Classic Games With a Twist: 3 family-friendly classic games to play at home…with a unique twist (part II)

family-friendly classic games family-friendly classic games family-friendly classic games family-friendly classic games family-friendly classic games family-friendly classic games family-friendly classic games

family-friendly classic games to play at homeIn part one of this blog, we talked about curing AHB (at-home boredom) by adding a twist to popular games that are typically played at home. As if it wasn’t enough to play Korean-style billiards, multiball foosball, or ping pong (after hours) with ‘lots of cups and ‘lots of beer — this blog will give more options for the family to brighten up that home game room.

We said it in part one, and we’ll say it again: Don’t fear...Games For Fun is here to help bring you a roomful of entertainment in your time of need! Let’s take a look at what we could do with a traditional air hockey table, shuffleboard, and darts. Our goal is to take entertainment to the next level by using the same old games and changing up one or two rules.

This 3-in-1 air hockey variation is bound to get kids and adults alike moving with a lot of laughs and fun competition

Imagine this game of air hockey: Two against two…with blindfolds…and two pucks instead of one. In this variation highlighted in this article, players integrate three different obstacles for the optimal air hockey rumble. Typically, one player squares off against one opponent in air hockey, but adding partners to the mix can make the action even more intense. This variation on the game is also ideal if you have a lot of people visiting your home and wanting to play the game since it allows twice as many people to play one game. This could be fun, especially if the pairs are mixed as adults vs. children or guys vs. girls, etc.

Now, when it comes to the blindfold aspect, perhaps eyesight isn’t always necessary. So we welcome the blindfolds! This variation can be funny for the players themselves and downright hilarious for those watching. Take a pair of old neckties or other pieces of material and blindfold each of the players. Now you have a total of four players, each blindfolded, trying to make a goal. How much more entertaining can this get? A lot. Just think about what happens when you add in another puck.

Air hockey tables usually come with multiple pucks, so all you’ll need to do is toss another one onto the table as the game begins. This variation also works well when there are many people awaiting their turn. Using two pucks can often lead to more goals, a game to five or 10 points will often end quicker than a game with just one puck — and this allows the players to take a break while a pair of other people get a chance. Of course, though, when there are blindfolds included, the game might take longer. Regardless, this triple threat variation will definitely build a group of spectators who won’t be able to resist laughing!

Shuffling into some at-home fun, one weight at a time...

Tap and Draw is a great Shuffleboard game for beginners. The game can be played one-on-one or in teams. Players will take turns shuffling weights to the opposite end of the table. In this game, they must avoid knocking other player’s weights off the table to avoid penalties. The game ends when one player reaches 51 points and the frame ends. If the first team/player to reach 51 points reaches those points at the end of the frame, the game is over. If the other team has not played in the frame, they will play, and the team with the highest score wins. When playing the game one-on-one each player will shuffle all 8 weights. When playing in teams of 2, each player will shuffle 4 weights (of the same color), for teams of four, each player will shuffle 2 weights. For each frame, scoring will begin when a weight lands in a 3-pt zone and no weights behind the foul line.

If you want to use your shuffleboard table in the opposite way of what was presented above, consider Target Shuffleboard. This is a lot like regular table shuffleboard, except players are allowed to knock off their opponent’s weight; the area in which their weight rests determines their points. This game can be played one-on-one or in teams. Each team uses one color of weights (red or blue) and the game is played in frames until one team reaches 51 points. Scoring doesn’t begin until a weight rests on a 3-pt target or higher.

For more fun shuffleboard variations, check out this article. There are approximately 15 shuffleboard variations, including the two listed here. With variations from Canada’s Canadian Shuffleboard to Dutch’s Sjoelen to Britain’s Shove Ha’penny to Ancient Greece’s Quoits, your shuffleboard can get new recognition.

Keep the good times going with this clock-inspired dart variation, “Around the World”

According to this article, this game is super beginner-friendly (also meaning that children can take a stab at this one, too). Considered to be one of the simplest games you can play with a dartboard, you don’t even have to keep score. This is a great option if you just want to get a quick game in. To win the game, you must hit numbers sequentially until you reach 20. So, you’d start out by aiming for the 1 block. When you hit it, you move onto the 2 block. This continues until someone wins the game by hitting 20.

Players get 3 shots each. Double and triple rings can be used to your advantage. If you hit a double, you get to skip the next number. If you hit a triple, you get to skip the next 2. For example, if you hit a triple 1 during your first round, your next goal would be to hit a 4. Any shots that land outside of the number you’re currently on do not count for anything. You can also add the bullseye as the final game-winning shot if you want to make things more difficult.

If you want to try any of these game ideas out, or are simply looking to buy a new game room table, contact Games For Fun for all your fun at-home entertainment

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Why Bumper Pool Could Be Your Ideal Game

For as long as most can remember, billiards has been a game favored by just about everyone. As fun as it is, it can be a hard game to master. With so many different angles and shots, winning a few rounds isn’t always as simple as it sounds. If you’re the type who enjoys the game of pool but only picks up a cue stick a few times a year, then bumper pool could be the ideal game for you.

But, what is bumper pool exactly? This game is not one you could find at your local bar, but this hidden gem has the potential to be the perfect addition to your game room.

Our showroom displays a few different types of bumper pool tables. Although the most popular shape is a rectangle, you can find octagon-shaped tables at Games For Fun as well.

While a traditional billiards table isn’t practical for all homes and players, bumper pool gives everyone an opportunity to enjoy the classic game in unique style.

Here is why bumper pool shouldn’t be a game to miss out on:


Unlike regular billiards, learning how to play bumper pool is fairly easy to achieve. There are only two pockets on the table- one for each player. In order to win, you must sink all 5 balls into the opponent’s pocket with 12 obstacles, called “bumpers,” in between. With only a few strategies to win, this is a billiards game for the masses. Having a bumper pool table in your home will create lasting entertainment the whole household.


One of the most beneficial aspects to bumper pool games is the table’s compact size. Unfortunately, not every home is equipped to hold a full-sized pool table. This leaves a lot of billiard enthusiasts having to result to other places to play the game they love. Bumper pool is the perfect alternative, as the table is only a fraction of what a conventional table is. Also, the cues are about half the size of a regular cue. The smaller size allows you to hold the bumper pool game in your living room or game room, without sacrificing space.


After a long day at work, most of us just want to immediately sit on the couch and relax for the rest of the night. While playing a few rounds of pool after a hectic day sounds fun, sometimes it takes more physical and brain power than we have the energy for. Especially if you don’t have your own billiards table at home, going out is not always ideal for weekdays. The rules and size of bumper pool create a game that allows the players to de-stress in a much more simple manner, while still enjoying the classic roots of pool.

Interested in shipping one of our bumper pool tables to your home? Check out our Renegade Slate Bumper Pool Table. This model is sleek in design, yet sturdy enough to withstand years of play. This table includes two 48-inch cues, 10 bumper pool balls, a table brush, chalk, and free shipping.

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