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8 Tips to Plan a Fun and Organized Summer 

Overview: Summer is all about fun – we’re marking our calendars with all the event details and activities to plan for a funnest summer. Let’s do it together!

After months of not going outside, the season of socializing is finally here. We’re talking about summer. This is the season that’s all about making memories. And since you’ve made your way to us, we know that you’re in charge of all the fun summer activities, but this could understandably be exhausting at times.

To lessen the load, we’re here to spam you with the ideas on how to plan the funnest summer this year. Here’s how we’re planning for our summer. We hope our ideas will make summer planning that much easier for you.

Mark Trips On Calendar:

Enough of you putting your fun aside for the sake of your working schedule and other engagements – we’re not listening to any further excuses. Whether you’re married, single, or a family person – plan that trip to the beach, darn-it! Or if you’re old school, visit the beautiful ruins of Rome this year and enjoy the summer with your loved ones.

Schedule Swimming Classes for the Youngsters:

Do you have a younger sibling at home that your mom has been scolding to learn to swim? Or maybe you have kids you want to teach how to swim especially with summer here? Either way, this is the perfect opportunity for you to mark this activity for you.

Get the kids out of their beds and arrange swimming classes for them! Kids are sharp to absorb and keen to learn, so they’ll require minimal time to learn how to swim. You can also practice swimming with them to enjoy the time when you were of their age teaching it.

Fill a Bucket of Activities:

Mark your calendars with all the activities you enjoy doing, including painting, boxing, or drawing. Alongside this, don’t forget to mark how you will respond to the events that are to follow in the upcoming days.

Summer welcomes the festive season to enjoy the union of loved ones and birthday bashes. With so much on your plate, don’t panic. Take a journal and mark every minute detail on it. It will be easier for you to manage your tasks with this practice.

Prioritize Goals and Projects:

If the walls of your garage or house are chipping, summer is the time to get them done. Gather a group of friends you know you can count on and ask them to join you in painting the walls. Take food breaks in between and enjoy working. Or, if there’s a project you have been putting off for a long time, do it on a day that you aren’t overwhelmed with your schedule – maybe a weekend.

Restock on Summer Supplies:

What constitutes “summer supplies?” Add a swimsuit and sunscreen to the top of the shopping list and apply them before going to the beach. Also make sure everyone has a swimsuit available for them. Ample water, and maybe even a mini portable fan can be included on that list. Let’s not forget the scorching heat can negatively affect your skin and cause severe sunburn. To deal with this, make this summer shopping list.

Plan a Loose Schedule:

Disclaimer: This one’s gonna be fun! This idea is included and designed — not to keep you or your kids busy or occupied from dawn till dusk — but to address only one activity divided into each day. The catch: You can’t repeat doing the same thing every day. This includes eating the same food everyday, too. It’s a challenging task that could make summer more engaging. Let’s consider some daily ideas for this:

BUSY MONDAY: Encourage your kid to do their favorite activity. Well, this part is for kids and adults alike. Oftentimes, we tend to ignore what our hearts yearn for – like sketching or making a sand house. Do it with your kids and relive your childhood days. Or you can dedicate Monday to learning a new skill and/or a foreign language.

YUMMY TUESDAY: Dedicate the Tuesday to enhancing your child’s baking and/or cooking skills considering their interest. If they enjoy decorating the cookies, teach them to bake with you, and they should enjoy what they cook/bake.

WANDERING WEDNESDAY: On Wednesdays, we wander – that is to say, take your kids to unusual places outside the city or neighboring areas they aren’t familiar with. You can also take them to a museum to educate them about the history without pressuring them. Plan a picnic, hiking, biking, or just a sports day to learn something new and fun.

READING THURSDAY: For Thursdays, read your favorite books – without using the dictionary. There will be words you will find challenging to read, but challenge yourself to read it as it’s – and the fun will be un-match-able. You can also imply the same practice to your kids/siblings.

FRIDAY – FRIYAY: With the weekend just around the corner, we’re doing fun on Friday nights. Enough of every day’s exertion; we’re ordering a pizza tonight. On Fridays, do as you like and enjoy one of the funnest summer nights the way you please.

SATURDAY SHOPPING: Saturday is for groceries and clothes – bills are not exempt either. Pay the bills you were supposed to submit last week, and get yourself the shirt you were trying to avoid because you didn’t have time.

SUNDAY REST DAY: We know how Sundays could get — real chaotic real quick. So much for a day of rest. We want to make sure that we’re giving ourselves time to recuperate form the summer activities, though, and that’s what this day is for.

In Summary:

Practically speaking, no one can plan summer activities overnight or in one sitting. So to save yourself a tough time, consider doing small activities each day, so you don’t push yourself into overwhelm. And if you’re one of those people who enjoy playing games, feel free to visit us for a collection of exciting game tables at highly affordable rates.

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