Activities you should avoid this summer

Activities you should avoid this summer for maximum fun

Overview: With summer on everyone’s mind, we’re talking about the worst summer plans you can make this year that’ll RUIN your fun

In this special edition blog, we’re shifting gears and talking about things you should avoid doing during summer because we want you to have a fun summer, not a bum one. And if you’re all about fun like we are, you know that summer is the season of fun (right up our alley), but we also know that summer can be ruined by a bad batch of plans.

You trust us with all things fun, right? So if you really want to enjoy this summer to the max, avoid the following activities.

Avoid crowded indoor spaces, like restaurants and bars

After staying at home for a whole year, it’s understandable that people are looking forward to a meal at their favorite restaurant or a drink at their favorite bar. California recently getting the green light to open things back up, however, indoor spaces are still risky.

It’s harder to maintain social distance in a confined indoor space, and any airborne particles may linger in the air longer than they would outdoors. Thankfully, many restaurants and bars have added outdoor seating to the mix.

You might not be able to avoid the crowds this summer, but the least you
could do is opt for outdoor seating options. Besides, there’s nothing like eating a good meal and drinking a nice beverage on the rooftop of a building during summer!

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Avoid taking a summer vacation anywhere that requires flights or the airport

For many, “summer” is synonymous with “vacation.” These trips are often what people look forward to throughout the year, and they typically succeed in creating lifelong memories. But while vacations are great for unwinding, this summer might not be the best for long-distance travel.

While airlines and other modes of transportation are doing their best to keep things safe, long-distance travel still comes with a significant degree of risk from passengers and from shared, high-touch surfaces. And guess what? Places like airports and train stations are no exceptions.
Remember: Summertime travel madness begins at the airport.

Avoid spending every day indoors watching Netflix

Summer is often linked to an increase in leisurely activities, which means you have more time to catch up on anything and everything on Netflix. But we’re suggesting that you don’t do it.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you don’t watch any Netflix. That would be crazy. And we’re not ignoring our previous points. That would also be crazy. But we’re saying to have a balance.

Our recommendation for maximum summer fun: Go outside every other day. Be a person. Don’t spend the season cooped up indoors binge watching 40 different TV shows and movies in one week. That’s not what summer is meant for. Maybe spend one or two days a week staying indoors and watching Netflix, but be sure to spend some time actually getting outdoors.

Avoid hanging out at all the same places

Last year made us all realize that, even if we don’t want to do it, we all have the ability to frequent one place for an extended period of time —months, actually. However, since we finally have our summer “freedom” back, the last thing we should do is repeat the mandated pattern from last year.

Rather than spending your free time frequenting the same place, go exploring. Similar to the previous point, the goal this summer is to try and get out of your comfort zone a bit without compromising on safety. You might end up finding some more exciting (and safe) places to spend your summer days and nights.

Avoid popular places like Disney World, the obvious attractions in famous cities, and the hottest destinations on Instagram

So, what about when you get out of the Orlando airport and head to Disney World? Is summer the worst time to go to the park? The truth is that popular places such as Disney World are packed year-round. Is this summer going to be different? Well, yes and no.

Yes because people are itching to just get out and do something. No because of the reason we stated above: Disney is packed during summer… there’s nothing new here. But Disney expert Laura Begley Bloom says, “Late summer is generally better than early summer.”

Begley suggests that if you do decide to check out Disney World, lines to enter the parks and lines for the rides will be the shortest in the early part of the day.

Now regarding popular travel destinations (those that are popular year-round), they actually do see a surge in tourism during the summer months. And don’t go straight to a location that’s blowing up on social
media — at least, not during the summer. Travel journalist Matt Meltzer learned his lesson the hard way.

He set a day trip to the highly Instagrammed Antelope Canyon during a recent visit to Arizona. Located in a Navajo tribal park, the otherworldly sandstone formations are often portrayed as mysterious, empty passageways on the Internet. But when he showed up for a tour he reserved, it was anything but empty.

Meltzer discovered that the park was “like a Walmart parking lot outside the canyon.” He says that the reality did not match the expectation.

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Avoid Work Extra Hours at Your Summer Job

Some people are workaholics, but summer is coined as the season of leisure and relaxation. If you end up getting a summer job, congrats! Especially with last year’s employment situation (or lack of) for many, getting a job is a great deal. However, don’t overwork yourself.

While you may want to have the extra cash to spend on experiences, working overtime might take away from time you’ll have to actually do things you actually enjoy.

If you have the option to pick up someone else’s shift or add more hours, try to avoid jumping on the opportunity — ask yourself if it’s really worth it, and learn how to say no. Give yourself the opportunity to do something more exciting instead. It’s what summer was made for (unless work is the most exciting thing for you… then more power to you!).

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