Build a Man Cave Perfect for Gaming

Overview: Having a man cave for gaming at your disposal sounds like a dream come true. But before you can play, you have to work at planning and building it! Here are some essential tips you need to build a man cave perfect for your gaming experience. 

There’s nothing better than having a custom-built gaming haven. At the end of a long day, you’re ready to wind down, forget the real world, and jump into a more exciting version of reality. Whether you’re a VR enthusiast or retro gamer, creating a functional man cave can be one of the highlights of designing your home. Customized decor, a comfortable layout, and fun things to help you make the most of your time off are all part of making a gaming man cave more interesting.

If you’re looking for man cave ideas, you’ve come to the right place! And note that these tips don’t only apply to man caves. This info should be useful even if you’re not a man, or if you’d like to use your space to celebrate your love of sports, or anime, or movies for sport-themed man cave, an anime lover, or a refined space. Or even if you’d rather call your space a rec room, a den, or a Fortress of Solitude!

Now that you’ve planned to create this personal space that reflects your hobbies, begin considering the area you have to work with and plan a little before taking steps to bring your mind-blowing new room to life.

Let’s dive in to learn more about man cave essentials!

Planning Your Gaming Man Cave: 

You may have seen some pretty elaborate rooms on social media, but you really don’t have to have a huge budget to create a good man cave – just a little creativity. To help you plan your man cave, take a look at this easy 5-step guide on how to build a man cave at home for gaming.  

Examine the Actual Space for Gaming: 

This may sound like an obvious one, but it’s quite important to consider the space you have for your game room and plan how you’re going to utilize it. To create a marvelous man cave, you’ll need enough space for gaming chairs and consoles, and if you’re into VR gaming, spare some additional space for immersive tech too.

Here are a few spots around your house that could serve as the ultimate man cave space:

  • Basement: The perfect setting with enough space for a bar, game room, or man cave to watch the game.

  • Spare Bedroom: A big enough spare bedroom offers a comfortable space to create a gaming setup, arcade game room, and host music jams for a fun night.

  • Outdoor Patio: Outdoor patio areas are another potential place to install a  big (weather-resistant!) TV to watch movies or play video games. Add an outdoor pool table and a BBQ grill, and boom! – everyone will remember your party.

  • Garage: The garage is the quintessential man cave space. Parking your cars in the driveway is a small trade-off for gaining a whole space to exercise and play games of all kinds. Video games? Table tennis? A foosball table? Your options are only limited by the size of the garage!

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Select a Theme:

What kind of decor do you want in your man cave? Choosing a unified theme can go a long way toward making the room feel like it belongs to you. You could make everything look futuristic, with creative lighting. Or you could go for an antique theme with a poker table reflecting a casino-style decor.

If you’re short of ideas, here are a few trending man cave themes that you’ll enjoy.

  • Your favorite sport or team

  • Your favorite movie, genre, or TV series

  • Las Vegas

  • Workout studio

  • 1920s speakeasy

  • Retro-’80s arcade

  • Tiki bar

The possibilities are endless! But if you’re creating a man cave from scratch and looking for inspiration for the decor, here are the 10 best game room decor ideas for you!

Plan Your Lighting:

Lighting is a key consideration once you’ve decided on your theme. The reason we say this is that most gamers prefer or require low-light gaming setups to avoid screen glare or eyestrain – an arrangement that simply isn’t possible with harsh overhead lights with no dimmable options.

Before updating the lighting in your space, consider the effect the lights will have on the gaming experience. A TV on the wall with canned spotlights directly overhead? That won’t work — there would be a constant glare on the screen. Try to envision the end result before committing to your lighting scheme.

You’ll also need to consider how strong you want the lighting to be, to align with the theme and overall space. You may want to keep the lighting in your gaming man cave on the dimmer side. Consider using accent lights. Strip lights are also great. Little touches like underlighting on your storage containers, keyboard lighting for your gaming PC, and custom LED accessories will do wonders for your man cave.

Ensure Sound Proofing: 

Soundproofing is an overlooked factor in a gaming room or man cave. But if you take it into consideration early, it can ensure an immersive gaming experience. Aim for blocking out the sound of your neighbor’s dog barking while also making sure the clacking of your billiard balls doesn’t disturb anyone else in the house who’s trying to watch TV. There are a lot of ways to achieve this, including acoustic foam panels that can be attached to the walls and ceilings, or heavy drapes that hang around the perimeter.

One thing to note is that if you opt for gaming chairs, they might come with a built-in speaker, rendering soundproofing less of a concern. However, if you’re gaming on a gaming desk, soundproofing will go a long way toward immersing you in your gaming experience.

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Accessorize Your Man Cave for Gaming 

Buying accessories for your gaming man cave is not a chore and is unarguably the fun part. There are a few different components that will add up to a well-appointed game room.

Install Gaming Equipment: 

Consider getting foosball tables, billiards, and darts to elevate your man cave to the next level. If you have the space and the budget, add more than one so you and your buddies will have multiple options on a hangout night. From indoor golf simulators to table tennis tables, there’s a plethora of ways to make your man cave an ideal place for everyone you know!

Gaming Chairs: 

Gaming is always fun — but you want to make sure it’s comfortable as well!

One way to up your comfort levels while doing some gaming of the video variety is to use gaming chairs designed for multiple gaming purposes. Many of them include built-in speakers and headphone sockets – and they’re usually ergonomically designed to provide the best support possible when going through your marathon sessions!

Gaming Desks: 

Gaming on a PC? It’s important to have a gaming desk that’s specifically designed for you.

Not only do gaming desks come with built-in storage and cord/cable management, but they’re also often wider and longer than regular desks – so that you have plenty of space to fit all your gaming gear. There are many different gaming desks available on the market, so find one that meets your needs and fits your style.

In Summary: 

Creating a man cave is a fun and rewarding project with some planning and proper organizing, so you can create the perfect gaming space for you and your loved ones to have quality time together. It’ll be your space to retreat to after a tiring day — to relax and have fun. So make it the man cave of your dreams!

Check out our offerings at Games For Fun to start filling up your man cave today!


Great All-Ages Games for the Holidays 

Overview: Games save moments when nothing else does — and what’s the better way to celebrate holidays than with games designed for all-ages? Learn more about holiday games for everyone! 

Holidays are just around the corner, and we’re looking for ways to make them more memorable. Isn’t it a good holiday with a good bit of cheer? Be it Christmas holidays or Thanksgiving fun; games are a great way to bring people together.

Lawrence Cohen always says, “Follow the giggles.” And this Christmas party, games for families are chosen to bring out the giggles. So whichever game/s you play, listen to the giggles, and you’ll pat your back – we’ve got something that’ll suit your style on the ultimate holiday game list. And the best part is that these games are straightforward to put together and gather materials for – and with the versatile nature of fun, there’s something for everyone. So don’t worry, and brace yourself!

Would You Rather:

Play the fun game “would you rather” with your family this year and find out what each person sides with? Ask your people questions that you won’t in the casual scenarios — what we like about this game is that it gives an insight into how a person thinks. No matter how close we think we’re to someone, there’s always a lot to explore about a person. So this game will not only tell how the adult tell you what your kids feel when you play with them.

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What’s That Strange Thing: 

It’s time to determine how well your friends and loved ones utilize their sense of touch. It might sound awkward, but this is a fun game and brings laughter when everyone is together. Put various kinds of items in a single bowl. Start by picking softballs, slippery toys, unusual objects, or other different objects. Keep a blindfold; with everyone’s turn, participants will have to reach in and determine the item they’re touching. Put a small prize for those who guess objects like candy or chocolate bars.

Charade Whispers: 

Charades is a hilarious icebreaker in which a person acts out as a charade for the person next in the line, and the cycle continues for all standing (or sitting). Although there are various versions of this game, we prefer whispering small phrases. This is where the fun begins — take inspiration from some funny phrases for the game and make a group of 5-12 people.

Since this game is best played indoors, it works for people who are just tired of their busy schedules and want to spend a few hours at home with their families. Additionally, charade whispers don’t require fancy materials. The game begins with one group member whispering a phrase like Education is essential, but big muscles are importantner or play the trombone or go home.

The person copies the words and utters the exact words to the next person in the line. The cycle continues, and the person at the other end has to shout out the word or phrase to get the point/win. They rarely get it right, but it’s hilarious to watch hyper-excited people playing it.

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 The Voting Game: 

This game is a steady but sure flow of laughter. Basically, there’s a card read aloud like who would have the worst passenger rating on Uber should they become the driver?’ and everyone votes for each other anonymously. Then the person who gets the most votes calls out who they think voted for them. The game continues with fun questions and promotes storytelling too.


 Before and After: 

This game is similar to charades whispers with a bit of variation — basically, this game starts off with one person saying a phrase like ‘Going to school.’ You’ll then use the last word of the spoken phrase to start a new one while keeping the original. The phrase you come up with can be funny and doesn’t have to be grammatically correct. The first one to break the sentence loses. It goes something like this:


‘Going to school.’

‘Going to school with a friend.’

‘Going to school with a friend on a boat.’

‘Going to school with a friend on a boat with a captain.’

‘Going to school with a friend on a both with Captain Jack Sparrow.’


If we could rate one game as the most giggly, this game would be the one. While the game’s name may not sound very similar, it will lift everyone’s moods if you bring it to the table.

Spoons are the violent version of musical chairs – all you need are spoons and a pack of cards. Gather your people, lay the spoons on the table, and sit around. Start by dealing out all the cards in the deck. On the go, pass one card from one hand to the person on your left. The idea is to keep moving quickly, preferably rhythmically, and the objective is to get four of the same cards, like having kings or queens, etc.

Once you grab your hand on all four cards, hold the spoons in the middle. You can also do it with music on. The other players make grabs as soon as one gets a grab. Ultimately, one person will be left with no spoon in hand, and they’re out. One spoon is taken away, and the game begins until one winner remains. Isn’t it something you’d want to try?

This or That: 

Ask everyone to sit in a circle and one will be chosen as a leader to give you a choice of things or different scenarios. You’ve to vote on it, and the items that nobody votes for get deleted from the world forever (well, not literally). For instance, one person asks, ‘sugar or video games and everyone has to vote on whether you’d rather live in a world without sugar or video games. Once a thing or scenario is voted out, it no longer exists in the world. Keep playing until you’ve created a peculiar world.

Christmas Movie Bingo:  

There’s nothing better than curling up with friends and family to binge-watch shows from your wish list. So pop some popcorn, bake brownie treats, and hot marshmallow cocoa. Don’t forget to serve popcorn with fresh seasonings like Parmesan, black pepper, and cinnamon. Munching while you’re watching a movie is one of the things that everybody loves to do!

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 In Summary: 

There’s nothing beautiful than gathering up with your family members and loved ones to create memories together – and games are literally life saver! While there are many manual games that you can play with your people, a well-designed game room might just help the best. To stock your home with durable game tables, avail our sale and design your room for the coming holiday.

We wish you a safe Merry Christmas!


Table Tennis Robots: Putting a New Spin on a Classic Game

Overview: A table tennis robot is a machine that automatically fires table tennis balls from one end of the table to the other in a controlled manner. Let’s see how this new invention can complement the classic game! 

Have you ever thought you might someday be playing or learning table tennis from a robot? We’re willing to bet you never did. But technology is changing seemingly every aspect of our lives, and that includes the world of sports. To get good at any sport, you have to practice a lot, especially when you’re new to the game. Could a robot help with this endeavor?

Table tennis is generally a two-player competition, but what if you don’t have a partner who’s equally keen to play with you every day? Now you have the option of a table tennis robot to play against so you can hone your skills alone. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what features you should keep in mind while choosing one for yourself!

 What is a Table Tennis Robot? 

Table tennis robots are a fairly recent innovation in the world of game equipment. First there were ball-serving machines for traditional tennis. Similar devices designed for table tennis were first made commercially available in the late 1980s. A table tennis robot is a machine that automatically fires table tennis balls from one end of the table to another while “playing” in opposition to you.

Table tennis robots usually have 3 elements:

  • A mechanism to load and fire balls

  • A control system to program the firing

  • A net to catch the returning balls

There are a number of different models, and the technology varies. Some basic models only have limited setting options with no net, which means the user will need to retrieve their own supply of table tennis balls after playing. Some models require a wall outlet for power, while others are battery-powered.

 How Do Table Tennis Robots Work?  

Today’s high-tech table tennis robots have gotten pretty advanced, with tons of features and an array of options for speed and spin variations. But no matter how basic or cutting-edge, the main job of any table tennis robot is simply to fire balls. So they all have a firing mechanism built at one end of the robot and pointed towards the opposite end of the table.

Depending on the programming and capacity of the table tennis robot, the supply of balls may be loaded into the firing mechanism section or stored elsewhere in the machine until the robot needs them.

Here are some of the options that may be available on a table tennis robot:

Ball frequency: You can change and switch the frequency at which the robot shoots the ball at you. Most robots fire about 80 balls per minute; others will do well over 100 per minute — this will be quite a challenge if you’re not a pro!

Placement: You have the option to choose where the robot aims when it shoots the ball. Some robots shoot balls to multiple positions and switch between functions for each ball; others will shoot only to two positions.

Spin variation: With the option to choose whether the robot shoots sidespin, backspin, topspin, or float, a table tennis robot does everything a human opponent will do. Some entry-level robots may not be able to do all of these, but mid-range robots can. There are some advanced, multi-spin robots that will change the spin with each ball, giving you an even more realistic table tennis playing experience.

Speed: This option lets you choose how fast the robot should shoot the ball. Some models can be set to vary their speed, so you’ll get a slower ball followed by a faster ball.

Pre-programmed drills: Intermediate and advanced table tennis robots enable you to play programmed drills to sharpen your gaming skills. If you’re spending some extra bucks and choosing an advanced robot, it’ll offer you a wider choice of competitive drills and even allow you to program and set your drills.

Megaspin has some fabulous designs and handy options for you if you’re looking for table tennis robot accessories!

 Convenient Features to Look for in a Table Tennis Robot: 

In addition to all the features, finding a robot that fits your playing preferences is also essential. Some convenient features of table tennis robots include:

 A Remote Control: 

If you’re choosing an advanced robot, it might come with a corded or wireless remote that allows you to change settings at a certain distance. Guess what? It’s very handy to switch between the settings from the other end of your table rather than having to leave your game and walk all the way over to change it manually! That’s one of the reasons we recommend looking for an advanced robot with all the features to elevate your fun level.

But wait, there’s more: Some of the more expensive robots come with a mobile phone application that you can use to change their settings. It’s a costly option, but indeed, a convenient one!

 Easy to Set Up: 

How easily do you want to set up your robot? A simple table tennis robot could be ready to go in a minute or two, whereas others with more features may take longer and require more effort. Alongside the basic setup, you’ll want to consider portability and where you’ll be placing it. Storage is another thing to consider, as some robots are larger and have more parts and pieces than others.


If you are using your table tennis robot at home, you’ll want to consider the comfort of the people you live with. With their whirs and clacks, table tennis robots can be pretty noisy, so make sure you check online reviews by previous customers to see if anyone mentions the product being particularly loud.

Built-in Memory:  

Last but not least, one thing to consider before buying a table tennis robot is how much memory it offers you to store your settings and drills for the next time. A robot that “remembers” this information will save you time and effort. You don’t want to start every practice session by changing your settings all over again.

 In Summary: 

Table tennis robots are an innovative addition to your games if you play solo, or if you want to practice regularly in anticipation of your next game with friends. Procuring a table tennis robot doesn’t mean your game is weak. Rather, sophisticated and user-friendly robots let you customize settings and track your strengths and weaknesses so you can constantly improve. If you can afford to purchase one, they’re a really cool investment for those who take their game seriously!

For more information and fun facts about table tennis and all things games, follow us at Games for Fun! Happy gaming!


 Why Is It Called “Foosball?” – Fun Foosball Facts

 Overview: Discover the exciting history of foosball and learn why it’s so popular among elders and youngsters alike.  

 Foosball is a fun game, typically pitting one player or team against another. Similar to soccer (or “football” as it’s known in many countries!), this tabletop game field includes two goals, and the objective is to be the first team to score five times on your opponent. Each competitor or team has access to four rods, and the rods are attached to figures of defensive and offensive “players.”

Turning those handles and watching the players move in sync is always a good time. We got to thinking: Why is it called foosball, and where does the game come from? Most people who have been to an arcade have heard the term foosball, but how many of us know where it originated? Not many! So don’t go anywhere — stick around and see if we can achieve our goal of learning more about foosball!

 Origin of Foosball:  

The first time you saw a foosball table, you probably noticed how similar the layout was to a soccer field. As we mentioned, soccer is called “football” in many countries, and it’s very popular in Europe. Although it’s harder than you might to think to pin down the exact time and place that foosball was invented, the evidence points to Europe being the part of the world where it first emerged.

Harold Searles Thornton – the first patent owner: The history of foosball is contentious, and a wide variety of similar tabletop games were created in the early 1890s. However, the earliest patent went to Englishman Harold Searles Thornton on November 1st, 1923. Thornton applied for the official patent for a game called “table football” in 1921, and that game contained all the features of what we think of as foosball today. Whether or not Thornton was the first person to have the idea, he was the first to make it official.

Lucien Rosengard – the other inventor? Since the identity of the game’s creator is uncertain, there are multiple theories and assumptions regarding who came up with the idea first. While some give credit to Thornton, others claim that the father of foosball was engineer Lucien Rosengart, who was known for numerous innovations related to transportation, including bicycle parts and small, stylish cars.

It’s been said that he wanted to create a new game for his kids to play indoors during freezing weather. The first name Rosengard gave to his creation was “babyfoot” — presumably because it was a baby-sized version of football, and not because he thought the table resembled an infant’s foot in any way!

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 Why Is it Called Foosball? 

Here’s Harold Searles Thornton’s version: With the popularity of soccer/football increasing throughout Europe, he wanted to create a game replicating the sport that people could play in their homes. Inspiration struck while he was looking at a box of matches.

Picture a matchbox with the matches lying across the top of the box, parallel to each other. Do you see the resemblance to a foosball table? Thornton turned this vision into a full-fledged tabletop game that was played similarly to its real-life counterpart. Thornton called it “foosball,” a variation on the German word for football, which is fussball. So that answers that!

 Introduction of Foosball in America: 

Looking into American foosball history, we find that although the UK patent was granted to Thornton in the 1920s, it took a while to catch on across the pond. The gamewas introduced to Americans by a soldier Lawrence Patterson in the 1960s. Patterson fell in love with the game during time spent in Germany, and when he returned home, he wanted to share the game with his home country. He started his own company to distribute foosball tables in the US.

Patterson took an excellent marketing step by selling coin-operated versions of the game, which made them perfect for arcades full of teenagers with pockets full of quarters. In the meantime, E. Lee Peppard began hosting high-prized tournaments, and skilled players started to take an interest in competing with their peers.

Foosball proved to be a successful addition to American arcades. It lost some steam when the popularity of video games exploded starting in the late 1970s and early 1980s — it’s hard for some plastic guys attached to a rod to compete with sports video games with realistic graphics, sound and physics. But to this day, you’re likely to find a foosball table at any well-equipped arcade.

 Some Interesting Facts About Foosball That You Must Know: 

It’s a simple fact: Humans love sports. While some people enjoy heading outside to play sports in the sun and the open air, others prefer indoor games. There’s a misconception associated with indoor games that they’re not as thrilling as outdoor games are, but this is not necessarily true. Indoor games can be just as exciting and physically challenging as outdoor games are! Plus, they have an advantage in that they can be played in a climate-controlled space.

With that said, would you like to hear some exciting facts about foosball? Sure you would! Let’s dive into those facts.

 The Longest Foosball Match Ever Played: 

The longest foosball match is recorded in the Guinness World Records book, which lasted over two days and is considered a world record. That particular game was played for more than 61 hours and 17 minutes — an incredible amount of time considering how much energy a competitive game can require. This exhilarating and historic game was played by Alexander Kuen, Manuel Larcher, Bernd Neururer and Dietmar Neururer in Innsbruck, Austria in 2012. It’s hard to imagine playing any game for 61 hours straight. We hope they were allowed to pause for bathroom breaks! 

 The Most Expensive Foosball Tables: 

Foosball is an interesting game in that there aren’t a lot of parts and pieces. Other than the ball, the table is essentially the entire game. Most of us wouldn’t normally think of a foosball table as a luxury item, but there have been a few models over the years that are surprisingly expensive!

Consider “The Beautiful Game,” a modernist table released as a limited edition in 2008. Each table took twelve weeks to build, and included sleek chrome players for an extra-fancy look. How much did it cost? $68,000 per table!

Then there was the VVT Foosball Table by Louis Vuitton. Yes, Louis Vuitton! This model was built in France and had real cowhide leather-coated handles and hand-painted players. How much would this one set you back? $87,000! Another Louis Vuitton model goes for $87,500!

 The Ball in a Foosball Game Moves Faster Than 35mph: 

If you’ve ever played or watched a foosball game, you know that the small ball inside the table can move surprisingly quickly as players move their “team” to kick it toward their opponents’ goals. How fast can it go? Some expert foosballs players have established speed records by moving the ball as 35mph! The next time you’re in your car going 35, imagine a foosball ball sailing alongside you, matching your speed. Wow!

 In Summary: 

Foosball is a fun game with an interesting, if somewhat vague, history. You can enjoy the game on a rainy day with your family, or as a weekend activity with your favorite people. To be really good — competition-level good — requires physical and mental  endurance, but it’s also fun to play a friendly game without worrying about who wins.

Has this article inspired you to seek out a foosball table of your own? Have you been thinking this entire time that you’d love to have your own foosball tournament at home? We hear you! Our foosball tables are on sale right now! Check out our selection today — we promise we don’t charge Louis Vuitton prices!


Understanding the History of Air Hockey 

Overview: The history of air hockey is fascinating — it’s a familiar game inspired by older technology that’s still fun to play today. Let’s find out more! 

Air hockey is a fascinating game for those who want to enjoy a fast-paced diversion with their family and friends. The game has been around for some decades, and the history of air hockey is something of a winding path, but it continues to be a crowd-pleaser, whether played at a public arcade or in a rec room at home. 

When it first started, air hockey was seen as a simple game, but its wide-ranging appeal stood out. Many of today’s most popular new games are played on screens and require an internet connection, but air hockey is a physical game. Anyone can learn to play, and anyone can enjoy being a spectator. We’re curious to find out about the history of this game that’s fun for all ages.

Let’s see who came up with this brilliant idea.

The History of Air Hockey:   

Let’s start with the basics – air hockey was officially introduced to the market in the early 1970s. A trio of men named Brad Baldwin, Bob Kenrick, and Phil Crossman developed the concept for a game. Their intention was to create a miniature hockey game with a smooth and sleek table surface. So far, so simple. But they also wanted the puck to float on the table — a more challenging goal!

Realizing their vision was a slow grind, and the most significant challenge at that time was creating a frictionless surface. The inventors’ efforts continued, but even as they built physical models, they couldn’t perfect it.

In collaboration with Brunswick Billiards, a leading manufacturer of pool tables, the founders decided to hire engineer Bob Lemieux, and explained their idea for the perfect table design. He understood the assignment, and the first air hockey table design was finalized in 1972 – consisting of two goal posts, a puck, and handheld variations on hockey sticks, which are commonly referred to as mallets. The continuous flow of air that allows the puck was an innovation that made air hockey stand out from other popular arcade-style games of the time.

The launch: Soon after the launch, air hockey became a huge success. The public responded to a game that was innovative and one of a kind.

The game was especially popular in Texas. In fact, when asked about the game’s fan base, experts noted that half of the game’s players were from Texas! With time, it gained popularity in major US cities including Chicago and San Francisco, and then European countries, where the game has inspired an international roster of champions to perfect their skills.  

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The First Air Hockey Tournament:  

The first air hockey tournament was played in 1973, with an eye toward taking advantage of growing interest in the new sport. At the first air hockey tournament, the winner was declared “The Best Air Hockey Player in the World,” which is an impressive thing to have on your resume, even for a game that had only been around a year. The champ was also given a not-insignificant $5,000 reward!

The event attracted more than 31 teams from different regions, but the reward and title weren’t the only thing that made it notable. It also featured Marv Albert, one of the NBA’s most popular announcers, providing play-by-play commentary!

The tournament took place in a grand hotel in New York City, and two college students known by the names “Barnett” and “Spiderman” (presumably no relation to the Marvel superhero) proved to be the most adept players. In the final round, the two faced off in 40 intense matches, and in the end Barnett walked away as the champ. Spiderman lost the game but won $1000 as a runner-up. Not bad!

The Emergence of Regulatory Bodies: 

Although the game gained popularity quickly, it took a while for organized associations to be created. The Regional Air Hockey Association in Texas was formed to organize leagues, schedule tournaments, and keep a regulatory check on those tournaments.

This was followed by the formation of the United States Airhockey Association (USAA), which was built to establish regulations and other ground rules for the sport. The association kept working to bring together the best air hockey players – and it’s still the main regulatory body today, holding an essential place in the industry.

The Downfall of Air Hockey: 

The first decade after its introduction was profitable for air hockey, but the sport faced a number of challenges in the following two decades. Sales of, and revenue from, air hockey tables plummeted as video games grew massively in popularity. Brunswick even ceased manufacturing air hockey tables in 1978. The public was shifting their attention to a new style of playing arcade-style games at the expense of established favorites, a trend that continued into the 1980s.

The Revival of Air Hockey: 

Air hockey may have been overshadowed for a while, but it wouldn’t be left languishing in dusty corners of arcades forever. The downfall of air hockey was short-lived, and different organizations came together to support the revival of the game. The USAA also ensured that proper regulations continued, and prompted the emergence of professional-level tournaments to engage players and rebuild their enthusiasm for the sport.

In addition to various organizations, the contributions of an individual, Mark Robbins, were significant. Robbins is a legendary player with a few championships and records to his name. But he’s not just good at the game — he also played a role in re-invigorating air hockey as a popular competitive sport.

Starting in the early 1980s, Mark Robbins worked with Phil Arnold, the founder of USAA and an air hockey enthusiast, and they managed to save the game from becoming an obsolete artifact. The two decided to publish a newspaper ad asking anyone in possession of an air hockey table to contact them, and set about purchasing as many as they could. Robbins rented a truck to make the rounds, picking up air hockey tables wherever he could find them for sale. He kept them in an old barn in Colorado to preserve them for future tournaments and to continue the legacy of the sport.

Robbins and Arnold contacted Brunswick Billiards and attempted to persuade them to recreate the original air hockey tables — with Formica surfaces, rather than metal, to facilitate smoother play. Robbins then joined forces with a foosball table manufacturer called Dynamo Corporation, and worked with them to design new and affordable air hockey machines.

They didn’t exactly meet with immediate success. The first year the new tables were available, they could only manage to sell 100 of them. But their persistence paid off, and sales grew over time.

As the awareness of the “air hockey comeback” grew, manufacturers began selling thousands of air hockey tables annually. Mark Robbins later became the owner of Gold Standard Games, a marketplace that sells air hockey tables in hundreds of designs. Robbins also dedicated himself to organizing and maintaining tournaments with strict adherence to rules and regulations, ensuring that air hockey is taken seriously by its practitioners like any other sport.

Fans and industry experts believe that the efforts of Mark Robbins were the driving force behind the revival of air hockey. He struggled and dedicated himself to escalating sales and making air hockey a mainstream sport. Today, professional tournaments continue, and you’re likely to find tables at your local Dave & Buster’s or Chuck E. Cheese’s, or even at a bar or restaurant. And there are many devotees who have air hockey tables in their own homes!

 In Summary: 

After decades of providing fun and thrills, air hockey has proved itself as a game with staying power. Having an air hockey table at home is an excellent way to engage in some friendly competition, improve your agility, and keep your hand and eye coordination in check.

Unlike video games that require you to sit in a chair and stare at a screen, air hockey gets you up and moving. If you play enough games, it’ll give you quite a workout!

If you’d like to host air hockey games in your home or business, take a look at our selection of air hockey tables, pucks, and mallets. We at Games for Fun offer great prices on designs you’ll love. Float over to our website and take advantage of our lineup today!


Game On! How to Plan a Kid-Friendly Family Game Night

Overview:  Plan a kid-friendly game night with these fun ideas that everyone can enjoy.

With work and life responsibilities hanging on us, it can be challenging to set aside quality time with our young ones. Our kids will be the adults of tomorrow, and it’s essential to build relationships with them now that will last throughout their childhoods and beyond. And how do you make connections with people who are important to you? By doing things together that you both love! Playing games with kids is a great way to make memories and strengthen bonds.

A game night is perfect for interacting with your family and kids. Playing games together is an entertaining way to spend a few hours at home. And it might even enhance your children’s analytical thought processes and sharpen their language skills! (Yes, really!)

Here Are Our Tips to Plan a Successful Game Night: 

Schedule a Day: 

Choose a date when every member of the family is home – a weekend might be best. Try to find a consistent day for game night once a month, so you’ll be excited for it the rest of the month. For example, you could designate every first Friday as game night, or every third Saturday.

Decide on a Game: 

Here comes the tricky part. Playing a game that everyone likes isn’t easy — but we aren’t going to let this stop us from playing! If you don’t have a wide selection of games already, purchase a few before you start and gradually add to your collection. Board games are a great way to foster analytical thinking and improve reading and writing skills in kids.

The right game should be easy enough that everyone in the group can learn and follow the rules, but not so easy that anyone gets bored. Not sure what to play? Take inspiration from our list of best tabletop games to enhance kids’ gaming experiences in a fun way.

Gather Snacks: 

Who wants to play games on an empty stomach? Not us! You’re going to want something to nosh on while you’re waiting for your turn, so make your game night memorable with an easy-to-eat meal, snacks, or desserts standing by!

Try making pizza, tacos, or your favorite guilty-pleasure desserts! The kids and grownups both love to take breaks in-between games to eat.

Ditch the Electronic Devices:

We know. In this electronic age, it’s hard to turn off your phone – especially when you’re trying to keep that Snapchat streak going. But for a truly fun game night, we urge you to ditch your cell phones for a while and focus on the games at hand. Place your phones in a basket, and let the night begin. They’ll still be there when you’re done!

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Fun and Simple Games for All Ages:  

Here comes the hard part – planning fun games for all ages requires some research, but we’re here for you. Like road trip games, clever party games should be tailored to the crowd playing them, and these game ideas are practically guaranteed to ensure that everyone has a great time.

What’s in the Box:  

You might’ve seen celebrities playing this game on TV or YouTube. It’s a very simple game — you just stick your hands into a box, touch an inanimate objects, and guess what it is. You can recreate it at your next game night with your kids!

The best part of this game is that you can literally put anything into the cardboard box. Just look around the house and find something interesting, put it in a box, and blindfold the player. If you’re playing with younger kids, you might want to help guide their little hands to feel around and give them hints. If you have some time to prepare in advance, you can go out and buy some food items with unusual textures. How will your family members react when they reach in the box and feel an artichoke, a lychee, or some Jell-O?

Never Have I Ever:  

This one is often played in decidedly adults-only settings, but it can easily be adapted to be kid-friendly.

Sit in a circle and begin with one person saying, “Never have I ever…” and finishing the sentence with something they have never done. Maybe it’s traveling abroad, eating sushi, or riding a roller coaster. If someone in the group has done the activity named, they’ll hold up one finger; but if no one in the group has done it, the person confessing must hold up a finger. The game is fun when you come up with some creative prompts, and you’ll get to know more about each other. Continue around the circle until one person has three fingers up: they’re out.

As we alluded to above, this fun game can get as racy as you make it, so play carefully and ensure that you set ground rules ahead of time – you don’t want to end up accidentally teaching your little ones about grown-up topics!

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React and Act:  

Do you need a good icebreaker to get your fun game night started right away? Well, this game is for you! In React and Act, your friends take turns demonstrating what their reactions would be to various situations – like winning the lottery, getting fired, or being surprised by an aggressive bear in the woods.

This game is kind of like charades – but you can use words and noises to make it even more hilarious. Trust us here – seeing one of your family members running around screaming as if a wild bear is chasing them is definitely a sight you shouldn’t miss out on!

Would You Rather:  

Gather in a circle and ask the person next to you, “Would you rather…” and present two challenging situations to them. (“Would you rather drink grapefruit juice every morning, or give up pasta for a year?” for example.) After their response, it’s their turn to ask the person sitting next to them. Continue until you’re out of ideas.

This game is similar to “Never Have I Ever,” in that it can be played in a more adult version, but you can also prepare fun, child-friendly questions for your kids to ensure the game is appropriate for them.

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Preparing Your Home for Game Night:  

To prepare for a fabulous game night, you don’t have to be a professional event planner. It’s all about organizing and bringing your creative self out to ensure you have everything you need to present your guests with a good time.  

Determine the guest list: Planning the best game night for your kids may sound intimidating, but the first step is determining who to invite. While this feels like a reasonably easy step, it often overwhelms people when finalizing the list. From budget to your home space and menu, there’s a lot to consider. It’s fine to keep the guest list for your game night small. Inviting your kids’ favorite cousins and one or two friends should be enough to let the good times roll.

You could invite your guests over text, messaging, or email… or if you want to get fancy, you can make some DIY inviatation cards with your kids and drop them at your potential guests’ houses!

Ace your space: If you want to go all out for your kids’ game night party, decorate your house! Light twinkle lights, blow up some balloons, or make waves by hanging some twisted streamers from the ceiling to add some visual interest.

Know your backup plan: Sometimes, you may find that a group of players just doesn’t take to a particular game, or the game isn’t as fun as you hoped. Don’t be afraid to end a game (with the players’ consent, of course) and move on to the next one or some other activities.

In Summary:  

Planning a game night for kids takes a little bit of effort, but it’ll all be worth it when you see the smiles on your kids’ faces — and on your own! Kids love to learn new games, and  they’ll play them again and again so they can constantly improve their skills.

A foosball game table makes for a great addition to your game night rotation. Multiple family members can play simultaneously, and kids love watching the fast-paced action.  At Games for Fun, we have a variety of foosball tables and accessories at great prices. Check out our selection and order a foosball table for your next kid-friendly game night here!

And enjoy your game night!


Your Guide to the Best DIY Game Tables 

Overview:  Gamers need their space to play and DIY game tables never go out of fashion. Let’s learn how to make some together!

In today’s digital world, everybody’s busy playing computer games on their gaming PCs. Sometimes it seems like we’ve lost touch with the simple fun of playing board games. In fact board games can be just as much fun as computer games. Kids and adults alike can enjoy, laugh, and share quality time around a.physical game board.

To enjoy a board game, one first needs a table to play on. Wait? Are you thinking of the kitchen table again? Well, forget it. We’re here to guide you to make your own game table. Whether outdoor or indoor, don’t forget to play the games on your game table. Get on the board; let’s make your portable game table now!

DIY Board Game Tables with Removable Tops :

Who doesn’t like a multipurpose table? Buying ordinary board game tables seems like the way to go… until you find out about board game tables with removable tops, and then you aim to build one for yourself. Removable-top tables are available from stores, but they can be expensive. To save a few bucks and gain experience, try building a board game table yourself!

Let’s skip to the good part: What can we do with a table that serves multiple purposes? The table could be used for board games, games of pool, role-playing games, or even for serving dinner. It depends on what you want to use it for! If you’re eager to design and build a board game table with a removable top, this tutorial video is your best friend.

DIY Gaming Tables for Adults & Families 

Multipurpose Table Set: 

Want a multipurpose gaming table set? You are in the right place. Recently, Remodelacasa showed us how to make a multi-game set from two tables. One table has traditional checkers, and the other one has Chinese checkers. Both games are easy to learn and always fun to play, so the multi-game table is a great thing to have. One advantage of this game table set is that you can locate it anywhere, be it near your television, in your living room, or on your balcony — it’s easy to carry. This game table is a blessing for those who love to use a gaming table for multiple purposes.

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Movable Gaming Cart:    

Moving on from multipurpose tables, how about a movable gaming cart? Sounds magical, right? As seen on In My Own Style, a game enthusiast built a beautiful and portable gaming cart using a coffee table — and we couldn’t resist sharing. Follow the link to learn how you can make a movable gaming cart too.

A movable gaming cart helps you play your favorite games wherever you want. The most convenient part is that the cart can also be used to store snacks and drinks. So if you are hungry or thirsty in the middle of a game, you can easily pull out a snack or drink to satisfy your hunger and get back to the game without ever leaving the comfort of your chair.

Gaming Coffee Table with Pull-out Trays:  

How does a DIY gaming coffee table with pull-out trays sound to you? Out of this world, right? Well, Homemade by Carmona made this a reality. They made a coffee table that can be used for various purposes, including board games, puzzles, etc. And with its array of pull-out trays, drawers, and storage areas, you’ll have plenty of space to keep your game boards, pieces, tokens, and other paraphernalia — and you can still use the tabletop to stow your coffee and snacks! This table is a dream come true. It can save you money, time, and energy. If you wish to build a similar gaming table, learn how to make this multi functional coffee table here.

DIY Game Tables for Kids :

Kids are often the most enthusiastic game-players. With their love of games in mind, we were happy to come across this post from The 36th Avenue with a simple DIY tutorial for designing and building your own portable board game table for toddlers. You can turn your old & cheap IKEA side table into a game table that will keep your young children occupied for hours. The table is small, so it’s easy to stow away in a closet when it’s not in use. This simple, budget-friendly version of a game table is incredible. You can make yours by visiting The 36th Avenue and following their easy tutorial.

DIY Gaming Table Top :

Wait. What is a gaming tabletop? Well, a gaming tabletop is the surface of a gaming table on which a game is played. Gaming tabletops are easy to make and shouldn’t cost much.

The benefits of DIY gaming tabletops are that you can store them wherever you want; you can place them on a physical table, on your bed, or take them outside with you. These gaming tabletops are lightweight and can be carried outdoors on a fun summer day.

DIY Gaming Table for Outdoors :

When you move outside to enjoy the weather and a refreshing snack, you may wish to play something with your family and friends. DIY ideas can help once again. Outdoor DIY game tables are easy to make, and many of them won’t cost you more than $40. You can design and build your table within two or three days and then enjoy board games like chess, tic-tac-toe, and checkers with your friends & family while also enjoying the weather. Outdoor game tables are an incredible idea as they can make a beautiful day even more enjoyable.

In Summary: 

A game table is an essential for every household, especially when there are kids around home or you work from home. And kids love homework. Just kidding! Kids don’t love homework; they love games! But buying game tables from stores is expensive — unless you’re ordering from Games For Fun, offering great prices and free shipping on all retail orders!

With these tutorials and ideas, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration for your DIY game table projects, including different types of tables and how you can make them at home. The best part about designing your own game table is that not only is it cost-effective, but by customizing your project to your personality, you’ll be bringing your creative self to the table!

Happy gaming!


 Classic Childhood  Games   for the 80s/90s Kid to Play With Their Kid

Overview: Do any of these classic child games ring a bell? Give your kids the best you had with these classics 

The 80s and 90s are known for introducing video and arcade games to the mainstream world. Although there were some basic ideas before the formation of arcade games, nothing was officially produced before 1980. Back then, arcade gaming was booming with all its might throughout the decades, and we remember some really iconic pieces that are still out there.

We talked about classic games in this blog, but we’re shifting gears a bit and focusing on how to introduce your kids to a pixelated enemy that’s easy to play. Here are five childhood arcade games to play with your kids (now that you’re the adult).

Classic Arcade Games You Can Play With Your Kid: 

Pac-Man, 1980:  

Pac-man is a floating yellow face emoji character that wanders through a maze of edible dots. Sometimes, fruits are worth points. There are ghosts named Pinky, Inky, Blinky, and Clyde chasing them. The fun part is that, sometimes, they’re edible too!

Why it rocks: Sometimes, the most uncomplicated games leave lasting impacts. With long summer afternoons, the 256 levels of play will act as a blessing for you. You and your kid would have to devote months to reach the end; however, the universal gameplay makes it super easy for kids of any age to play.

Donkey Kong, 1981:   

The classic tale is where a man saves a beautiful damsel from a predator’s hands. With kids idealizing Batman and Superman as their heroes, they’ll enjoy playing this game. There are two main characters: Mario the carpenter and Donkey Kong the gorilla, whose goal is to hurt Mario.

You’ll control Mario from four playing fields dodging whatever Donkey Kong is throwing your way. If you’re successful, you’ll get rewarding points before moving to the next round. Your kids may not understand why the oil and wooden barrels are thrown their way, but they’ll learn to enjoy it (almost guaranteed).

Why it rocks: Kids like adventure, and this game offers them. With cool characters and actions to keep your kids active and entertained for hours, this game is easy to play, less violent, and more defensive.

Frogger, 1981:  

In this arcade game, a family of frogs must cross a busy traffic road to go home. The catch is that they have to save themselves from the predators living in the lake below (such as snakes). It sounds simple, but don’t underestimate Frogger, as it requires quick analytical thinking and reactions.

Why it rocks: This is an addictive and easy game with many challenges to master. Besides, it doesn’t have any real story or folklore attached to it. It’s a page taken from nature and turned into gameplay.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, 1991:  

You know we couldn’t create a list of classic arcade games without listing Street Figther! If your kids are into wrestling or any physical sports, this game is for you guys! Choose one of eight fighters to go for a one-on-one fight or tournament in the greatest fighting game of all time.

Why it rocks: Besides the fact that Street Fighter has passed the test of time and is sitll going strong to date – only with new editions and variations — the natural beauty of the game is discovering the unique style of each character’s fighting. While it may take months for your kid to get there, guide them throughout.

NBA Jam:  

Featuring superstars and legends with no complex plays and advanced control schemes, NBA Jam is a high-energy and fast-paced basketball arcade game that kids will love to play. Here, it’s a standard game of basketball. And one of the best parts about game is versatility — each player has a different skill and a good mix of players in the game gives a realistic element to the game, as kids will easily relate to it.

Why it rocks: Since the game features high energy and encourages cooperation, kids will learn to behave in the same manner when they’re in their physical life scenario. Besides, the game has some excellent catchphrases and visually stimulating setup.

Classic Childhood Games Every Generation Will Love : 

From playing in the mud to drawing cute paintings and watching our favorite TV shows, we matured in no-time. Nostalgia is beautiful, and no one is ever too old to revel in it. And while we’re discussing childhood, when was the last time you let your inner child play? Probably a long time ago, so let’s relive those games we used to years ago with our kids now.

Red Rover: 

Red Rover is one of the easiest and funnest games to play with your kids. This game originated in the United Kingdom in the 1800s and made its way to Australia, the United States, and Canada in later years.

Two lines of players stand across for about 30 feet apart with one person out. Each line of players holds hands and yell at their turns, “Red Rover, Red Rover let (kid’s name) come over.” The runner has to be quick and sharp here — as s/he runs while trying to break the link of hands on the team.

When the kid is successful in breaking the line, the team gets one point. The only downside is that for this game, you’ll gather a lot of kids to make teams.

Double Dutch:  

If your kid is a restless soul like us, don’t miss out on the chance to make them play this game. Unlike Red Rover, this game requires only three kids with one jump rope. The two kids will flip the rope and the one in the middle jumps them with alternate feet and ropes.


Probably everyone’s eyes blink when it comes to playing hide-and-seek. It was one of the best games we’ve played as kids and it’s the kind of game that everyone enjoys. It can be played with two players or more — here one kid goes aside and closes the eyes. The other kids in the meantime, have to hide in different places and the one counting finds them after finishing the counting.

In Summary:  

From arcade games to physical games, our childhood contains the best memories to cherish. It was a beautiful time indeed when the biggest concern of the day was to choose a different crayon color. How simple life was back then! But no matter how much we evolve with time and engage ourselves in technology, childhood occupies a special place in our hearts. If you’re looking for classic and stylish arcade games, look no more.


10 Fun Outdoor Games to Play in the Summer

Overview: These outdoor games are ideal for summer and ensure that kids and adults alike have a fantastic summer! 

You might be tired of sitting on the same couch scrolling all day, so we’ve put together top picks of fun outdoor games to play in the summer .  With so many pictures and ideas that a person can take – the sky’s the limit. It helps that we currently have pretty flowers blooming, the sun shining brightly, and the remaining summer season, we’re looking for every excuse to go out and enjoy the weather. This is where outdoor games step in – from badminton to frozen t-shirt races, we’ve rounded up some outrageously fun outdoor games to play in the summer and have fun.  

Some Fun Games to Play Outdoor This Summer: 


From the beach to the park to the humble yet fun backyard, badminton is one of our favorites when it comes to a beautiful sunny day. Get yourself a complete badminton set that includes (4) steel badminton rackets, (2) nylon birdies, (6) stakes and ropes. It  also includes a 1in diameter poly pole, 5’1″ high and net that measures 20′ x 1.5′ — the classic outdoor summer game that will bring hours of fun for all ages.

Home Team Baseball Game:   

As an advocate of game tables, we came across another fun – albeit underrated – game that’s ideal for the summer: a tabletop baseball game! You can play this with your family or friends on an outdoor patio – preferably in your backyard or lawn.

The game requires two teams of four players, and the objective is to roll the dice and move the batter game pieces accordingly. And rather than using the traditional idea of keeping a score record, you can get a score on a dry erase board to make everything look like a stadium scoreboard.

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Frisbee is a fun activity that all ages can be involved in. You can play with your kids, friends — even your pup. But we understand this is a pretty simple, straightforward game. So let’s kick it up a notch.

There are a variety of Frisbee games that could be played. We recommend you read this article “21 Fun Frisbee Games for Kids” for additional ideas to make Frisbee even more enjoyable this summer.

Word Game:   

Any wordsmiths out there? It’s Similar to scrabble, where you join the word puzzles to make a word, the objective of this game is to race up with the ones sitting with you to complete the giant word grid before someone else does it. If you don’t wish to buy cardboard, you can easily DIY this game with an easy online search.

Topple Tower:   

This fun game is designed to be played specifically in the outdoor spaces. Like Jenga, players take turns pulling out pieces from the tower and placing them on top. This has to be done carefully so the tower doesn’t fall – which honestly makes it more fun. The last player to successfully keep the rhythm and balance wins.

Frozen T-shirt Race:   

Here’s the premise: Soak a bunch of t-shirts in water, wrap them in plastic bags, and place them in the freezer overnight. The next day, call your friends and kids, host a racing session and see who can defrost their t-shirt the quickest. This will be a good and fun idea on a sweltering day – you can keep the chilly shirt on even after the race!

Obstacle Course:   

Use old toys in your home as objects and set up the ultimate fun obstacle course in your backyard. Ask your kids to complete the course and get a prize in the end. Although it sounds like a kids’ game, imagine yourself jumping over those objects to reach your goal. So fun!

Water Balloon Dodge ball:   

We all remember dodge ball in elementary school. A bit intimidating, but loads of fun. We feel like this watered down version is hands down one of the best games to play in the summer. Remember: the goal of this game is to hit your opponents with water-filled balloons, and they’ll try to dodge the balloon.

While playing this, you won’t even mind losing because, well, you’ll be hit with water – a refreshing and fun way to cool down on a hot summer day. We’ve likely played this as children, but adult dodge ball is a thing, making this game suitable for all ages.

Another game you can play with water-filled balloons is the game of toss. Here, you’ll have to throw the balloon as far as possible without popping it. Of course, we recommend separating any dodge ball game into teams by age/size for fairness.

Spaghetti Scavenger Hunt:   

We know what you’re thinking: this sounds weird. And it does. But eating contests are messy, hilarious, and tend to take place during summer. Besides the why behind summer eating competitions (did somebody say pie eating contest?), we’re focusing on a spaghetti contest.

In the spaghetti plate, hide something underneath the sea of spaghetti and set the plates down on the picnic table. Challenge the contestants to search for them only with their mouth.  Need some ispo for other food challenges? Read 10 food challenges to try this summer.


For adults 21 and over, this drinking game has a chain/series of beer challenges – from dancing to rhyming and truth and dare, players, take their turn to roll the dice and move the bottle around the board to determine who’s next and which activities they’re supposed to be. Play this in an open area with snacks basket and close friends.


Summer means spending time outside as much as possible. With longer bright days and a cozy environment, the whole family can enjoy tons of outdoor activities that strengthen their bond and create long-lasting memories.

We usually keep our focus on the fun game room ideas, but as summer comes to an end, we’re rounding up outdoor games that are fun for all ages. For more game-related blogs, browse our list of articles. We update monthly, providing fun ideas at no cost to you (we just want you to have a good time).


Father’s Day Ideas:  5 Gifts for the More Traditional Dad 

Overview: Dads could be surprisingly picky when it comes to receiving gifts, so we’ve got some gift ideas for the more traditional dad

Google gifts for dads and see the overwhelming amount of whiskey bottles, colognes, tool items, watches and more. But do dads even like those items? If you’re a dad, you can share your thoughts. But some dads might be looking for something… not so typical.

We thought of many gift ideas, but perfumes, jackets, or a branded watch is an old-school thing. So when it comes to finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day, we couldn’t help but consider underrated gifts such as live sporting even tickets, and more.

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your dad and are trying to take advantage of the Father’s Day holiday, this gift-hunting is a good start to understanding him. Doing activities that you and your parents enjoy opens up a world of bonding possibilities – from communication to emotional vulnerability. So here are the best game gift ideas for dads.

Foosball Table: 

If you’re getting a gift for your father, be thoughtful. Maybe you’ve overheard him talking with nostalgia about the times he went out to play foosball… it’s time that you should get one for him. This is quite a challenging game that requires expertise, focus, and quick moves otherwise you’ll fail (and failing isn’t all that fun).

When your father has a foosball table at home, he’ll likely spend more time with you and your family. You can also play with him at times when his friends aren’t around or your siblings can – to help your father with his boredom.

Now, not to toot our own horn, but our people here at Games For Fun offer a large variety of foosball tables, and the best-selling Tournament Foosball Table is on sale right now!

Table Tennis: 

If your father used to watch Rafael Nadal in his full form playing tennis and breaking the records – and now he sits aside because Rafael has retired — help him remember the old days. Or, better yet, help him become the professional tennis player you know he is! Okay, this isn’t a joke – your father watched his favorite player playing because he liked the game. And he didn’t have the table because… maybe he had to put that money toward you.

Table tennis is not just a game, but a feeling. It can be played for literal hours and you wouldn’t feel bored. While you can always make a tennis table at home by purchasing accessories from arts & crafts stores, you can also purhase one to get delivered to your door for extra convenience. There are plenty of tables at affordable rates you can find by clicking here.

With game tables available at home, you can call any of your father’s friends and invite them for a cup of coffee. Take a look at this blog, The Best Furniture for Your Basement Game Room and arrange a place for his refreshment.

Tickets to Live Sporting Events: 

Oh, you thought we were going to talk about game tables all day? Nope! Be it a football game, tennis match, or live hockey, watching a live sporting event from your couch is equally as fun as it is… not engaging. Now imagine how much more fun one of these events would be if you surprised your parents with tickets!  

Pool Tables: 

People invest in a lot of exciting things to decorate their homes and entertain themselves. Owning a pool table at home gives a chance for people to connect, as they come in handy for multiple social purposes.

If your dad doesn’t like to hang out much and prefers staying at home, it’s time to get a pool table to engage him in activities at home. With a pool table game, there are many health benefits and interaction opportunities that your dad will love since it takes the concentration and focus beyond and above.

The exciting part is that the same pool table can be used as a dining table — if you’re customizing it and your dad can surprise his friends with the game after a tea gathering or a dinner.  And, thanks to the variety of tables we found on here — they can occupy less space and transform homes into a fancy place!

Shuffleboard Tables:  

Did you know that playing shuffleboard could have some health benefits? While it sounds like an old-school game, shuffleboard is generally good for the cardio (think standing and running to and fro); it also helps with strong mental health. From a mental standpoint, playing shuffleboard, like many games, increases your family time and helps lower the stress levels.

If your father is someone who is most of the time occupied with his personal life and doesn’t socialize, shuffleboard games might help him come out of his zone.

Another point we shouldn’t forget is that shuffleboard can be played all year, whereas other sports options are usually seasonal bound.

Filled with bundles of joyful moments and laughter, a friendly shuffleboard game brushes off the stress off one’s shoulder. Make sure that you’re doing everything in a technology-free zone. And what’s better than a few hours of relaxation after a tiring day?

Browse some awesome shuffleboard tables and products here.

In Summary:

Men’s psychology works differently than women’s. Besides, it’s enough of him with books and other stuff to present as a gift. If you’re upgrading your dad’s collection, make sure you’re making the right purchases. So when you’re getting a gift for your dad, it has to be different than the one you usually bring for your mom.

With that said, there are plenty of gift ideas to hook on, and gifts for home dad don’t have to be fancy. On this Father’s day, pamper your father and while getting him a gift for his special day, make sure that you’re making a purchase that benefits you in the long run. 

Games For Fun