The ultimate guide to restoring an old foosball table

Preview: Learn how to bring that old foosball table back to life and get that competitive fun back this summer!

guide to restoring an old foosball tableIf you have an old foosball table laying around and want to revamp it, chances are you’re not alone. The very first foosball table patent dates back to the 1890s so there is likely plenty of old foosball tables around that could use some sprucing up and plenty of foosball lovers who want to do some sprucing up.

For the foosball lover who enjoys a good DIY or restoration project, this guide will help you tackle foosball table restoration with ease. But as with any DIY project, planning is key.

There’s a lot to consider with this project, so we’ll walk you through (a) what to look for when buying an antique foosball table for restoration (b) tips on how to how to restore your foosball table and (c) whether buying an old foosball table is right for you.

Some things to look for when buying an antique foosball table for restoration

As one foosball player put it: “The players were filthy. The rods were rusted. The ramps (in each corner, to the side of the goal) were chipped and pulling away from the playing surface. One of the players was facing backwards.”

Maybe you’re one of those lucky foosballers who were able to find an old foosball table at a thrift store or a yard sale. Although most foosball tables should be in good condition for restoration, they have quite a few functioning pieces that all work together, like the players and the rods.

Take a quick look and see that all of the parts listed below are there. You also have to see how damaged the parts are. Remember that if some of the parts aren’t working, it’s easy enough to order new ones!

  • Goalie configuration

  • Counter-weighted players

  • Table surface

GOALIE CONFIGURATION. When you begin your hunt for the perfect used foosball table, you may notice that some tables will have only one goalie per side while others will have a three-man configuration per side. Most tables in the U.S. will have a three-man set up whereas tables in the U.K. will have a single goalie set up. Make sure the table you’re eyeing has the right goalie configuration for you.

People who like fast paced games will find the three-man goalie configuration to be more fun. Three-man configurations are also the better option for novice foosball players and children. However, if you’re more interested in refining your foosball skills, then the one-man goalie configuration will be right up your alley.

COUNTER-WEIGHTED PLAYERS. Finding a foosball table with counter-weighted players means that you’ll be able to play like the pros. Foosball players stay in a horizontal position once you release the rod — if your players are counter-weighted, you can take your shot without worrying about your other players getting in the way. In short, counter-weighted players create a better game playing experience.

TABLE SURFACE. The surface of the foosball table should feature laminated designs instead of stick-on designs. Stickers can peel and hinder game play. Also, make sure the tabletop is a smooth, hard surface because it will help your ball travel faster as you play. Many European tables feature solid wood table tops which causes the ball to move slower.

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Tips on how to how to restore your foosball table

For scratches:

  • “I was able to sand the scratches out of the actual wooden components, and we’ll re-stain when we’re done.”

For rods:

  • “20 years of use followed by 20 years sitting in a basement isn’t a great environment for chrome rods. The chrome got pitted and wore off in spots, and where that happened, it got rusty. Which wore off more chrome. Several rods were flat-out difficult to spin. […] I went to work with super-fine steel wool, and then Brasso. And the results were… actually pretty good. The rods aren’t shiny where the chrome is missing, but they’re perfectly smooth and spin well.”

For players:

  • “I used Goo Gone, which has been my product of choice for cleaning up vintage collectible stuff over the last 15 years. […] Of course, when you clean off 40 years of filth, some paint comes off, too.” This blogger recommends keeping the players, scrubbing them white, and completely repainting them for a “blue-v-red match.”

For laminate repair:

  • “The “side edge” laminates have some chipped and missing areas.” This blogger used a bathtub crack repair kit then sanded the filled-in areas to match. 

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Should you restore an old foosball table or buy a new one — old is gold

After going through this article, you might be asking yourself why anyone would want to buy a used table instead of simply buying a new one. Well, there are a couple of reasons:

Reason #1: Affordable Prices

Many times when people are looking to pick up a used foosball table, they can find one priced well under the retail price. If you’re a savvy shopper and negotiator, you could get a high quality table that is in excellent condition for a fraction of the price.

Tip: Sometimes you can call a distributor and ask if they have any used foosball tables for sale. These tables can be refinished so they look and play like new. And, as we’ve spent this entire article discussing, used tables could also be restored.

Reason #2: Easy To Buy

The Internet makes it easy to buy just about everything, but there’s always an extra cost for shipping. By using second hand seller sites or even buying locally, all you have to do is go to the place and pick it up. It can be that easy.

If you’re looking for an affordable option with a decent array of features, you can find a used foosball table for sale on eBay or Craigslist. You could also keep an eye out for used tables at yard sales, flea markets, and even thrift shops.

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Maintain your foosball table with these easy steps

Summary: Learn how to properly care for and maintain your foosball table and other related equipment.

Maintain your foosball table Dirt, debris, black ball marks and spilled drinks can really mess up a good foosball game, that’s why you shouldn’t neglect foosball table maintenance. Cleaning your foosball table and maintaining the individual parts protects your investment and keeps you playing a good, fast-paced game!

The rules governing cleaning your foosball table are conveniently similar to what you would do when cleaning an antique item or piece of furniture. Let’s consider some easy ways to maintain your foosball table.

  • Surface of table

  • Rods maintenance

  • Cleaning the foosballs

  • Cleaning & aligning players

  • Addressing other parts

How often you clean your foosball table often depends on how much you use it. During heavy usage, it’s recommended to clean your table once a week and at least once every month during low to moderate usage. And while many companies sell specialized foosball table maintenance and care products, the following maintenance tips can be found around the house or at a local home improvement store.

Surface of Table

To clean the surface, use a can of compressed air to blow the dust in hard to reach places. When the compressed air reaches into the crannies and nooks, the overall smoothness of your gameplay will be top-notch.

This next method of cleaning is arguably the easiest for your foosball table maintenance. Make sure that you wipe the table with a clean, dry cloth. Doing this will remove any of the loose dirt and debris from the foosball table.

Next, put a light amount of rubbing alcohol (70 to 90 percent) on the cloth and wipe the top surface down. The alcohol will not harm your table surface and it will evaporate quickly if used sparingly. Keep in mind that you may need to apply multiple coats on stubborn black stains.

NOTE: Never use water to clean the surface of the foosball table. This might cause the surface to wrap from getting wet.

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Rod Maintenance

After the surface of your foosball table is clean, you will need to take a separate cloth or cotton rag and apply a small amount of foosball silicone to the rods of your table. Rusty rods will be slower to navigate with, decreasing your reaction time and reducing your performance. Under-maintained and under-performing rods will also likely carry dust and rust which, in a cosmetic sense, won’t appear attractive (nobody likes playing on a rusty, decrepit-looking foosball table). Plus, that squeaky sound you’ve been hearing during each game? — it disappears after cleaning and lubricating the rods.

NOTE: Do not use WD-40 on your rods! This will make your rods slick and move faster for a short period of time but will dry out your bumpers and bearings and make your table wear down faster over time.

Use rubbing alcohol and a piece of clean cotton or cloth rug. After dipping the clean cloth into the rubbing alcohol, wipe down the surface of the rods gently until they’re clean.

The foosball table’s rods need to move and turn smoothly and the only way to ensure that the rods are clean and lubricated is by using silicone on the rods and bearings.

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Cleaning the Foosballs

The benefit you gain by cleaning the foosballs is that it improves performance and the functionality of the game table. No one likes sticky foosballs! The game becomes more enjoyable because the foosballs move around quickly as the player intends them to.

When left with dirt for a long time, the foosballs can develop complications when being used, such as being slow and moving in odd directions that weren’t intended. Here are  some different techniques you could use:

  • Using a piece of dry cotton cloth, dip the cloth into rubbing alcohol. The wet cloth should be used to gently clean the foosball table balls until they are clean from dirt and sticky stuff.

  • Using some mild dish detergent and a soft scouring pad, gently wash the foosballs with the scouring pad and detergent to remove any black marks or dirt residue.

Tip: To maintain the white color for a period of time, put them in a pair of white tennis socks and run them through the washing machine cycle while doing your whites.

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Cleaning & Aligning Players

Your playing men can also be cleaned with rubbing alcohol to remove any scuff marks or debris; ensure you use a clean cotton cloth. Examine the players for loose screws and tighten them.

If you have other parts that need changing, ensure that they are changed during your cleaning time or as needed, so as to have a well-maintained foosball table for playing.

The players will also likely need to be realigned. This isn’t something people think about often, but the truth is that the rod players should be checked after every table cleaning. When aligning the players,  remember that the players face the opponent’s goal. Regular adjustments help to prevent the players from breaking or splintering and also improve the quality of each game play.

Addressing Other Parts

Since foosball tables often experience a lot of wear and tear, pieces and parts are prone to chip, get broken, or peel. Imagine playing a solid game of foosball when of the players “legs” breaks off and flies across the table! Having loose parts on your foosball table is a definite no-no.

If you notice that a part breaks off, they must be glued down as soon as they occur to ensure the surface of your foosball table is maintained. Commercial superglue can be used immediately to glue the part back on. If you wait too long, the part may not fit as perfectly and playing with broken parts will likely damage the foosball table even more. Of course, there’s always the option to purchase new parts and replace them entirely.

For the glue, there are many good types on the market, so choose the one you have confidence in to do this job. Remember to avoid glue spilling on the playing surface — this won’t only be hard to remove but it could also damage the surface if you do try to remove it! This requires patience and other preventative measures such as keeping a cloth beneath the area you’re addressing so the glue spills doesn’t get on the surface.

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The Most Basic Guide To Winning 5 Popular Games: Billiards & More

Guide To Winning Popular Games Guide To Winning Popular Games Guide To Winning Popular Games Guide To Winning Popular Games Guide To Winning Popular Games Guide To Winning Popular Games Guide To Winning Popular Games Guide To Winning Popular Games Guide To Winning Popular Games Guide To Winning Popular Games Guide To Winning Popular Games Guide To Winning Popular Games

Guide To Winning Popular GamesIf you’ve ever wondered how to win some of the most popular games in the gaming world (or at least not lose drastically) then you’ve come to the right place. At Games For Fun, you know we love a good game of, well, anything! Even our facilities that occupy 26,000 square feet are filled with nothing but game room supplies, accessories, and repair parts. We’re serious about our games. But is it really just fun and games when you’re always the one losing

Today, the Games For Fun team will be discussing techniques, common mistakes, and general guidelines for winning (or losing) popular games from air hockey to table tennis. More specifically, we’re going to talk about a top mistake and a top tip that could either make or break your winning chances for a variety of games. Rocky theme song…cued. Let’s get to winning!

Mistakes To Lose Any Game, Tricks To Win Any Game

We recognize that playing a game can only be so fun if you don’t really know what you’re doing. How is Billy able to execute a bank shot every time we play a game of billiards and how come every time I throw a dart, it lands nose-first into the ground two feet in front of me? We hear your concerns, young grasshopper, and the Games For Fun team is going to address how you can successfully win any game in this article (A.K.A get better at winning any game or increase competitive skills).


The game with the cue stick and cue ball.

Having been in the billiards industry for 35 years, we’re familiar with common mistakes in billiards. What would we say is the most common mistake a person can make while playing billiards?

👎 Don’t raise or drop the cue! Regardless if you are a beginner or expert, every billiard player learns quickly that angle is everything. In order to get the perfect shot, you must have your cue set up properly. An unleveled cue will result in an inaccurate aim. Raising or dropping your cue stick before shooting is going to alter your precision; it’s important to keep it even and balanced throughout your shot. One way to ensure you don’t make this mistake on a particularly tough angle is by using a bridgehead.

👍 One of the most widely accepted methods for bank shots uses the diamonds on the table—the series of light-colored dots running down the rails of the table. Keep in mind that pockets are also considered diamond markers. These “diamonds” help you visualize the angle at which you need to take your bank shot, increasing your accuracy and consistency. Plus, they’re easy to use, no matter where on the table you’re playing. The object in using these diamonds is to aid in making mirrored angles. In other words, if you shoot the object ball into a diamond at a 45-degree angle, it should bounce off the rail at the same angle but in the opposite direction. As long as you shoot straight and with adequate speed, you’ll perfect this move with ease.

Air Hockey

The game with the table and the puck.

👎 Don’t have a defensive stance! According to this article, leaning your shoulders forward and your torso over the table on defense is by far the most common error in air hockey. In the article, it’s estimated that 80 percent of players, across all skill levels, have incorrect stances on defense. The reason leaning over the table is such a bad mistake is because you won’t be able to block certain shots effectively because forward leaning makes moving backward more difficult. Blocking the shot must be the first priority, but blocking is most easily achieved when you have proper defensive mechanics, which includes being able to move freely.

👍 Hitting the puck off either side of the table instead of trying to make a straight shot is a great trick to increase your chances of scoring. It’s a matter of mathematics and angles. Hitting the puck off the edge of the table right in the center of the table is bound to angle the puck toward the goal. Of course, you have to take into consideration whether your opponent’s hand is blocking the goal or not. Still, the chances of scoring will be increased.

Table Tennis

The game with the paddles and the small lightweight ball.

👎 Sometimes, you just have to let go a little bit! What we mean is, gripping the paddle too tight is not gonna help in your efforts to win in a game of table tennis. Because your racket-hand-arm is stiff, you essentially lose control which results in missed balls or opportunities.

👍 You have to carefully watch your opponent’s racket when it makes contact with the ball. Based on the direction your opponent’s racket is moving, you can determine how to angle your racket to compensate. Check out Newgy for a more detailed breakdown of how to properly gauge your opponent and act defensively in a game of table tennis (AKA ping pong).


The game with the miniature people and the small ball.

👎 Don’t shoot the ball too soon in an attempt at speed! Especially if you haven’t actually completed the full lateral movement. When you practice the pull shot, you are practicing to get the maximum speed at the maximum lateral movement. But it’s important to note that the speed comes from completing the entire shot stroke as fast as possible, not by short-cuts.

👍 Increase your defense by holding two handles (rods) together instead of one. If you learn to move two of your defense handles together, that will make it hard on your opponent to score. Try using your pinkie and thumb on your left hand to play with your entire defense unit (meaning your 2 defense handles). Make sure your players don’t overlap, spread them out with small gaps between them, and you’ll have the defense of a premier league soccer team. It won’t be easy to master at first, but when you get used to it, you literally become a foosball boss.


The game with the circular target hoisted on the wall with the, well, darts.

👎 Don’t lunge forward with your whole body! This is as straightforward as it gets. We know the desire to “aim” with your whole body is natural, but fight that desire! When you lunge forward, you greatly hinder the accuracy of your throw. Think of lunging forward as the equivalent to trying to accurately shoot a rifle while moving it.

👍 Know your dominant eye and hand. This might sound like a no-brainer, but aiming a dart requires a good amount of hand-eye coordination. Most of us are aware of your dominant hand, but when it comes to your dominant eye, that could be a bit more tricky because it isn’t something we think about often. I mean, how often do you need to do something with one eye? Nonetheless, this is important for winning a game of darts. Dart Sharp gives this good piece of advice: If you don’t know which eye is dominant then try throwing three darts with each eye closed in turns. The eye that you struggle to keep shut is your dominant eye.

Do You Want To Be A Winner?

Games For Fun has been in the game since 1984 so we know a little something about gaming, winning, and losing. Next time you’re in an arcade (hello, post-quarantine socializing) and want to win every popular game in that place so that you can become the popular game, remember our top mistake and top trick for each game! Next time you’re at home and you really, really want to prove to your older brother, Billy, that you can play a game of billiards and actually strike the ball without pulling a muscle, remember our top mistake and top trick.

Of course, we recognize that when it comes to anything, practice makes perfect. But practicing while making common mistakes is counterproductive. That’s why we’ve provided this ultimate guide to winning every game—it’s helpful to be aware of common mistakes so you can avoid them and practice the techniques that you know will grant you success.

If you’re curious about our inventory, product sales, or our rental items, we invite you to reach out to us with your inquiries. Our staff would be happy to help you find the perfect game for your home and can offer tips and tricks. We serve folks in the Inland Empire, but if you happen to not be in the area, don’t worry. Just give us a call at (909) 885-3604 and we’ll answer any questions you may have!


Foosball Table Buying Guide

Foosball is sure to be the life of any party. It is ultra-competitive, all-age appropriate, and spectator friendly. So, if you have a game room, office space, or pub that needs some livening up, we recommend the crowd favorite, foosball table! But with so many variations and options of tables, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve composed our world-famous foosball table buying guide! (Okay, it’s not world-famous, but it will assist you in choosing a table that will bring joy to your space for years to come!)

Let’s start with the types of tables from which you can choose….


Table Top Units: These are typically your least expensive option. But you have to consider the type of player for whom you buy. This type of table is more like a toy and is best suited for children. If you anticipate some more serious play, you may want to forget about this option. Multi-Game Tables: Can’t decide on your favorite game? With a multi-game table, you don’t have to choose just one! Thanks to its removable parts, a multi-game table allows for your table to be transformed into several other games. However, this feature does diminish the quality of the table, making it unfit for serious foosball playin Stand-Alone Foosball Table: This is for serious play. With a stand-alone table, you can go ahead and get your game face on because this table is ready for action! It is made to withstand every hit and each triumphant goal. With these, the playing surface and overall quality of the table will be enhanced. And don’t forget, be sure that you have sufficient space for whichever table you choose. Remember that during a game, players and spectators will need to stand around the table with enough distance. A full-sized table measures 56 in. X 30 in. X 36 in.

Now think about who will be playing….


: If you’re looking to introduce your kids to the wonderful world of foosball, there are a few things to consider when purchasing a table. Ask yourself what you want out of it: something they can enjoy for years, or just something for now. Also, look for tables with adjustable leg heights and telescoping rods for their safety. For anyone else: We recommend opting for a table that is at least mid-level in quality. Durability and longevity are vital as you consider the amount of force it will take when adults play.

Finally, consider these details before buying a foosball table…

Playfield: How much action are you hoping to achieve in your foosball games? Looking for it to be fast and furious or a slow and friendly competition among friends? The hardness of your table’s playfield will determine the speed of your game. If you choose one made of wood or particleboard, your game will be a bit slower. But with laminate and even-tempered glass, you can expect to have action-packed games no matter what. Player rods: These rods control your players and extend out of either side of the table. And they come in three varieties: hollow, solid, and telescoping. Hollow rods are lighter, making them slightly faster to maneuver. In contrast, solid rods are heavier, making them a bit slower, yet more powerful. And telescoping rods are made for optimized safety. While they are more expensive and less durable, these are great options for younger players. Leg levelers: While these are explicitly useful for young and shorter players who may need a height adjustment on the table, these are also helpful if your table will stand on somewhat uneven ground. After all, nothing is more annoying than a wobbly foosball table! No matter the table you choose, whether it needs to accommodate for your smallest players or your most competitive, it is sure to bring endless hours of entertainment! And if you would benefit from discussing your options with a game expert, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Games For Fun! We are experienced and well-versed in the game industry and love to share our knowledge on this fun-filled subject. Reach out today for your next foosball table and get ready for some serious fun!

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Game On: Four Companies’ Killer Office Break Rooms

A lot has changed since the days of the cutthroat rigidity of the corporate world.  We are seeing companies take a softer approach and putting their attention to offering relief for an overworked or overstressed team. In order for employees to be fully engaged, motivated, and productive during the entire day, they need to have a balance of work and play.

One tactic that companies are using to create this balance is through their office game rooms. Implementing games inside offices may sound like a waste of time, but hard-working employees know that momentary game of ping pong or pool is just a few steps away.  

Businesses are set on finding top talent by creating a workplace that projects a sense of creativity and company culture.

Check out how these companies enhance company morale through their fun office break room ideas:



With over 300,000 listings worldwide and over 10 million nights booked, it’s no mystery that Airbnb’s break room culture contributes to their success. These employees enjoy a ping pong table, weekly yoga classes, and a kitchen outfitted with a chef who cooks lunch every day. Having games such as ping pong helps employees learn how to work together in a relaxed and fun manner. They are building team skills without the stress of daily work tasks.



Taboola cares about cultivating a rich culture for the company and its employees; so much so that it has appointed an internal committee to oversee the assembly of fun office events on a monthly basis. Employees can escape from their busy work days and shoot some hoops with their arcade-like basketball hoop.  Don’t forget that kegerator either!



The interior of DHL’s office is a combination of both elegant and modern employee-friendly spaces. To match the office rooms, their game rooms are neatly organized with their brand colors and games such as darts, foosball, and video games. If employees don’t feel like playing an action-packed game, they can unwind on a soft bean bag.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report’s vision for their office blends the culture and lifestyle of their followers as well as the teams they cover- blurring the lines between fan and celebrity, team and spectator. With a plethora of games such as ping pong, foosball, and air hockey, employees can immerse themselves in a creative space that will carry over into their work. This type of break room builds exciting moments that evoke the importance of exploration and team involvement.

Unique break rooms in the office that are created for fun that are branded and authentic don’t happen by accident; they take intentional planning and design. Simply adding a game table may not be enough, and without careful design things may come off looking unprofessional. But done right, a game room could inject your workspace with the startup vibe we all strive for, help grow a sense of community and attract and retain talent.

Games For Fun supplies many Southern California companies with games for their office break rooms. Stop by our showroom in San Bernardino today or give us a call, and we can help you find the perfect game for your office.

We are open Monday – Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


How To Replace A Broken Foosball Player

While foosball tables are known to be tough and sturdy, they are not completely indestructible. After too much intensity from a tournament or regular wear and tear over the years, it is common to break a foosball player.

Fortunately, if you spend years playing and investing in your foosball table and a player breaks, all it needs is a simple replacement.

Our team here at Games For Fun has been working with foosball tables and parts for decades. Regardless of brand or model, we can help get your table back to it’s best condition. Along with our foosball selection online, our showroom in San Bernardino holds everything you need to maintain the quality of your table for years.

Got a broken player? Follow these steps to replace foosball men and get back to playing:

Step 1: Supplies

Having the right tools to replace your players is crucial. Here’s what you need:

Step 2: Prep

Replacing foosball players does not take too much prep, but it is important in order to keep your table clean and in good shape. Before any replacement is done, set a towel down onto the base of the table to catch any pieces that may fall off during the process. Having a towel down will also protect any potential damage that could be caused by installing the pin punch.

Step 3: Removal

To remove the pin of the broken player, use your pin punch and hammer it out.  The wooden block should be placed under the rod to help prevent your rod from bending or warping while you hammer out the old pin. Once the pin is out of the player, it will easily slide off of the rod. Removing rods from a foosball table is simple and easy. Simply unscrew the bearings on each side of the table to slide the rod out.

Step 4: Replacement

Foosball player replacement is similar to removal. Simply slide in your new players onto the rod and align them to the holes with the pin punch. Before you hammer the pins back in place, make sure to keep the wooden block under the rod again to prevent warping. After all of the players are secure, screw the bumpers back into the table.

If you are unsure about what type of replacement parts you may need for your foosball table or need further assistance on how to replace a player properly, our team would be happy to help. You can give us a call at (909) 885-3604 or stop by our showroom in San Bernardino. We are right off of the 215 freeway on Rialto Ave.

Looking to find a new foosball table for your home or business? Right now, we have a selection of beautiful tables on sale!

With free shipping and a discounted price, you can get any of these tables:

Marksman Multi Game Table

Challenger Single Goalie Table

Marksman Table

Victory Table


Foosball Table Sale At Games For Fun

Games For Fun is having one of our biggest foosball table sales of the year. Whether you are interested in a table for your business or for the kids at home, our styles and designs provide many options to fit your needs. Each of these tables is made from high-quality materials, providing long-lasting entertainment that will create memories with your loved ones for years to come.

If you want to view these tables in person and get more information from our team, stop by our showroom in San Bernardino. We are right off of the 215 freeway on Rialto Ave. Our staff would be happy to help you find the perfect foosball table for you and your family.

Learn more about our discounted foosball tables:

Challenger Single Goalie Foosball Table

If you are skilled in foosball and want more intensity, our Challenger Table is for you. This table is unique in style, as it has a back line featuring just a goalie. Unlike most modern foosball tables, this one requires its players to have more skill blocking the ball by using just a one-man back line. This makes the game much more intense for the players. This table is originally $899.99, but we have discounted it to $549.99. It also qualifies for our financing program! Any order $500 and up is eligible to receive 0% same-as-cash financing for 12 months.

Marksman Foosball Table

For a heavy-duty table that also reflects your sleek style, our Marksman Table is the perfect fit. The black vinyl finish on this design makes this piece more than just a game in your home, but a gorgeous furniture addition as well. With cup holders on each end, you won’t have to interrupt your game to refuel. Not only is the style and design of this table pristine, but the sturdy build will also give you game play for years to come. Formerly $549.99, we have discounted this piece to $449.99.

Victory Foosball Table

Do you play foosball with passion? When the game gets heated, parts can start to break; but that’s not the case with our Victory Table. The silver and black soccer men in this design are made from indestructible materials, so you can play with intensity without worrying about breaking parts. This classic style features a cherry wood vinyl finish that provides a cozy aesthetic, making it an ideal addition inside your home. Before our sale, this table was $424.99; now it is $349.99.

Marksman 4 in 1 Foosball Table

Why choose just one game, when you can have four? This Marksman 4-in-1 Table is always the most popular for the kids. With foosball, billiards, table tennis, and hockey, you don’t have to stick to just one specific game for the household to enjoy. Set up is simple with an easily replaceable top along with its small overall size. This table is one of the best values available; originally at $299.99, we have discounted it to $249.99.

Along with these four beautiful tables, our showroom has many other types of foosball tables displayed. From young beginners to professionals, our selection caters to every type of player.

Plus, if you purchase one of our foosball tables online, we will ship it to you at no extra cost.

Right now, we are offering 0% same-as-cash financing on orders $500 and up for 12-months!

You can visit us in San Bernardino, right off of the 215 freeway on exit 43 for West 2nd Street.

We are open Monday – Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Our staff would be happy to help you find the perfect pool table for your home.

Not in the area? Give us a call at (909) 885-3604, and we will answer any questions you may have.


Which Foosball Table is Right For You?

From parlor halls to living rooms, foosball has grown into a game that everyone can enjoy. As simple as this game may seem, it never fails to create excitement for players of all ages and levels.

Picking a foosball table will depend on not only the needs of your players but the environment the table will be in as well.

At Games For Fun, we take pride in the variety of foosball tables we have available online and in-store. The different designs and models of our tables can cater to not only families but arcades and bars too! Come visit our showroom in San Bernardino where you can see our beautiful selection of tables for yourself.


Discover which foosball table to get for your space:  



As the weather gets colder and schools break for the holiday, kids start to stay indoors more often.  Foosball is the perfect way to keep them entertained and out of trouble. Foosball tables that were made to stay in a family room have long-lasting quality, so you can pass it on for generations.

Getting a foosball table for the home gives you more choices on styles and designs that will fit into your decor. Our Marksman Foosball Table is one of our favorite tables for the home.  It possesses a sleek black design and beautiful characteristics. The features on this beautiful piece include heavy duty material, so your young ones won’t break any pieces as the competition heats up. This table also includes cup holders and separate ball returns on each side to make your game experience even more satisfying.



The most common place you will see foosball tables is in public places, such as pubs and arcades. These tables tend to take quite a beating from the fierce competition, as they often can see hours of action straight.  If you are considering getting a foosball table for your business, you’ll want to have a sturdy piece that can withstand intense games.

Our commercial Tornado Elite Foosball Table provides the quality you need to keep the game going for years. With simple cleaning and maintenance, keeping this table in its best shape is easy. The natural wood handles give players better accuracy and control of the game.



Most of the time, you will keep your machine indoors but not in a game room.  These tables which you may keep in a garage or office don’t need to be as stylish as a table placed in a living room setting.

A great table for any indoor setting is our Challenger Single Goalie Foosball Table. What makes this table unique is the single goalie feature. Unlike most modern foosball tables, this one requires its players to have more skill blocking the ball by using just a one-man back line. This makes the game much more intense and interactive for the players.



While having a foosball table outdoors is not as common, it can surely enhance your backyard into the ultimate entertainment space. If you plan on keeping your table completely outdoors, make sure your table has all of the necessary amenities to withstand changing weather.

The sturdiness of our Kettler Monte Cristo Outdoor Table allows you to keep it on the patio without worrying about outdoor damage. It’s coated legs and body prevents any rust or warping from occurring. To ensure your foosball table is kept in the best condition, keep a cover on it and avoid direct sunlight.


Whether you’re just beginning to pick up this hobby or you have been a professional for years, this game will always spark adrenaline and entertainment. Finish off the new year by adding the missing piece to your entertainment space with a foosball table.


We want to ensure you get the table of your dreams that can stay in your family for years to come. Right now, we are offering 0% same-as-cash financing on orders $500 and up for 12-months!


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