6 Practical Game Room Ideas for a More Enjoyable Holiday

With Christmas approaching, make sure your game room is set up for the holidays as much as possible with these awesome holiday game room ideas

It’s the holiday season, you have a spare room, and you’re not sure what to do with it. Don’t worry; we got you covered here. We’re helping you create a holiday-themed game room to get into the holiday spirit.

These days, gaming isn’t confined to children, toddlers, or “geeks” — we all need an outlet for our daily stress and, we have to admit, Christmas could be a very stressful time. Whether your game room is a winter wonderland theme, or you want to deck it out in all things red and green, we know the options are limitless.

Here are 10 awesome game room ideas to get yourself in “the spirit” this holiday season.

1. Include Extra Seating for Family Visits

Before determining what theme you want for your room, you have to take into account the square footage of the space. It can be a large room or just a nook in the living space where you can set up a small gaming area.Yes, even a tiny corner of your bedroom would work.

When wanting to add game room furniture, make sure that the space isn’t too big or too small. Although this room is meant to cater to the whims of you (and possibly family members during Christmas) you have to think about the layouts in order to accommodate appropriate decor like trees and seating.

If your space is small and can’t fit a large entertainment center with speakers and game consoles, consider going for a minimalist yet modest design plan.

One fun holiday-themed idea that’s super easy for a game room is to get a computer desk with a gaming chair, some funky LED lights, and maybe some bean bags and furry white throw blankets and pillow to mimic snow. Get yourself rounded shelving to mimic igloos and store all your video games.

2. Soundproofing for Your Personal Space for Karaoke

Your game room can be a pretty noisy zone, and most gamers enjoy the game with full immersion (a.k.a. loudness). So playing games on low volume isn’t realistic. However, soundproofing your game room leading into the holiday season (did somebody say karaoke?) is an inspiring solution to this problem.

A simple paneling and rubber lining on the doors or windows will be a great help in keeping your gaming confined to the room. You can have glass doors to your holiday gaming room if you are privileged enough. If correctly installed, not only do they
Soundproof your space but also create a marvelous game station experience.

3. Make it Inviting, Make it Warm

Your game room setup can be of any variety to reflect your style and preferences like the rest of your house. But what matters the most when trying to get into the holiday spirit is to choose an appropriate and warm theme.

We mentioned throw blankets and pillows previously, but warm lights (yes, Christmas lights) are a perfect addition to the game room! I personally have Christmas lights hanging around my space year-round because it’s beautiful lighting that automatically creates a warm atmosphere.

Take a look at how this room uses Christmas lights for a warm, inviting atmosphere! Hang them from the ceiling to create draped overhead lighting or line them across your ceiling, floors, or even wrap them around your platform bed for a glowy floating affect!

4. Don’t Ignore Your Gaming Chair

You wouldn’t want to decorate your game room without getting yourself a comfortable chair, right? Gaming chairs are a blessing that provides lumbar support to your back, so you shall play games for long hours without getting your back hurt.

Check out some super comfy and affordable game chairs here.

5. Wide Monitor or Projector

Here’s the thing: Everyone loves a good Christmas movie. Watching Macaulay Culkin sing “White Christmas” in Home Alone with your friends is always a good time. Now try doing that on a PC… quite the challenge. So investing in a wide monitor or projector is your best bet for a homemade theater. And one of the many benefits of installing a projector in your game room is that you’re able to expand the size of the screen.

Now all you need to do is make sure it’s connected to some speakers. Throw a mountain of white, red, and green blankets and pillows on the floor and invite everyone over! And thanks to the soundproofing you did from point two earlier, “White Christmas” will be contained in your holiday fort.

6. Bring the Forest Indoors… Gamer Style

Now comes the fun part. Your room is equipped with everything you thought of — fur throw blankets, red and green pillows, beautiful Christmas lights dangling from the ceiling. But one of the most popular symbols of Christmas is the tree. And what better way to create that holiday spirit than with a Christmas tree.

We put trees in our homes all the time — so why not do the same for your game room. We already talked about how the layout and size of your space will affect the furniture and other decor pieces you include. This is true with finding the right tree, too.

The great thing is there are so many different trees on the market. There are smaller sized Christmas trees with lights that are perfect for placing on a desk or table for those smaller spaces.

If you have some space to spare, you could also consider a normal-sized tree with game-themed tree decorations to integrate your love for games and Christmas!

In Summary:

At the end of the day, your game room is based on your style and budget. If you don’t have a limited budget, the sky is the limit. Still, you can set an appealing room within your budget range even during the holidays.

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