Tennis Hand Communication
Ping Pong

Common Hand Signals Used During Matches: Understanding Ping-Pong and Tennis Hand Communication

In the world of sports, athletes use the body to communicate many important things, and the hand signs we see being used so colloquially during a tennis match is just as important. To start things off, many people are aware that table tennis is different than tennis, but the details of those differences is another topic for another time. Today, the Games For Fun team will be discussing what the hand gestures mean in tennis — both ping-pong and regular tennis. We’ll be citing two articles for accuracy and professionalism — PingSunday’s “Important Hand Signals for Doubles Games” and “What Are The Hand Signals Doubles Players Use on the Tennis Court?” published by MyTennisHQ.

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fall-friendly games

4 Kid-Friendly Games To Play In The Fall

Fall is the delightful season of ocherous leaves, chilled nights, and, of course, fall games. The reality is that a good time is just around the corner no matter what time of the year we’re in, and fall-friendly games are kind of a thing (kind of). So, how can you make the most out of this upcoming fall season? With social distancing still in effect, we’re considering some of the most fun games to play during the fall.

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Unique Game Room Ideas

The Most Unique Game Room Ideas That You Can Add Into Your Game Room

If you’re looking to get some inspiration for your home game room, don’t fear — we at Games For Fun are presenting you with some of the coolest game room ideas in this blog. After this, we don’t doubt that you’ll be fully equipped to a) win over the kids b) win over the neighbors c) win over the spouse or d) simply win.

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how to choose a pool cue

Beat Coronavirus Blues…Fun “Lockdown” Games To Play Indoors

f you’re suffering from Coronavirus Blues, Games For Fun is here to help! Today, we’ll be talking about some fun things you could do during the lockdown, focusing specifically on fun games that could be played indoors so you and your household can stay safe, busy, and positive during the lockdown!

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