Unique Game Room Ideas

The Most Unique Game Room Ideas That You Can Add Into Your Game Room

Unique Game Room Ideas

If you’re looking to get some inspiration for your home game room, don’t fear — we at Games For Fun are presenting you with some of the coolest game room ideas in this blog. After this, we don’t doubt that you’ll be fully equipped to a) win over the kids b) win over the neighbors c) win over the spouse or d) simply win.

Outdoor Fun…Indoors

Swingin’ into the fun! Have you ever considered how fun it’ll be to have an indoor slide added to your home game room? It sounds a bit intense, but it’s totally doable (and, did we mention, it’s also really gnarly). In this article on Home Beautiful, a twisty slide is added to a game room for a visually unexpected, edgy addition. See you later, Six Flags! If adding a slide into your game room isn’t considered a unique game room idea, we don’t know what is!

Slide to the left! On that same note, if you don’t have enough room to build a slide, opt for an indoor swing instead. No matter how much space you have to use, we believe that any space is enough space for a good time (and creative takes on the standard game room). Adding a swing will make the game room feel more personalized and unique. Plus, the swing set is always our first stop at the park anyway…right? Whether you are going for a hammock for a peaceful game room, a wooden chair for a fun outdoor vibe, or even a tire for a more rustic look, adding a swing could make for an extra awesome game room.

George of the Jungle…Gym. There are also few things that are more exciting than having a jungle gym inside the house and, more specifically, adding that jungle gym into your game room. Whether you add a rope wall, ladder, or something else, these outdoor activities can add some pizzazz to your home game room.

Leisure Activities

Let’s go to the movies. Sometimes, having fun doesn’t need to be competitive (but, at the same time, you want to still have the option to challenge someone to a game of ping pong or billiards). If you want to create a unique game room, why not add a movie projector? This creates a well-rounded space dedicated to entertaining so your guests could either be hands-on and play some games, or relax and watch their favorite movie.

Slam dunking in the fun. There’s the Pop-A-Shot electronic basketball game, and then there’s the real deal. We’re talking about mounting a basketball backboard onto a wall to create a half-court and to also out-awesome some of the most awesome game room ideas. This one might require some space or a high ceiling, but it’s worth trying it in smaller spaces with open flooring.

Bars and games. It doesn’t get much better than that. We’re all familiar with pool halls — dim-lit atmosphere with beer and billiards (or something close enough to that description). There’s no denying that booze and games are quite an entertaining combo. That’s why some of the coolest game room ideas we’ve come across are designed with a bar department. You could do a victorian-style bar, a modern, sleek, and dark bar, or create your own style from scratch!

Themes! Themes! Themes!

Sports heads. So, maybe you can’t decide on which of your favorite sports team to showcase in your cool home game room renovation. Why not showcase all of them with a sports-themed game room. Deck out the walls in notable colors and mascots, and add accompanying accessories such as color-coordinated chairs, large rugs that boast your favorite team, neon signs, wall posters, and more! And when it’s game day, you know where everybody in the neighborhood will be going to watch the game.

Gaming up the game room. If you’ve never thought about increasing your home game room appeal by giving it a game theme, think again. This Minecraft-inspired home game room comes equipped with distinguished colors, a variety of wall art, matching sofas, and the actual game for the cherry on top. If this sounds like a cool game room idea, but you don’t know where to start, we’ll help. If you plan on drawing inspiration from this cool game room idea, start with your favorite game first:

  1. If you can’t think of one, go with the first game that popped into your head for easy selection.
  2. Pinpoint the game’s primary colors (ex: Mario is Red, blue, white, and gold).
  3. Start figuring out what kind of furniture you want in the game room. Things like sofas, stools, tables, rugs, pillows, throw blankets, and even curtains, cups, coasters, and lighting could all add to the theme.
  4. Think about placement. If you intend on including your favorite game into the game room, be sure there’s enough room for the game machine in addition to the other elements. The last thing you would want is to purchase items only to find out that you don’t have enough room to fit everything. Save yourself the hassle and measure, plan your space, and create a list of what can fit.

Lights, camera…actually, just lights. Natural light is great, but so is ambient lighting designed and situated for optimum coolness. Adding LED lights throughout your home game room could set the tone for whether you want to be a winner, or not. Lights could be used in just about any way to turn any standard game room into the ultimate light show. You could add lights behind fixtures for a unique silhouette glow, trail lights across the ceiling walls and floors, add big and bold neon signs, get changing lights for a taste of the rainbow, take advantage of lights that project images such as the night sky or unique designs, and even add candles if you’re into a more relaxed form of entertainment. You could choose to use all the methods listed, or just one. But the goal is the more lights, the better.

Go Big Or Go Home

So, what’d you think about our list of awesome game room ideas? Some might have been over-the-top and some might have been a bit out of the average Joe’s budget, but, in the event that you have the resources to try out one of these cool ideas for your home game room, make sure to take photos! Now, what are ya’ waiting for? You’ve seen these awesome game room ideas and have been inspired. Now take that inspiration and create something cool for your home game room.

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