Rocks? Brooms? Here’s a simple guide to ice shuffleboard (and Olympic curling)

There’s regular shuffleboard, and then there’s ice shuffleboard. Before we build our winter sport repertoire, let’s learn a bit more about the unique sport of curling and how it relates to ice shuffleboard

Many Californians have no problem layering up in coats or beneath blankets when its the middle of Autumn and 70 degrees outside, so we figure we could use this seasonal weather change as an opportunity to take a look at some winter games such as shuffleboard on ice. After all, fall in California is basically freezing to us.

Though shuffleboard on ice is often interchanged with curling, this isn’t accurate because both aren’t the exact same. Shuffleboard is one of the games played on ice that could fall into the category of curling. The other two games are bowling and chess.

We’ve written about traditional shuffleboard before  after realizing the game simply isn’t talked about often. Interestingly, the same holds true when it comes to its relative, ice shuffleboard, even though it makes somewhat of an appearance in the Olympics thanks to the sport Curling.

What You Should Know About Curling

Curling is one of the more unusual sports of the Winter Olympics, often drawing comparisons to shuffleboard, but played on ice. According to the Dummies website:

• Curling is a cross between shuffleboard on ice and bowling.
• Many people think that the idea of watching a shuffleboard tournament is a bit of a snore, but curling is strangely compelling (we give credit to the ice).
• Once you start watching a game of curling, it’s hard to pull yourself away before the match is over.

Curling is named after the unique turning that occurs at the end of the stone’s path on the ice. According to an article posted on Business Insider:

• In curling, a 42-pound stone is pushed down a sheet of ice, while two players sweep the surface in front of the stone.
• The goal is to get the stone closest to the target, called a ‘house.’
• Sweeping warms up the ice and reduces friction, which makes the rock curl less and therefore move straighter.

In this article, Sporcle described Curling as the Olympic Sport that’s played “with a “broom”, a “stone” and a sheet of ice.” It might not be as exciting as speed skating or watching a runner pass up another on that last stretch of a 400 meter dash, but it is arguably the most fascinating (and confusing) Olympic Sport in the games.

Players slide large stones made of smooth granite across a sheet of ice to a target that is comprised of four circles, called the “house.” The curling stone, or rock, is made of dense polished granite from Scotland. In the Olympics, each rock weighs 44 lbs. Both teams get eight stones. There’s a person throwing the stone and teammates who sweep. The sweepers decrease the resistance that the stone will meet, allowing it to travel further. They also decrease the “curl” of the stone.

The bottom of the stone is hollow so that only the outside ring, called the running band, is in contact with the ice. This minimizes the friction and allows the stone to slide further.

Ice Shuffleboard Vs. Curling — Similarities And Differences

The distinctions between ice shuffleboard and general curling often go overlooked, resulting in people using the two terms interchangeably. Though this isn’t necessarily wrong, it also isn’t necessarily accurate. We should think of curling as the sibling of ice shuffleboard, but not a twin. Curling shares similarities with shuffleboard but possesses its own unique jargon.

• Shuffleboard is played by two players (called a single) or four players (called a doubles game).
• Curling is played when two teams consisting of four players go head-to-head.

• Shuffleboard:
• Curling: Each player is given two 44-pound granite stones to throw.

• Shuffleboard: Players push the discs towards the target to score, remove the opponent’s discs from the scored move/push, or both.
• Curling: Teams take turns sliding the stones down the ice towards the target. The goal is to slide the stones across the pebbled ice surface (“the sheet”) and place it closer to the button (the center of the target) than the opposing team. Each of the four players will alternately slide heavy and polished granite stones, which are also called rocks, across the ice curling sheet.

• Shuffleboard: Shots should always be done in straight line and forward motion of cue and the disc.
• Curling: With the use of the cue, players push the discs towards the opposite end of the court in which there is a scoring diagram situated. Teammates known as sweepers apply pressure to the ice with brooms, which determines where the rock eventually comes to rest by slightly melting the ice.

Scoring System:
• Shuffleboard: The scoring diagram has different areas – one for 10 points, two for 8 points, two for 7 points, and one for 10-off area.
• Curling: One curling game can have around 8 or 10 ends. The team with the most points in the match wins.

• Shuffleboard: If part of the discs reached the 10-off area and/or touched the front or back line, there will be penalties.

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So, What’s With The Brooms?

We knew you would ask this. The stones don’t just slide across the ice of their own free will or the player’s power. The surface is dotted with frozen water droplets called “pebbles” that cause them to slow down and veer off course. The brooms are the solution to this problem.

Using a lot of energy, all of their skill, and a high level of technicality, athletes create friction with the brooms and rid the surface of the pebbles. The better they are at “sweeping” the ice, the better the stone will move down the field on target.

In Summary: Curling Is Like Shuffleboard, But Bigger… And On Ice

At its core, curling is a simple concept. It’s like shuffleboard, but bigger, and on ice. Curling and shuffleboard have a lot in common as they both involve lagging a heavy weight down a long lane, aiming for the farthest foul zone. In curling, the weight is called a rock, as it is literally a heavily polished piece of granite, and the game is played with two teams of four.

If you’re searching for the best shuffleboard table, check out our inventory here.


Everything you need to know about shuffleboard (almost everything)

From the history of shuffleboard to the rules of the game and beginner-friendly tips for success, learn just about everything you need to know about shuffleboard.

What started off as a popular 15th-century aristocratic pastime in England is now what we know as shuffleboard (also shovegroat, slide-groat, and shovel-penny). In this game, disks are shoved by hand or with an implement so that they come to a stop on or within a scoring area marked on the board or court (on a table, floor, or outdoor hard surface such as concrete).

 Shove-ha’penny, a later version of shovel-penny, is played when a coin or disk is pushed along a polished board so that it stops between closely ruled lines. This version is still a popular game in English pubs and, hey, if you’re reading from the States, maybe you could make it popular here!

But, how did the game shuffle it’s way into America in the first place? Well, shuffleboard was introduced to Daytona Beach, Florida in about 1913 as a game on land. The game was so popular that it spread rapidly through the United States, particularly in retirement communities, with each community devising various rules of play. The modern form of shuffleboard was defined at St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1924 — the same place that the National Shuffleboard Association was founded seven years later in 1931.

 This society adopted the “official” rules of the game, also later defining the size and shape of courts (concrete or terrazzo, 6 by 52 feet ); the maximum length of the cues (6 feet 3 inches ); the disks (either wood or composition, 1 by 6 inches ; four red, four black); and methods of play and scoring.

 Fun shuffleboard fact: In modern times, a modified form of the old indoor game became popular among travelers on ocean liners and cruise ships as a deck game. For the shipboard version, called shuffleboard, courts of various designs were marked on the deck, with lined sections at either end, numbered 1 to 10; the section nearest the player, called 10 off, reduced scores by 10.

Equipment Used and Present-day Game Rules

Here’s the rundown: The object of a regular shuffleboard is to slide, by hand, all four of your shuffleboard weights alternately against those of your opponents to the highest scoring area without the weights falling off the end of the shuffleboard into the alley. Only the winner receives a score. 

To be the winner, your weight (or weights) must be further down the board than your opponent’s. You can achieve this by knocking off your opponent’s weight (or weights) or by outdistancing them on the board. The Hammer is the last shot in the frame (or round). The person or team who has the Hammer in any given frame is considered to be on the defensive. In other words, it is an advantage to shoot last. 

Shuffleboard may be played by two people (singles) or four (doubles), shooting alternately with red and black disks. Game may be 50, 75, or 100 points, as players desire. To count, disks must be entirely within scoring sections, clearing all lines. In match play (best two out of three games), the second game is started with a black disk.

Tip: A dead disk is one which stops in the area between far deadline and starting area or is one remaining on the court after having struck any object other than a live disk. Remove dead disks from play. If a dead disk moves or displaces a live disk, play that half round over.

  • Playing Singles

In singles, when eight shots have been made, players move to the opposite end of the court. Start a two-person game by standing, with your opponent, at the same end of the shuffleboard. Toss a coin – or use another method you prefer – to see who will shoot the first Weight and the color of the Weight. Each player will play with 4 Weights, of the same color.

The winner of the toss should slide their first Weight toward the opposite end of the board, the Scoring End. Their opponent then shoots their first Weight in a similar manner, attempting to either knock off the other player’s first Weight, or to outdistance it. Both players should continue shooting their Weights alternately, until all eight Weights have been shuffled. This action completes one round of play.

  • Playing Doubles

In doubles, team players remain at the ends they occupy at the beginning of the game, though the play alternates as in singles.

With four players, split into teams of two players each. Place one player from each team at the opposite end of the board. Like a two-player game, toss a coin or use another method to determine who will shoot first and the color of the Weights. Then each team should designate who will shoot the first round. 

These two players will shoot each of their four Weights alternately, until all eight Weights have been shuffled. Their actions conclude one round of play. 

The winner of the round is the team player whose leading Weight is the farthest down the board. Their score is then totaled and registered on the scoreboard. 

The team players at the opposite end of the board, where the Weights are now resting, clear the board and begin another round of play from their end – in exactly the same manner as the first round. The partner of the previous round’s winner shoots the first Weight. The game continues as many rounds as necessary, until one team score a total of 21 points.

Beginner-Friendly Tips to Improve Your Shuffleboard Skills

Be a knock-off. If you knock off each of your opponent’s shuffleboard weights after each shot, they won’t be able get any points. By attacking your opponent’s weights you are increasing the chance that you will knock all their weights off the board. Manage to leave one of your pucks on the shuffleboard table and you will win the round by (almost) default after successfully grinding out your opponent in this super defensive strategy.

Be in your corner. Since the highest-scoring part of the board is at the end, you will want to send as many weights into this zone as possible. However, another gameplay method involves placing two of your shuffleboard weights on the far corners of the board. You should especially try this if you shoot first and if your opponent does not knock your weight off. Having weights at each corner of the board makes it difficult for your opponent to remove both of your weights from scoring position.

Check out more shuffleboard treats below, and for more tips and tricks on how to win in shuffleboard, check out this article.


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Game On: Four Companies’ Killer Office Break Rooms

A lot has changed since the days of the cutthroat rigidity of the corporate world.  We are seeing companies take a softer approach and putting their attention to offering relief for an overworked or overstressed team. In order for employees to be fully engaged, motivated, and productive during the entire day, they need to have a balance of work and play.

One tactic that companies are using to create this balance is through their office game rooms. Implementing games inside offices may sound like a waste of time, but hard-working employees know that momentary game of ping pong or pool is just a few steps away.  

Businesses are set on finding top talent by creating a workplace that projects a sense of creativity and company culture.

Check out how these companies enhance company morale through their fun office break room ideas:



With over 300,000 listings worldwide and over 10 million nights booked, it’s no mystery that Airbnb’s break room culture contributes to their success. These employees enjoy a ping pong table, weekly yoga classes, and a kitchen outfitted with a chef who cooks lunch every day. Having games such as ping pong helps employees learn how to work together in a relaxed and fun manner. They are building team skills without the stress of daily work tasks.



Taboola cares about cultivating a rich culture for the company and its employees; so much so that it has appointed an internal committee to oversee the assembly of fun office events on a monthly basis. Employees can escape from their busy work days and shoot some hoops with their arcade-like basketball hoop.  Don’t forget that kegerator either!



The interior of DHL’s office is a combination of both elegant and modern employee-friendly spaces. To match the office rooms, their game rooms are neatly organized with their brand colors and games such as darts, foosball, and video games. If employees don’t feel like playing an action-packed game, they can unwind on a soft bean bag.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report’s vision for their office blends the culture and lifestyle of their followers as well as the teams they cover- blurring the lines between fan and celebrity, team and spectator. With a plethora of games such as ping pong, foosball, and air hockey, employees can immerse themselves in a creative space that will carry over into their work. This type of break room builds exciting moments that evoke the importance of exploration and team involvement.

Unique break rooms in the office that are created for fun that are branded and authentic don’t happen by accident; they take intentional planning and design. Simply adding a game table may not be enough, and without careful design things may come off looking unprofessional. But done right, a game room could inject your workspace with the startup vibe we all strive for, help grow a sense of community and attract and retain talent.

Games For Fun supplies many Southern California companies with games for their office break rooms. Stop by our showroom in San Bernardino today or give us a call, and we can help you find the perfect game for your office.

We are open Monday – Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Finding The Right Length For Your Shuffleboard Table

After deciding to purchase a shuffleboard table, the next step is figuring out what size table will be right for you. Having a gorgeous piece of entertainment in your home such as a shuffleboard table requires some thought, as these game tables take up a good amount of room.  

Our two main carriers for shuffleboard tables is California House and our original collection, Generations.

Our showroom in San Bernardino has every size available for shuffleboard tables. Our team can  help you find the right table size and style for your home. We are right off of the 215 freeway on Rialto Ave.

Shuffleboard table sizes can vary from 9 feet to 22 feet. The best length for you will depend on the amount of space you have available.

Here are the different sizes for shuffleboard:

Small: 9 – 12 feet

If you are just beginning to play shuffleboard, a 9 to 12-foot table is a great option. These tables provide great, laid-back entertainment with budget-friendly choices. The smaller tables allow for players of all ages and levels to enjoy. It is most common for regular households to have a smaller sized table.

Medium: 14 – 16 feet

Medium sized tables tend to be better for more serious players who plan to get a lot of use out of the game but still have some space restrictions. These tables are great for smaller game rooms as they still provide the experience of a full sized table on a lower scale. The length will give you enough room to play with more difficulty than tables around 9 to 12 feet.

Large: 18 – 22 feet

The official length for professional shuffleboard matches is 22 feet, but even 18 feet is quite long for casual players. If you are able to accommodate a table in this size range, you will be adding a unique and gorgeous game table in your space. These larger lengths allow for players to really test their skills.

Regardless of what size table you choose, one factor to keep in mind is the space around the table. You will want to table at least two feet open on each side to give players ample room to get behind and bend over for proper stance and shooting.

If you would like more insight on what type of table would be right for your home, stop by our showroom. Our team can show you each size in person and help you decide what will be best for your home.

We are open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Which Shuffleboard Table Should I Buy?

Shuffleboard is one of the original parlor games played around the world. Even though it dates back to the 1400s, people today still enjoy creating some fun competition by sliding the puck down a sanded piece of wood. Today, you can see this classic games in not only bars but inside homes as well.

Handcrafted out of genuine hardwood and tournament-quality materials made to last for years, our shuffleboard tables are guaranteed to make a statement in your home. We carry our own styles of shuffleboard tables in our Generations line, that are custom made and completely original. We also have tables from California House, Hudson, Olhausen, and Brunswick– some of the top brands in the industry.

Here’s a look at some of the brands we carry at Games For Fun:

California House

We love California House because of the unique designs they offer for shuffleboards. Each table is made to order in the USA, providing exceptional quality and artistic composition. One of our favorite models is the Newport Shuffleboard Table. Unlike most styles, the legs on this table turn inward, creating a gorgeous and elegant look.


You can find Hudson tables in recreational areas as well as professional tournaments. This is because of their consistency in ensuring a leveled table. They are one of the only manufacturers whose wooden planks are reinforced with maple inlays at the bottom each climatic adjuster attached. This means that when your table arrives at your home, it is ready to play with no extra leveling required.


Aside from producing some of the highest quality billiard tables in the industry, Olhausen also manufactures shuffleboard tables. Their products include genuine hardwood that can withstand any climate. When you buy Olhausen, you can create a personalized design by adding a logo on the table to represent your business or favorite team.


From sleek and contemporary to rustic and cozy, Brunswick has a wide variety of designs that will appeal to all types of players. Although they are also commonly known to produce pool tables, Brunswick’s shuffleboard tables provide the same high-quality standards. You can find these styles in our showroom in San Bernardino.


Our Generations line of shuffleboard tables was created to carry on our legacy; by providing families with products they can enjoy with one another for years to come. Our Generations Pool Table collection also exemplifies our passion for the gaming industry. If you are buying a shuffleboard table for the first time, check out our Fundamental Shuffleboard Table. The simplicity in this timeless design makes it a perfect piece for any room style.

All of these brands provide shuffleboard tables that are as much a furniture piece as they are a game table. The detail and functionality of each table ensure that you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy this game for many years.

Looking to purchase one of our game tables online? We will ship it to you at no extra cost.

Right now, we are offering 0% same-as-cash financing on orders $500 and up for 12-months!

You can visit us in San Bernardino, right off of the 215 freeway on exit 43 for West 2nd Street.

We are open Monday – Saturday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Our staff would be happy to help you find the perfect pool table for your home.

Not in the area? Give us a call at (909) 885-3604, and we will answer any questions you may have.

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The Best Game Table For Your Home

If you look back at your favorite memories as a kid, they might include game nights.  These nights were most likely filled with family and friends playing board games, video games, and table games.  

Over time, we see board games being stashed away in the closet and video games becoming replaced by the next best thing.  Game tables stand the test of time.

Having a game table in the home provides a place for your favorite people have a good time. Depending on the amount of space you have available, it can be difficult fitting all of the games you love in one place.

At Games For Fun, we offer a wide variety of games that are suitable for every entertainment space. In our showroom, you’ll be able to find your favorite games in different sizes and designs.

While there are plenty of games to start that game room with, it is important to determine which game tables are right for your home.

Here are a few things to consider for each game before bringing it home:



The game of billiards has been entertaining people inside homes for many generations.  A pool table is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be played by 1, 2, or 4 people at a moment’s notice. A pool table is one of the biggest game tables you can own indoors; it is important to consider the amount of space you have available. The design of our Huck Pool Table features distressed oak and elm wood, giving it a rustic look. In most homes, the billiards table is the staple piece in the room. Not only because of the entertainment it provides for everyone, but because of its quality design that can turn the table into a beautiful decor item.



One of the most popular games you’ll see in homes is foosball. This thrilling game allows for two to four people to play at a time, heating up the competition in your home. The table’s smaller size allows you to hold this game in tighter spaces, such as apartments. Your foosball table can reflect your style, like the design of our Victory Foosball Table. The cherry wood vinyl finish brings a modern look that you won’t find inside an arcade. A great option for the kids’ playroom is our Marksman Multi-Game Table. This 4-in-1 table includes foosball, table tennis, pool, and air hockey.


Air Hockey

If you are looking for a game table that brings energy and excitement into your home, an air hockey table is the right game for you. Similar to billiards, it is important to consider the size of an air hockey table. Having a large room to hold the space for this game is essential to get the best use out of your table. This gives you a chance to explore different styles that will complete your home. Our Challenger Air Hockey Table is the perfect blend of arcade features with a home-like design.   



If your game room is located in a big space, like your garage or living room, then you can consider a higher-end game table that will harmonize with the decor of your home. Shuffleboard tables are a high-quality, stylish type of game piece that lasts much longer than a smaller game table, due to the way they are crafted. For a modern style table that will compliment your home, check out our Fundamental Shuffleboard Table. This Generations original contains solid wood cabinets and legs with an espresso stain finish.  


Regardless of the design and size of your home, there are many games available that can be incorporated into your space seamlessly. Your game table can become not only your favorite source of entertainment but also a furniture piece that resembles your style.


Aside from our wide selection online, we have many styles for each game displayed in our showroom. Come visit us off of the 215 freeway in San Bernardino.

If you have any questions about choosing the right game table for your home, give us a call at (909) 885-3604.

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2018 Holiday Game Gift Guide

The holidays are here. Are you feeling the pressure to find the perfect gift? It can be increasingly difficult when shopping for a game lover with unique style. From the various styles of pool tables to choosing which size ping pong table will fit in your living room; each game provides a different type of experience.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite products online and in our showroom to help you on your shopping journey.

If you have specific questions, or you aren’t sure where to start, give the Games For Fun team a call at: (909)-885-3604. Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide will give you an easy start to your game shopping this holiday season:


Driftwood 56-inch Foosball Table


Foosball is a game that the whole family can enjoy together, requires only a few pieces, and can fit in any room you choose! These tables are great for indoors, as they don’t require any extra setup and are smaller than most game tables, allowing for more free space in your home.

Our premium-grade Driftwood 56-inch Foosball Table is the flagship of our entire Hathaway Games line of foosball tables. This stylish table has durable exterior melamine with a beautiful driftwood finish, so you can seamlessly fit this design into your decorated home. Each side of the table contains 2 drink holders, so you won’t have to stray too far for a beer while you’re in the middle of a game. Plus, this table is $200 off right now!


Harper Pool Table

pool table

If your special someone has a taste for the classics, you can never go wrong with a billiards table. It might not fit under the tree, but it will surely be the center of attention in any room! A pool table is a worthwhile investment, as it will be apart of your family’s memories for years to come.

The Harper Pool Table by Generations, our own original collection, features tastefully carved detail with its double arch cabinet, scalloped carved legs, and leather pockets; creating a beautiful design to incorporate into your home. This table is made from solid Aspen wood to for long lasting support. The unique design allows the frame and carved legs to flow into each other to create a beautiful piece of furniture with just enough detail to amp up any living space.


Carmelli Avenger Shuffleboard Table

pool table

While a pool or foosball table may be the first choice for most, the game of shuffleboard creates a unique type of gaming environment. From the pubs to your home game room, a shuffleboard table will provide a sleek, retro look in your home while giving your household an opportunity to unwind after work. This is the perfect gift for those who have an eye for modern gaming designs.

Our 9-foot Carmelli Avenger Shuffleboard Table is a gift nobody will stop appreciating. The beautiful black melamine cabinet style creates a beautiful, classic look for any home. The sturdy pedestal legs and adjustable levelers provide optimum stability and level play for players for all ages and levels. The Avenger features a slick, poly-coated playing surface to keep pucks sliding smoothly and padded gutters that reduce noise during play.


JOOLA Tour 2500 Indoor Table Tennis Table

pool table

Table Tennis is an action-packed game that brings the whole family together for come friendly competition. If you are looking for a gift for the adrenaline junkie in your life, look no further. Bring the exciting game of table tennis inside without sacrificing the aesthetic of your home with a sleek game table.

Our JOOLA Tour 2500 Indoor Table contains the optimal level of strength and thickness to help give each player a consistent bounce. A sleek frame and separable nesting halves make this table perfect for compact storage. This is table is a great way to start off holiday celebrations, as it comes 95% pre-assembled and is ready to play in just 15 minutes!



Dynamo Pro Style Air Hockey Table

pool table

When it comes to choosing a holiday gift to add to your game room, most of the time, an air hockey table doesn’t immediately come to mind. These game pieces are mostly known to be played in an arcade, but we know otherwise.

When you are investing in a Dynamo Pro Style Air Hockey Table, you are investing in quality. The home air hockey table is a unique, yet nostalgic piece that will bring you back to your arcade days. Spice up your game room with this commercial style table. It has all the toughness and time-tested durability of our widely-respected Dynamo Coin tables, but without the worry of having a roll of quarters to play.


Renegade Slate Bumper Pool Table

pool table

Finding a game that everyone in the household will enjoy and use can be almost impossible. When the kids are too small to participate in real-sized billiards, bumper pool will be their favorite choice. Our Renegade Slate Bumper Pool Table offers outstanding durability and value to any family. This table is much smaller than normal pool tables, allowing it to fit in smaller spaces.

The sturdy black cabinet includes rugged pedestal base legs with levelers to keep the table steady when the competition heats up. This pool table comes with everything you need for a quick round: two 48-inch cues, 10 bumper pool balls, a table brush and chalk.



Rock-Ola Gloss Black Music Center Jukebox

pool table

With our Rock-Ola Jukebox, finding a gift that your music lover will appreciate is simple! As classic retro piece, a jukebox can bring a warm and welcoming environment into your home. It can seamlessly fit into many interior styles, while keeping your guests entertained at your upcoming holiday party.

The Rock-Ola Gloss Black Music Center is the next generation in luxury music systems for the home. It is a full service music management system that allows you to load, organize, and play your CD music collection with a touch of your finger.







With such a variety of game pieces to choose from, you can always find the perfect addition to your special someone’s game collection at Games For Fun. Stop by our showroom to see and experience all of our game tables in person, we would be happy to help you find the game that will stay in your family for years to come.

We offer flexible layaway plans, financing programs, price matching, and will ship your gorgeous new game piece to your home for free.


Get an amazing first look at what your future game room could look like!
Visit us at 895 W. Rialto Ave. San Bernardino, California 92410
Or give us a call at: (909)-885-3604

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Man Cave To Fan Cave: A Room For Your Favorite Team

Looking back on the days of our childhood, most of us could agree that our fondest memories include games – more specifically sports. Whether it was going to Saturday afternoon tee-ball games or listening to your dad scream at the television during Monday Night Football; sports bring out the competitive, yet territorial side out in all of us.

We all love being at the games, experiencing the action in person.  But hosting a party at home is a close second. While a majority of us would assume this happens in our living rooms, at Games For Fun, we think differently.

Perhaps you’ve considered the ultimate man cave for your home; but have you ever thought about taking it a step further and building a fan cave instead?  As the most modern way of decorating your extra space, a fan cave allows you to bring out your passion for the team you’ve loved since you were young.

Here’s the type of gear you’ll need to create the fan cave of your dreams:

For Your Pool Table

When transforming your room into a sports sanctuary, you’re going to need decor that seamlessly fits into what you already have. Your pool table is the perfect place to show loyalty to your team! If you can’t get your team’s mascot printed on the felt, don’t stress, we’ve got other ways to represent your team that are much less costly and time-consuming.

Instead of making permanent changes to your pool table, adding accessories with your team’s branding will give your table personality and flair. Switch out your set of balls or cues with school spirit! Are you a die-hard Alabama fan? Consider a maple cue stick covered in classic red and black fiberglass. Once you’re finished playing, cover it up with one of our NCAA Fan Shop pool table covers.

For Your Mini Bar

Save money and bring the sports bar into your room! With a bar in your game room, you’ll be avoiding the big crowds and angry rival fans. When your team is far away, there’s no better way to cheers to your team than at your themed mini bar. Showcasing your team pride is as simple as adding in bar stools and pub tables. Hosting a backyard BBQ during the Oklahoma State game? Bring out a couple stools and tables to complete the look; your guests will be nothing short of impressed (and a bit jealous).  

For Your Wall

If you have a more modest taste and would prefer not to overload your room with team spirit, wall decor is a great alternative. Without changing the items in your room, you can add memorabilia to your walls that will compliment your team’s style. But instead of having signed jerseys and photos, try something unique! Keepsakes like our dart cabinet is a perfect way to incorporate your team without being overly flashy. Next time you’re watching Auburn play, showcase your passion for the team during halftime while playing a round of darts from our dart cabinet.

You love your team, show them off the right way! Looking for decor that matches your school spirit? Check out our collection of NCAA Game Room products.

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Why Your Office Needs Game Tables In The Break Room

After countless hours working 9-5, employees can get burnt out quickly.  Because of that, more companies are focused on improving workplace conditions and cultures to improve employee retention.

Sitting in front of a computer all day can be mentally exhausting for many and can cause workers to slow down and lose motivation. While taking breaks is necessary, how you spend your time during those breaks can affect the rest of your day.

Having a few game tables in your office’s break room allows your employees to recharge, without even leaving the building. If you take a look at tech companies such as Google and Facebook, you will notice that they are no strangers to creating a modern company culture that includes having games like table tennis and foosball in their break rooms.


These are the benefits of having game tables in your office’s break room:



At times, stress can be inevitable at work. Stress can cause people not to think clearly and take longer to complete normal tasks. In order for workers to stay productive and motivated, they need ways to recharge and restore themselves before they feel worn out. When employees are playing games during their breaks, they are developing multitasking, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills outside of their daily tasks. After playing a quick round of air hockey, your employees will come back to their desks refreshed and ready to take on projects with new eyes and a level head.



Your company culture plays a big role in the overall satisfaction of your employees. When your office includes ways to make your employees feel more at balanced (meaning more than just a snack drawer), they come to work because they want to, not because they have to. Boost your company’s morale with outlets that are easily accessible for them, like having a pool table in the break room. Your employees will be more inclined to perform well when they feel fulfilled in all areas of work success.



When your break room contains games that require two or more players, employees are given  chance to work together in a situation that’s solely for enjoyment. When this type of teamwork forms, it carries into the teamwork needed for work. An intense round of foosball can give your employees an opportunity to think quickly and communicate effectively. Now that they have already worked on their team bonding, they have better knowledge and experience on how to handle situations in the workplace together.


Games in the break room don’t have to be a distracting element to your office. When they are used in moderation, they bring benefits that cannot be gained anywhere else. Allow your employees to get a fresh perspective in the middle of the day through a quick game; you will begin to notice the overall advantages sooner than you realize.

Did you know Games For Fun supplies many Southern California companies with games for their office break rooms? Stop by our showroom in San Bernardino today or give us a call, and we can help you find the perfect game for your office.

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Man Cave Must Haves

Everyone needs that space in their home where they can unwind after a long day at work. Whether this space is used to watch your favorite sports teams, or to have your closest friends over for some pool; your man cave gives you an escape from reality. Through your style and interests, you can create a room that is meant solely for leisure.  

When your buddies come over, you’re gonna want to make sure you have all the essentials to keep them entertained.

These are the must haves for every man cave:


You and your guests won’t enjoy the next football game standing up! In this room, the right furniture is just as important as your TV. You’re gonna need some comfortable seating for you and your guests. With a L-shaped couch, everyone will have room to spread out and still be close enough to reach for more chips and dip.  Along with a couch, having a few recliners will help spread out the seating. During an intense game, this will be needed!

You don’t need to limit yourself to just sitting by the TV. If you have enough room, adding some bar stools to your man cave game room is always a good idea. This will be especially helpful when you have a lot of people over. In our showroom, we have plenty of bar stools and chairs to get you started. 


Although we love watching sports games on the TV, sometimes sticking to the classics is necessary. A pool table is a staple item in most entertainment rooms and gives your guests a fun activity to do when there are no games on. In our showroom, we have a diverse selection of pool tables to choose from to match any man cave style. If you can’t make a trip to our store, check out what we have available online! We offer free shipping on all orders and will deliver it right to your door. 

Don’t have enough room to fit a pool table? A foosball table is the perfect alternative. This game is more fast paced, and is easy to set up in any type of room. Unlike pool, you don’t need to be an experienced player to get competitive in this game! 


What is a man cave without drinks? If your room is not near the kitchen, you’re going to need to make refreshments easily accessible. After all, this is the first place your guests will run to upon entering your game room. 

Although having a mini bar is ideal to most, some rooms just don’t have the space for it. If your room is limited on extra space, you are going to need somewhere to store those cold beers. In our showroom, we have products like a kegerator and a Coca Cola refrigerator to keep your drinks cold and ready to go for any game.

After a long day at work, nothing is better than coming home to a room full of your favorite things. Your man cave is the space in your house where you can kick up your feet and relax. This area is exclusively yours and you have the freedom to make it whatever you want.

Get your next must-have piece for your man cave in our showroom! We have a wide variety of products that will seamlessly fit into your favorite space. We are right off the 215 freeway in San Bernardino. Stop by any time Monday through Saturday between 9:00am-5:00pm.

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