. Now take that inspiration and create something cool for your home game room.

Games For Fun