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Upcycling your ping pong table: Different games to play on a ping pong table (that isn’t ping pong)

Welcome the 2021 year with this unique list of alternative ping pong table games

Different games to play on a ping pong tableThere’s no surprise that this year is prompting people to look for new ways to use old things, including using your ping pong table to play games that aren’t ping pong. Why are people into doing these sorts of things — DIYing and upcycling? One word: quarantine. The reality is that being at home isn’t the easiest way to keep people busy. In fact, at home boredom is sort of a thing we’ve coined over here at Games For Fun in recent months. If you haven’t read about AHB, don’t worry. You could read about the pandemic’s creation of extreme AHB here, here, and here.

Now, don’t you think you’ve given your ping pong table enough of a break? If you need to figure out what to do with your ping pong game room table that’s been sitting in your game room collecting dust for the last few months, keep reading. If you need to figure out what to do with what seems to be too much time on your hands, keep reading.

While playing a game of ping pong on a ping pong table is a great way to pass the time, we’re all about creativity. We know that you could upcycle that table to be useful for more than just a game of ping pong. A lockdown can be an opportune time for you to find new ways to use old things, so, yes, your ping pong table can be converted into a non-ping pong game room table. Consider some fun options below.

Table Bowling

Set up small plastic bottles on one end of the ping pong table and use a larger ball, such as a tennis ball, to bowl down the length of the table. This can be made harder or easier, depending on how close the bottles are set up by each other as well as the weight of the ball that is used as the “bowling ball.

P-Pong, B-Ball

Play basketball on your pingpong table by taping two plastic or Styrofoam cups to opposite ends of the table. Take turns bouncing a ping pong ball across the table, aiming for the cup on the other end of the table. Prevent your opponent’s ball from entering the cup closest to you with a ping pong paddle or your hand. Score the game similarly to traditional basketball — or devise your own scoring system

Tied Up

Teams of two stand back to back and are tied together so that they are facing opposite directions. Every time a player hits the ball, then the team must turn 180 degrees so that the other player will hit the next ball. This constant back-and-forth motion can be overwhelming for some people, but it is a great way to add laughs to the game.


The Disney FamilyFun website suggests marking a goal on each end of the pingpong table with masking tape. Put a ping pong ball in the middle of the table and hand your opponent a drinking straw. Starting at “Go!,” attempt to blow the ping pong ball across the table using only the straw. Make it past your opponent’s line to earn a point. The first player to make it to the previously designated number of points wins. Each player has to try to keep his or her ball under control, and they aren’t allowed to touch the ball with their hands or straws while guiding it down the table. If the ball falls off of the table, then it must be put back on at the beginning. Players could also use cotton balls in place of ping pong balls and try to blow them.

Hockey Pong

Design a rectangular-shaped hockey rink on your ping pong using hardcover books or blocks for walls. Leave open spaces at both ends of the rink. Use an ice cream stick to volley a ball of paper into the opposite goal. You can use the sides and entire length of the table to attempt to gain possession of the puck and score a goal — just be careful not to knock over the books or blocks in all the excitement.

Dinosaur Arms Ping Pong

Hey, no hate on the dinosaurs here! But this is an entertaining game to watch. This fun game uses all of the rules of regular ping pong, but players must pretend that they have tiny dinosaur arms while playing. Instead of being able to stretch out their arms to hit the ball, players keep their elbows bent and their arms tucked in close to their body. If this game is too difficult, then it is a good idea to play with 2 people on a team to help provide more coverage.

Double Trouble

In this fun game, players each have two paddles – one in each hand. They use their paddles to hit and return ping pong balls as normal, but they must not cross their bodies with a hand, which means that they have to use the paddle on each side of their body. This game is really difficult for players who have a weak non-dominant hand and can result in balls being hit all over the room.

Sharp Shooting

Cut five different-sized holes into the side of a box. Label each hole with a corresponding value — for example, a smaller-sized hole can be labeled with a high score, such as 500. Set the box at one end of the pingpong table and use tape to designate a starting spot on the opposite end of the table. Using an ice cream stick, take turns rolling marbles toward the box, aiming for the highest numbered holes. The player with the highest score at the end of five tries wins.

Three-Legged Ping Pong

Teams of two players each tie one leg together, as in a three-legged race, to compete in this game. Each pair of players must work together to move back and forth to return the ball to their opponents. It’s only with open communication that players will be able to move together as a team without falling or running into each other.

Three-Legged Ping Pong

Teams of two players each tie one leg together, as in a three-legged race, to compete in this game. Each pair of players must work together to move back and forth to return the ball to their opponents. It’s only with open communication that players will be able to move together as a team without falling or running into each other.

Tag Ping Pong

This game combines ping pong with the fun elements of Tag!. One player is it and the other players take turns playing ping pong. When someone is tagged out, then he or she has to go to the ping pong table to play for a chance to get back into the game. If a player is then able to beat his or her opponent, then he or she can rejoin the game, while the loser must wait until a win to get back into the game.

For more information about ping pong, including games to play on a ping pong table and ping pong tips, check out the articles below:

Ping Pong

Common Hand Signals Used During Matches: Understanding Ping-Pong and Tennis Hand Communication

Tennis Hand Communication

Whether we’re focusing on ping-pong or regular tennis, understanding the players’ hand signals can make the sport more enjoyable to watch (and, hey, you might even improve your skills on the court)

In the world of sports, athletes use the body to communicate many important things, and the hand signs we see being used so colloquially during a tennis match is just as important. To start things off, many people are aware that table tennis is different than tennis, but the details of those differences is another topic for another time. Today, the Games For Fun team will be discussing what the hand gestures mean in tennis — both ping-pong and regular tennis. We’ll be citing two articles for accuracy and professionalism — PingSunday’s “Important Hand Signals for Doubles Games” and “What Are The Hand Signals Doubles Players Use on the Tennis Court?” published by MyTennisHQ.

To start things off, PingSunday (AKA “the best place to learn table tennis”) provides answers to some good questions about tennis hand signals. Questions such as whether the hand signals are the same for everyone and if there is a universal signal used and understood by professional players are all addressed in their article, and we’ll be addressing the same.

Are Hand Signals The Same For Everyone?

If there was a universal language, life would be easier, right? With sports, it’s the same thing. While there are two forms of communication done in a table tennis match between partners — verbal communication for the tactics and hand communication for the service — this article will focus on the latter.

When communicating in doubles (a game with two-on-two players as opposed to the traditional one-on-one) your hand signals help your partner determine the serve so when the ball returns to them, they can prepare the shot. For tennis players, these gestures are used by the player at the net to indicate where the server should hit the serve and where the net player will move after the serve. But, while it’s easy to communicate specific hand signs with someone who you’ve played with long enough, what happens when you’re paired with a new partner?

First things first: The order of the signals is the same whether the team is serving or receiving; the first signal is where the shot is meant to be hit, while the second signal is meant for where the net-man is going to be after that shot is hit. Second: We keep in mind that, generally speaking, each pair will naturally develop a unique set of signals. This means that one set’s hand communication might differ from yours. But there are hand signals that are used across continents that will generally be understood to mean the same thing even with minor variances.

Common Hand Signals + Their Meanings

With these hand signals, we’re focusing on how to communicate the type of serve to your partner once the ball returns so they can prepare the shot. And, of course, we’ve aptly nicknamed each signal for your convenience (AKA entertainment). The following is a general breakdown of what each finger means, first in table tennis:

thumb = short ● index = long ● pinky = short underspin ● fist = no spin

Now, with this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the basic hand signals for all who are interested in what’s going on with that table tennis.

Here’s a rule of thumb (pun intended): Communicate your hand signals to your partner under the table when playing table tennis or behind your back when playing regular tennis. Your hand signals are essentially giving away your next move.

  • Thumbing It Up: In table tennis, signaling a thumb lets your partner know that you’re going to serve a topspin serve. According to this article, when you impart topspin onto the ball, “the forward spin increases the downward pressure on the ball, so that after it bounces on the table it will stay low and accelerate forwards.” The purpose of serving a topspin is for the topspin to rebound in an upward direction when the ball makes contact with your opponent’s racket. The direction of your thumb will communicate what direction to serve the ball. For example, tilting the thumb to the left means the ball will be served to the left, so on.
  • What’s Your Point: The index finger down is used for backspin serve and is also used by professionals. The backspin serve is a very difficult serve to return, this is why professionals and Olympic players all over the world use it to win points in a match.
  • Little Piggie: When the little finger is used, this means a short backspin server. The purpose of this serve is to make the first bounce close to the net so the second bounce on the opponent’s side is also short and near the net, too.
  • SMF (Shaking My Fist): The fist means no spin server. According to this article, no-spin serves are effective at the higher levels because if you serve no-spin, while it’s easier to read the degree of spin (since no-spin always has the same degree of no-spin!), it’s not as easy to drop it short. Nor is it as easy to put extra backspin on the ball, since there’s no backspin on the incoming ball to reverse – you have to create all the backspin yourself.

Now, this is when things could get a bit tricky for someone who’s interested in learning both table tennis hand signals and regular tennis hand signals. Some of the same fingers are used in both games, but have different meanings and are used differently. Let’s take a look at what some signals mean in regular tennis below that we’ve seen before with table tennis. These hand signals we’re discussing for regular tennis will be used to indicate different things, such as where the net-man will be moving after the serve lands in the box to the return direction.

  • With the fist, we get the Fist Bump which means stay. This indicates that the net-man will be holding his ground and covering the line.
  • The pinky also makes a reappearance in tennis, with the return cross. This article explains that a return cross is important because it takes the server’s partner out of the point, and takes away the ability of the server to hit down on the ball.

Table tennis and regular tennis are no match for the one who understands tactics, serves, and the like. So, you think you’re ready to cut the racket and get on the court?

Our goal is to understand these common hand signals so the next time we find ourselves watching a match, we’ll know what’s going on. Maybe you’re not ready to hit the ball as we mentioned at the outset, but your knowledge of hand communication will likely enhance your involvement in the match that you’re watching.

Interested in home game room products to start practicing your tennis skills at home? Check out ping-pong tables, accessories, parts, and more from Games For Fun. We have everything you need to get started, and more!

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How to Choose a Ping Pong Paddle

ping pong paddleLooking to take your ping pong skills to the next level? With so much variety, you can customize your equipment to up your game and wow your opponents. In this article, we’ll take a look at the parts of your table tennis paddle and how to consider each when making the perfect paddle selection.As you solidify your playing preferences and refine your skills, you can discern which variety of the aspects of a paddle will best suit your needs. Each part of the paddle can influence your play style, chances for improvement, and overall success! So, as you make your selection, consider the blade, grip, and rubber, and how these pertain to your style.Step 1: What’s your style? First, assess your play style. What tendencies do you have and how do you like to play? Are you more of an attacking player with powerful shots? Or do you play more defensively with careful and patient placement? Before you set out to find a new paddle, make sure to have a good understanding of these things. This requires close observation during a table tennis match or practice. Evaluate your style honestly and precisely for the best idea of your requirements.Step 2: How do you grip? Do you have a shakehand or a penhold grip? Make sure to find a handle that supports whichever style you prefer. There are two options from which to choose, flared or straights handles. A flared style is popular among offensive players who like to add a spin to their shots while straight handles offer a more slight movement for defensive players.Step 3: What blade is best? The blade of your paddle is the solid part that most determines the power of your shots. With a lighter blade made of rigid materials, your paddle is best suited for attacking plays. And a heavier paddle will serve your defensive plays. For a fast-paced game, you’ll want a light blade made of rigid-but-light carbon fiber or titanium carbon. And for a defensive game, choose an all-wood blade that absorbs the ball’s momentum and slows it down.Step 4: Which type of rubber do you want? The rubber of your paddle, which covers the blade, is measured in tackiness and firmness. A firmer rubber coating will speed up the game and make your shots more aggressive.With so many aspects for consideration, wisely selecting your ping pong paddle can be rather difficult. So, as you make your choice in equipment, do not hesitate to seek the assistance of our staff at Games For Fun. We are game lovers and experts in table tennis accessoriesReach out today and get ready for your best game yet!

Ping Pong

7 Table Tennis Tips

table tennis playerNo matter your skill level, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to table tennis. From basic techniques to skilled shots, there’s a never-ending list of ways to refine and add to your skillset. So, if you’re looking for ways to grow as a player and take on your next opponent with better precision and confidence, check out our favorite tips!

Seven tips for mastering your next table tennis game:

  1. Get the basics down. Every pro player began with the basics. So if you’re just starting, make sure to get these down first. Practice them and refine them, so they’re perfected. Know how to grip your paddle correctly, how to move your feet, and how to apply the different spin effects. And as you practice, be sure not to shy away from your challenges. Focus on your weak points and give them adequate attention, so you improve.
  2. Practice! Practice makes perfect. You know that. But really, put this cliche to action and practice your table tennis skills regularly. Make sure to identify your weaknesses and focus on improvement. You may also exercise some new tactics or integrate a new skill you’ve recently learned. Consider even watching yourself play so you can more easily point out your mistakes.
  3. Practice your spin shots. Once you’ve dialed in the basics, you can practice this challenging yet very effective shot. With this move perfected, you’ll instantly improve as an overall player. Here are a few pointers to try out today:
    • Watch your opponent’s paddle. When they’re paddle is moving from low to high, then they’ve applied a topspin. When it’s high to low, this is a backspin, and from left to right, it’s a right sidespin.
    • Keep an eye on the ball’s logo. The faster this is spinning (or blurrier it appears), the greater the effect of the spin. Taking note of this will benefit your return shot.
  4. Serve with precision. Perfecting your serve will significantly up your game and give you a major advantage over your opponent. For better form on a spin serve, keep your wrists relaxed and increase your swing speed at the very end of the stroke to maximize the ball’s spin. Short serves are a great way to gain the lead as they are difficult to return, but make sure to mix and match your serves to keep your opponent guessing.
  5. Mix up your heights. Once again, it is helpful to mix things up to keep your playmate on their toes. So, be sure to change up the heights from which you take each swing. There are three different heights you might practice. At height one, you’ll hit the ball just before it reaches its maximum height with a backswing coupled with a short and quick stroke. At height two, aim to strike the ball right at its maximum height with a more relaxed technique, preferably a flat shot. And finally at height three, hit the ball when it has bounced is about to hit the table. Forehand loops at this height are most effective.
  6. Return with a low aim. The lower the ball to the net, the more challenging it will be for your opponent to return. You might also try to aim for the farthest edge of the table to catch them off guard. This technique is risky however, without consistent precision. So make sure to practice for complete accuracy before trying it out in a game.
  7. Master your footwork. Don’t remain in one spot! Stay agile and ready to move. Doing so will help you be better prepared to hit the ball at its best possible position. Standing still, no matter your mastery of the ping pong paddle, will cause you to miss or hit inaccurately eventually.

With these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming a better table tennis player. No matter your skill level, there are always ways to improve, so make sure to be refining your techniques continuously! And if you’re in search of some quality equipment on which to practice, make sure to stop by Games For Fun. Our game experts are prepared to assist you in your search for your next table or ping pong accessory!

Ping Pong

How To Take Care Of Your Ping Pong Table

While ping pong tables do not require too much maintenance, small steps can help your table stay at maximum performance.

At Games For Fun, we offer a wide selection of ping pong tables that can be enjoyed from any type of home, office, or recreational space. Our two carriers, JOOLA and Kettler, are available online and in our showroom in San Bernardino.

If you are looking for a new table or are enjoying one that has been in your family for years, it is crucial to learn how to preserve and clean this table tennis table as best as possible.

Keep your table in the best shape with these tips:


Once you are finished playing your final round, take a dry cloth and wipe away any dirt build up. For a deeper clean, create a gentle cleaner with 2 cups of water and ⅓ cup of vinegar. Lightly dampen a cloth and wipe down the table until it is completely clean, then let air dry. This cleaning method can be used about every 2-3 months, but ultimately will depend on how much you are using your table. Regardless if your table indoors or outdoors, cleaning your table is essential for long-lasting play.


One of the most simple ways to keep your table clean is by keeping a cover on after you’re done playing.  If you are not going to be using your table for a long period of time, a cover will prevent the build-up of dirt and debris. Our table tennis cover is specially engineered with weather-proof backing to provide a barrier against rain, snow, dirt, sun, mold, and mildew. If your table is indoors, having a table cover is still important for protection.


After years of play, your table will start to show the effects of wear and tear. With the correct repairs, your table can last for generations. Games For Fun is a leading source for Kettler table tennis replacement parts in Southern California and beyond. From nets, wheels, adjusters and everything in between, we have all you need to ensure your Kettler table is performing at its best.

With the proper care, you can extend the life of your ping pong table so your family and friends can enjoy many nights of game play for years.

We want to ensure that you get the table of your dreams that can stay in your family for years to come. Right now, we are offering 0% same-as-cash financing on orders $500 and up for 12-months!

If you have any questions regarding what replacement part to order or what type of table would be best for your home, we would be happy to help you in our showroom in San Bernardino. Visit us right off of the 215 freeway on exit 43 for West 2nd Street.

Not in the area? Give us a call at (909) 885-3604 and we will answer any ping pong table care questions you may have. We ship parts across America daily, and we can get your table up and running again in a hurry!

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The Best Game Table For Your Home

If you look back at your favorite memories as a kid, they might include game nights.  These nights were most likely filled with family and friends playing board games, video games, and table games.  

Over time, we see board games being stashed away in the closet and video games becoming replaced by the next best thing.  Game tables stand the test of time.

Having a game table in the home provides a place for your favorite people have a good time. Depending on the amount of space you have available, it can be difficult fitting all of the games you love in one place.

At Games For Fun, we offer a wide variety of games that are suitable for every entertainment space. In our showroom, you’ll be able to find your favorite games in different sizes and designs.

While there are plenty of games to start that game room with, it is important to determine which game tables are right for your home.

Here are a few things to consider for each game before bringing it home:



The game of billiards has been entertaining people inside homes for many generations.  A pool table is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be played by 1, 2, or 4 people at a moment’s notice. A pool table is one of the biggest game tables you can own indoors; it is important to consider the amount of space you have available. The design of our Huck Pool Table features distressed oak and elm wood, giving it a rustic look. In most homes, the billiards table is the staple piece in the room. Not only because of the entertainment it provides for everyone, but because of its quality design that can turn the table into a beautiful decor item.



One of the most popular games you’ll see in homes is foosball. This thrilling game allows for two to four people to play at a time, heating up the competition in your home. The table’s smaller size allows you to hold this game in tighter spaces, such as apartments. Your foosball table can reflect your style, like the design of our Victory Foosball Table. The cherry wood vinyl finish brings a modern look that you won’t find inside an arcade. A great option for the kids’ playroom is our Marksman Multi-Game Table. This 4-in-1 table includes foosball, table tennis, pool, and air hockey.


Air Hockey

If you are looking for a game table that brings energy and excitement into your home, an air hockey table is the right game for you. Similar to billiards, it is important to consider the size of an air hockey table. Having a large room to hold the space for this game is essential to get the best use out of your table. This gives you a chance to explore different styles that will complete your home. Our Challenger Air Hockey Table is the perfect blend of arcade features with a home-like design.   



If your game room is located in a big space, like your garage or living room, then you can consider a higher-end game table that will harmonize with the decor of your home. Shuffleboard tables are a high-quality, stylish type of game piece that lasts much longer than a smaller game table, due to the way they are crafted. For a modern style table that will compliment your home, check out our Fundamental Shuffleboard Table. This Generations original contains solid wood cabinets and legs with an espresso stain finish.  


Regardless of the design and size of your home, there are many games available that can be incorporated into your space seamlessly. Your game table can become not only your favorite source of entertainment but also a furniture piece that resembles your style.


Aside from our wide selection online, we have many styles for each game displayed in our showroom. Come visit us off of the 215 freeway in San Bernardino.

If you have any questions about choosing the right game table for your home, give us a call at (909) 885-3604.

Air Hockey Darts Gifts Holidays Music Ping Pong Pool Shuffleboard

2018 Holiday Game Gift Guide

The holidays are here. Are you feeling the pressure to find the perfect gift? It can be increasingly difficult when shopping for a game lover with unique style. From the various styles of pool tables to choosing which size ping pong table will fit in your living room; each game provides a different type of experience.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite products online and in our showroom to help you on your shopping journey.

If you have specific questions, or you aren’t sure where to start, give the Games For Fun team a call at: (909)-885-3604. Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide will give you an easy start to your game shopping this holiday season:


Driftwood 56-inch Foosball Table


Foosball is a game that the whole family can enjoy together, requires only a few pieces, and can fit in any room you choose! These tables are great for indoors, as they don’t require any extra setup and are smaller than most game tables, allowing for more free space in your home.

Our premium-grade Driftwood 56-inch Foosball Table is the flagship of our entire Hathaway Games line of foosball tables. This stylish table has durable exterior melamine with a beautiful driftwood finish, so you can seamlessly fit this design into your decorated home. Each side of the table contains 2 drink holders, so you won’t have to stray too far for a beer while you’re in the middle of a game. Plus, this table is $200 off right now!


Harper Pool Table

pool table

If your special someone has a taste for the classics, you can never go wrong with a billiards table. It might not fit under the tree, but it will surely be the center of attention in any room! A pool table is a worthwhile investment, as it will be apart of your family’s memories for years to come.

The Harper Pool Table by Generations, our own original collection, features tastefully carved detail with its double arch cabinet, scalloped carved legs, and leather pockets; creating a beautiful design to incorporate into your home. This table is made from solid Aspen wood to for long lasting support. The unique design allows the frame and carved legs to flow into each other to create a beautiful piece of furniture with just enough detail to amp up any living space.


Carmelli Avenger Shuffleboard Table

pool table

While a pool or foosball table may be the first choice for most, the game of shuffleboard creates a unique type of gaming environment. From the pubs to your home game room, a shuffleboard table will provide a sleek, retro look in your home while giving your household an opportunity to unwind after work. This is the perfect gift for those who have an eye for modern gaming designs.

Our 9-foot Carmelli Avenger Shuffleboard Table is a gift nobody will stop appreciating. The beautiful black melamine cabinet style creates a beautiful, classic look for any home. The sturdy pedestal legs and adjustable levelers provide optimum stability and level play for players for all ages and levels. The Avenger features a slick, poly-coated playing surface to keep pucks sliding smoothly and padded gutters that reduce noise during play.


JOOLA Tour 2500 Indoor Table Tennis Table

pool table

Table Tennis is an action-packed game that brings the whole family together for come friendly competition. If you are looking for a gift for the adrenaline junkie in your life, look no further. Bring the exciting game of table tennis inside without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home with a sleek game table.

Our JOOLA Tour 2500 Indoor Table contains the optimal level of strength and thickness to help give each player a consistent bounce. A sleek frame and separable nesting halves make this table perfect for compact storage. This is table is a great way to start off holiday celebrations, as it comes 95% pre-assembled and is ready to play in just 15 minutes!



Dynamo Pro Style Air Hockey Table

pool table

When it comes to choosing a holiday gift to add to your game room, most of the time, an air hockey table doesn’t immediately come to mind. These game pieces are mostly known to be played in an arcade, but we know otherwise.

When you are investing in a Dynamo Pro Style Air Hockey Table, you are investing in quality. The home air hockey table is a unique, yet nostalgic piece that will bring you back to your arcade days. Spice up your game room with this commercial style table. It has all the toughness and time-tested durability of our widely-respected Dynamo Coin tables, but without the worry of having a roll of quarters to play.


Renegade Slate Bumper Pool Table

pool table

Finding a game that everyone in the household will enjoy and use can be almost impossible. When the kids are too small to participate in real-sized billiards, bumper pool will be their favorite choice. Our Renegade Slate Bumper Pool Table offers outstanding durability and value to any family. This table is much smaller than normal pool tables, allowing it to fit in smaller spaces.

The sturdy black cabinet includes rugged pedestal base legs with levelers to keep the table steady when the competition heats up. This pool table comes with everything you need for a quick round: two 48-inch cues, 10 bumper pool balls, a table brush and chalk.



Rock-Ola Gloss Black Music Center Jukebox

pool table

With our Rock-Ola Jukebox, finding a gift that your music lover will appreciate is simple! As classic retro piece, a jukebox can bring a warm and welcoming environment into your home. It can seamlessly fit into many interior styles, while keeping your guests entertained at your upcoming holiday party.

The Rock-Ola Gloss Black Music Center is the next generation in luxury music systems for the home. It is a full service music management system that allows you to load, organize, and play your CD music collection with a touch of your finger.







With such a variety of game pieces to choose from, you can always find the perfect addition to your special someone’s game collection at Games For Fun. Stop by our showroom to see and experience all of our game tables in person, we would be happy to help you find the game that will stay in your family for years to come.

We offer flexible layaway plans, financing programs, price matching, and will ship your gorgeous new game piece to your home for free.


Get an amazing first look at what your future game room could look like!
Visit us at 895 W. Rialto Ave. San Bernardino, California 92410
Or give us a call at: (909)-885-3604

Gifts Holidays Ping Pong

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Ping Pong | Table Tennis Specials

Do you get excited every November for the great deals that retailers offer?   The Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze continues to grow with extended specials that last much more than 24-hours.

At Games For Fun, in San Bernardino, gamers can take advantage of discount pricing throughout the holiday weekend – that is of course, if they aren’t weary from their busy shopping extravaganza at nearby Ontario Mills.

The holiday season is a perfect time to buy pool tables, air hockey tables, pinball machines, shuffleboard, jukeboxes, and of course ping pong tables for the home.  From November 23rd through November 26th, Games For Fun is offering 10% off everything in store and online, and for in-store purchases, buyers can enjoy 6 months same as cash financing for orders $500 and up with approved credit.


Let’s break down some of the table tennis or ping pong brands you should know, and answer these important questions for buyers:


How mobile is it?  

Since these game tables are fairly large, consider how you will be able to move your table around if needed. If you are tight on space, your table should be easy to maneuver. Aside from our JOOLA Professional Table, which is the perfect sturdy and beautiful table to stay ready for action year-round, all of our ping pong tables have the ability to fold upwards for compact storage and contain wheels for smooth transportability.

Looking for something even more portable? Skip the legs, and just get the table top! Our JOOLA Conversion Table Tennis Top is perfect to place on top on tables such as your pool table, so you can play easily without taking up more space in your home.


Where is it going to stay?

The most important thing to consider before buying your ping pong table is where you will have it in your home. Since table tennis can be played inside a room or out in the backyard, sizes and styles will vary.

If you are planning on keeping your table inside your garage or game room, you’ll want to have a smaller style that won’t overcrowd your area. The sleek design and size of our JOOLA Tour 1500 Indoor Table Tennis Table are created to integrate into your home seamlessly. This 9×5 foot piece fits perfectly in any space while still allowing room to play.

Keeping your table outdoors is a little different, as outdoor tables require weatherproof material. In order to keep your table in the best shape, your outdoor table will need to have a thick surface that can withstand weather changes. Our Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table is made of sealed aluminum with climate control material to last many years of sunshine and rain.


How long will it last?

Considering all of the elements within choosing your ping pong table is essential because this piece is meant to last for many years. Like any high-quality item, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last. Take notice of the leveling of the table top and the sturdiness its legs, as this will determine the durability.

After time, you will notice your table has aged when the bounce is not as consistent. Especially if your table is kept outside, the top can get warped and lose its shape. Keeping a cover on your table is essential for daily care.

Every ping pong table that is purchased with us has a 5-year warranty to ensure you are getting the quality deserved.


Ready to choose your favorite table? Purchase during our Black Friday sale and receive a free table cover and accessory set! Plus, we will ship all of your items at no extra charge.

Shop online or stop by our showroom in San Bernardino for storewide discounts. We are right off of the 215 freeway, conveniently located in the Inland Empire and accessibly by many Riverside and San Bernardino communities like Rialto, Colton, Fontana, Moreno Valley, Redlands, Chino, Ontario, and just a short drive from Orange County and Los Angeles County.  Have a question?   Reach out to us here and we will answer you quickly.

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Ping Pong Tables At Games For Fun

Table Tennis, also known as Ping Pong, began as a simple “parlor game” to enjoy indoors during cold winter months. The classic game we have grown up to know has evolved to become a popular recreational activity played both inside and outside.

From an Olympic sport to a common piece in many game rooms, table tennis has provided entertainment to all types of groups. Playing table tennis is a great way to spark up competition with family and friends, or to simply unwind after a long day at work.

The Games For Fun team wants to educate you on the two major brands to consider when shopping for a ping pong table, Kettler and Joola. Our showroom in San Bernardino carries a variety of tables, accessories, and replacement parts from both brands that provide long lasting durability and entertainment.



For decades, Kettler has been a household name; providing high quality equipment and accessories needed for a fun round or tournament of ping pong. Their tables are sturdy, safe and functional for any home.

Our Kettler Top Star XL Outdoor Table is an enormously durable table made from a precision engineered sealed aluminum. This table is ideal for your backyard, as the weatherproof top features the ALU-TEC underside with Climate-Control technology. The smooth, anti-reflective and certified True Bounce tournament top is ideal to endure the outdoors on a daily basis.

We love this table because of how well it holds up in weather conditions, including the glare from the sun. The net stays attached to the table at all times; it will remain up even during storage mode. Whether you want to enhance your skills simply enjoy some ping pong time with friends, a Kettler table will always provide a great experience.  



JOOLA USA understands that players come in all forms, so the brand takes pride in creating tables and accessories for all skill levels. That means when you shop JOOLA USA, you are sure to find what you want and need. With JOOLA, you can start playing like a champion with equipment developed for professionals and regular players alike!

The JOOLA Drive 1800 is the perfect addition to any room in your home. Each of the four corners is fitted with a JOOLA patented ball holder that holds up to three 40mm balls- so no more chasing after stray balls! The table comes with two magnetic abacus scorekeepers that can attach to the ends or sides of the table and a net set with adjustable posts to ensure a level playing surface. Show off your skills among friends, family, or coworkers on this competition standard table.



Choosing a ping pong table that’s right for your home can be complicated, as each table is unique. You are going to want a table that will not only supply you with endless enjoyment; but a sturdy, long-lasting piece to keep in your home for years as well.

Save on our next ping pong table with our Black Friday Sale! From November 23rd through November 26th, Games For Fun is offering 10% off everything in store and online, and for in-store purchases, buyers can enjoy 6 months same as cash financing for orders $500 and up with approved credit.

Browse our selection of ping pong tables online or stop by our showroom to see them in person.

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Man Cave To Fan Cave: A Room For Your Favorite Team

Looking back on the days of our childhood, most of us could agree that our fondest memories include games – more specifically sports. Whether it was going to Saturday afternoon tee-ball games or listening to your dad scream at the television during Monday Night Football; sports bring out the competitive, yet territorial side out in all of us.

We all love being at the games, experiencing the action in person.  But hosting a party at home is a close second. While a majority of us would assume this happens in our living rooms, at Games For Fun, we think differently.

Perhaps you’ve considered the ultimate man cave for your home; but have you ever thought about taking it a step further and building a fan cave instead?  As the most modern way of decorating your extra space, a fan cave allows you to bring out your passion for the team you’ve loved since you were young.

Here’s the type of gear you’ll need to create the fan cave of your dreams:

For Your Pool Table

When transforming your room into a sports sanctuary, you’re going to need decor that seamlessly fits into what you already have. Your pool table is the perfect place to show loyalty to your team! If you can’t get your team’s mascot printed on the felt, don’t stress, we’ve got other ways to represent your team that are much less costly and time-consuming.

Instead of making permanent changes to your pool table, adding accessories with your team’s branding will give your table personality and flair. Switch out your set of balls or cues with school spirit! Are you a die-hard Alabama fan? Consider a maple cue stick covered in classic red and black fiberglass. Once you’re finished playing, cover it up with one of our NCAA Fan Shop pool table covers.

For Your Mini Bar

Save money and bring the sports bar into your room! With a bar in your game room, you’ll be avoiding the big crowds and angry rival fans. When your team is far away, there’s no better way to cheers to your team than at your themed mini bar. Showcasing your team pride is as simple as adding in bar stools and pub tables. Hosting a backyard BBQ during the Oklahoma State game? Bring out a couple stools and tables to complete the look; your guests will be nothing short of impressed (and a bit jealous).  

For Your Wall

If you have a more modest taste and would prefer not to overload your room with team spirit, wall decor is a great alternative. Without changing the items in your room, you can add memorabilia to your walls that will compliment your team’s style. But instead of having signed jerseys and photos, try something unique! Keepsakes like our dart cabinet is a perfect way to incorporate your team without being overly flashy. Next time you’re watching Auburn play, showcase your passion for the team during halftime while playing a round of darts from our dart cabinet.

You love your team, show them off the right way! Looking for decor that matches your school spirit? Check out our collection of NCAA Game Room products.

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