The Best Furniture for Your Basement Game Room 

Overview: The best furniture ideas to help transform your basement into an awesome game room

One specialized area that often gets overlooked as a game room is the basement. Look! We’re gamers, and we’re unapologetic! And any video game enthusiast knows the importance of having a dedicated space to be our best gamer.

If you love video games, you’re likely aware of the essentials required for this fun-filled hobby. How can we make the most epic basement game room? Well, that’s easy.

With the right furniture (armchairs, couches, technological varieties, game tables, and screens), we’re confident you’ll be able to revamp your basement into an epic game room where everyone will love to be in.

Furniture for Your Basement Game Room :

Pool Table:
If the pool table is your desired game of choice, turn your basement space into a fun spot for friendly yet competitive pool games. It’s like a billiard hall except you don’t have to leave your house.

Using Multipurpose Furniture:
You don’t have to invest every penny while converting your basement into a game room; instead, invest in multipurpose furniture to use your space wisely.

There is versatile game furniture such as a pool table that also serves as a dining table for some quick snacks. These types of multifunctional furniture are excellent for game rooms in the basement especially if you plan to host several types of gatherings down there.

Crystal Top Foosball Table:
Foosball tables  are a classic addition to your game room furniture. Resembling with soccer, where the ball moves by manipulating rods, this game is fun for the elderly and youngsters alike.

If you’re looking for crazy Foosball ideas, click here.

Elegant Ping Pong Table:
If you think pool or foosball tables are too familiar and want to add something different for your game room to stand out, consider choosing a ping pong table  instead.

Also called table tennis, a classic ping pong table will tell a different story, but if you want to step it up a notch, James de Wulf designs elegant game tables that incorporate sleek designs with fun games.

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Oversized Vintage Chess Table:
We don’t talk often about chess, but the history of chess goes back to almost 1500 years ago. It’s one of those games that seems to never go out of style; rather, it continues to be celebrated as one of the most classy and fun games to date.

Using a Projector vs. TV:
Budget-wise, you’ll want to spend most on your games system furniture, collection, and television/screen. Specific TV units are more suitable to play video games compared to others, so do your research in advance.

If you don’t want a TV, you can also opt for a projector screen. With so many people opting for a more sleek, less bulky aesthetic, a projector is the perfect solution. It also makes it easier to switch between playing video games and watching movies or TV.

Be mindful of locating the system in the right place, at the correct height, to prevent neck or eyes strain.


Use Space Wisely: Whether the basement needs a lot of work or just a few touch-ups, remodeling one that’s been unused for some time could be difficult. Throw in the fact that you’re trying to turn it into a spectacular game room — you’re going to need to take some crucial steps.

Don’t get blinded by how small or big a place is. Focus on deciding what games you want, then visualize if it can physically fit into the room. The last thing you want is a game room that’s too cramped for comfort.

Many homeowners make the mistake of stuffing the basement with a lot of furniture and, well, things. This makes it difficult to focus on the fun stuff like an air hockey table  or even something super unique like a traditional sit-down arcade game.

Remember that traditional game tables need at least 3 to 4 feet of additional space around them for maximum fun.


Address Any Moisture and Insulate the Area: Basements can collect more moisture compared to other areas of the house due to its location… underground. What should you do about it?

To keep your basement game room moisture-free and your consoles not moldy, it’s essential to insulate your basement so it’s a cozy place in both summer and winter. Consider installing a wall-mounted air conditioner to negate heating issues.

Sound Proof Your Gaming Haven: It’s no shock that a game room could be a pretty noisy zone. It won’t be all that fun to play in if you have to keep the volume down, right? Part of the essence of a true gaming experience is the realistic, and really loud, audio.

And, let’s face it, we can’t just ignore our neighbors and even family members nearby. This is why soundproofing the basement is the most inspired solution.

Simple rubber lining on the doors and windows helps keep your gaming experience confined to the basement. If you correctly optimize it, sliding wooden or glass doors will also create a fantastic game station experience.

Sound-proofing provides relief to other people in your home while creating a magnificent effect on your overall gaming experience.

When you’re able to be confined to your space without disturbing anyone, no one will interrupt you. You can enjoy your games without being disrupted to “quiet it down.”

In Summary:

Since the main concern is choosing furniture to remodel your basement, it’s always advisable to go for minimal when it comes to wall decor. However, keep it minimal yet classic, so it gives a warm and welcoming look when someone visits you there. Also, spare space for the mini-refrigerator to store snacks and a little bar to have drinks when your friends become your guests.

   The Best Tabletop Games for Kids in Elementary School 

Overview: Take a look at this list of awesome tabletop games for kids in elementary school
This is for all you elementary school teachers interested in keeping your students engaged, or parents, babysitters, or daycare center staff! A good board game might be the answer to help your kids remain engaged with helpful activities.

These tabletop games for kids are easy to play, convenient to store in a classroom setting, and helpful for kids’ minds. If you’re looking for ideas to keep kids or students engaged in and out of the classroom, you’ve come to the right place! Without a doubt, your kids will have fun while strengthening their critical thinking skills.


One of the simplest yet most enticing board games for elementary school kids is Trouble. The game’s goal is to be the first player to move four pieces from the Home portion to Finish.

Sounds fun, right? You can take a look at it here.

You choose a color of choice, or let the kids decide for themselves. Place all these colors in the home spot. Press the dome of the pop-dice roller – the dice will jump and roll.

The rules are to move your pieces from the home spot after the dice stop at 6. The pieces can’t be out if the dice don’t stop at 6. If your piece happens to land on the opponent’s piece, their piece will return to home, and your piece will move clockwise around the circle and closer toward the end/goal.

The player must line their pieces into ‘finish’ areas to win this game.

This game requires a minimum of 2 players – the maximum can be 4. When one wins, the rest of the three can continue the game with more players. In a classroom setting, you can split children into teams of four for convenience.

If you’re interested in a tutorial, take a look at this video.

Chutes and Ladders:

Chutes and Ladder portrays a picture of good and evil. With this game, you can teach the kids how the Ladder represents the reward of doing good deeds while the slide illustrates the consequences of doing wrong to someone.

You can learn more about the game and purchase it at an affordable price price here.

How to Play
Open the board and place the spinner with each of the players. There are 4 small players on a plastic stand. Players of chutes and Ladder spin the spinner to determine how many squares a character should jump. If the final stop lands at the bottom of the Ladder, the chute climbs the Ladder.

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This game is ideal for those who enjoy words – Scrabble is designed to help players practice spelling and challenge the students’ vocabulary while having an enjoyable time.

You can play along with your students, not just as a teacher but as a partner, to create more interest among the students. They’ll also learn advanced, relatively obscure words without the pressure of a “classroom” setting.

Remember to keep a dictionary on hand to confirm words and encourage kids to think outside the box and create words from preexisting words!

While Scrabble is a straightforward game, you can watch this tutorial for good measure.


This is yet another fun classroom board game that follows the same pattern as Scrabble above. This game allows students to learn new words by placing alphabetic tiles on top of one another.

For instance, the kids will change bat to rat by replacing ‘b’ with the ‘r’ and so forth. Also, similar to Scrabble, Upwords help players understand how similar words are different in meaning.

You can purchase this game here and watch a quick tutorial by clicking this link.

Ticket to Ride:

Stuck in a geography lesson? Ticket to Ride got you covered. Ticket to Ride is an adventure cross-country game embellished with beautiful colors, drawings, and routes between the beautiful cities of the USA. There are 30 destination cards – with each card having points assigned to it. Look at your destination cards before your turn.

Each player places their chosen markers at the start of the scoring track. It contains 14 locomotive cards 110 train cards with 12 each train car type.

The cards should be secret from one another so the opponent doesn’t know which city you’re heading to.

To claim a route, it’s essential to have the correct number of train cards matching the route. Let’s say that you want to travel from Miami to New Orleans; you’d need six red train cards. Once you play the required cards, place your colored train onto the route.

If this sounds fun, you can purchase this for your kids here. If you need a bit more help learning how the game is played, take a look at this video for more understanding.

Apples to Apples:

We’ve likely all played this game at least once, and if we haven’t played, we’ve probably heard of it as a child. This game is one of the funnest ways to teach different elements of speech. In this case, the teacher (or leader) assigns verb/noun cards to each player with an adjective/adverb card laid down. The fun part is the association – since these are personal, they’re often subjective, and students make funny jokes. For instance, if the teacher lays down’ colorless’ then the players will decide which of their noun/verb cards best fits the word. Once the players submit their choice, the leader will shuffle the matches and read aloud to choose the best association.

Guess who?

This game helps players identify the difference between facial features. The game’s object is to guess who’s on your opponent’s card before they guess yours.

Place the red face card into the red tray (the blue cards are already there). Shuffle the mystery cards and draw a picture in the slot while ensuring that the opponent can’t see it. The opponent should do the same.

The next step is the Q&A session. On your turn, ask close-ended questions to answer with a Yes or No. For example, your opponent can ask: Does your mystery person have blue eyes? If the answer comes yes, turn all the cards with brown eyes down. If the answer is no, turn all the characters with blue eyes down.

Interested in purchasing? Click here.

In Summary:

At times, kids need a bit more fun to keep them entertained, especially in a classroom setting. With the right strategies, though, teaching and learning could be fun for everyone! After all, they are kids… they love to learn!

Consider the tabletop games from this list, try a few out one day in class or with your kids, and see which one you like the best! No matter your choice, the kids will be engaged.


 5  Fun Childhood Games that are Played Around the World  

 Overview: Host a versatile and youthful game night with friends with these different childhood games from around the world !

A great game night needs several things: snacks, good friends, and awesome games that offer a challenging and interactive time.

While classic games like Monopoly and billiards will always have a special place in our hearts, we’re looking for games that have entertained people around the world for decades. (Let’s just say, every culture has its own “Monopoly.”)

We’re not talking about “Squid Game” from South Korea, either. As much of an impact as that childhood has had on my adults, Korean and non-Korean alike, we’re shifting gears and taking a look at less popular games from different cultures that many old-heads might remember from back in the day.


Game Type: Beginner

Group Size: 20+

Equipment: Handkerchief (for each “dragon”); cones for boundaries

Objective: The goal is for the dragon’s head to tag the dragon’s tail. Seems fun, right? They will try to catch the opposing team’s handkerchief. They must do this without breaking the chain of people. Only the leader, or head, of the dragon may catch the handkerchief. When the dragon’s tail is caught, they “catching” team will link up with the other dragon and continue to pursue other dragon’s, while protecting their own tail.


  1. Split into two teams and then have the teams get in a single file line. Larger groups can split into teams of 6 or higher.

  2. Have each team put their arms around the persons waist in front of them. You are going to form a train. (This could also be done by holding hands, connecting arms, placing hands on shoulders, etc.)

    1. The player standing at the front of the line is the dragon’s head, while the last one is its tail.

  3. The person in the rear hangs the handkerchief from their back pocket.

>> SOURCE: Hesston College (Recreation Leadership Games and Activities)

This can be more challenging than it seems, as the participation behind the dragon’s head will stop the head from catching the tail. The leader will have to struggle to reach the dragon’s tail, but once succeeded, the head takes the place of the tail and the participant next in line becomes the head.

Watch this video to get a visual of how the game is played!


Game Type: Intermediate

Group Size: 2+

Equipment: Bandana/Rag per child

Luta de Galo is the super fun and challenging Portuguese game for “fight of the roosters.” It’s played between two players, and each player tucks a handkerchief into their back pockets and lets it hang out.

Objective: To grab the handkerchief from the opponent’s pocket.  

Instructions (Source):

  1. Each player must cross their right arm across their chest, and hold up left leg.

  2. Players must hop around one-legged and use their free arm to snatch their opponent’s handkerchief.

    1. If a child puts their left leg on the ground or unfolds their right arm, they’re out.

 Each child participating needs one buddy. Unlike other games, partners are not teammates, but opponents.

Here’s a quick, fun tutorial tagged for your ease.


Game Type: Intermediate

Group Size: 2-4

Equipment: —

Tinko Tinko is a simple game that requires no equipment other than people! This game is essentially the hand-clapping game “Slide” where two players clap their hands against each other on a rhythmic sound that the players chant. In the Nigerian version, the words Tinko Tinko are sung repeatedly.

To play Tinko, you and your opponent should be in sync, so you both don’t go against the rhythm.

Objective: Increase the number of hands claps from once to two to three, and so forth and so on while maintaining synchronization. Whoever breaks the rhythm loses.

While simple, this game becomes challenging in the case of one losing track of clap and can be highly competitive! If this sounds like something you’d like to try, watch how two players interact in this video.


Game Type: Advanced

Group Size: 10+, even numbers for teams

Equipment: Open Space; Boundaries

This game is a bit rough compared to the other ones we’ve highlighted in this article because strength (and serious lung power) is needed.

The fun part begins when one member from one group called “the raider” pits against the opposing team members. The raider must try to catch or tag as many opposing players as possible while chanting the phrase kabbadi kabbadi without getting caught.

Objective: The team can join hands and form a barricade to make it harder for the raider to escape. The tagged players will be out if the raider makes it to the boundary without catching their breath. If the raider catches the breath or gets caught by the opposing team, the raider will be out. Once the round is complete, the members of each team shall be decreased.

Here’s a video of one of children playing Kabbadi in India! They’ve used chalk to create the boundaries, but other items such as cones can be used; the boundaries just need to be visible by both teams.


Game Type: Beginner

Group Size: 3+

Equipment: Wall

This game shouldn’t be mistake for the traditional “Daruma Otoshi” where the “Daruma”  is taken from the top to the bottom of the stack without knocking the doll off. However, this game is inspired by the doll! Hence the phrase “The daruma doll fell over” which is said by the “it” person. (Source)


One person is It. Instead of counting to ten, It says, “Daruma-san ga koronda” since it has 10 syllables. For the other players, the object of the game is to get close to whoever is “it” without him seeing them move.


The It person faces away from the other players with their eyes shut. “It” says “Daruma-san ga koronda” quickly, and then turns around as quickly as possible, opening his eyes. While “it” is saying the phrase, the other players move closer to him. Just before “it” turns around, the players must freeze.

  1. If “it” sees a player moving, that player must hold hands with “it.”

  2. If a player successfully reaches “it” without getting caught, he or she slaps “it” on the back, then everyone except “it” runs away. However, if “it” is holding hands with one or more captured players, the attacker tries to break their hands apart with the side of his hand. Then everyone except “it” runs away.

  3. When “it” shouts “Tomare!”(“Stop!”), everybody must freeze.

  4. If “it” tags one of them by taking no more than three steps, the two switch places.


While there are many games we would love to list down, the ones we’ve mentioned are easy to follow and can be played regardless of upbringing or culture.

Which game did you like the most, or have you played any of these games before? Which one would be most interested in playing?


How to Repair Your Arcade Game Room Without Breaking the Bank

Arcade game rooms are fun but sometimes need a bit of TLC to avoid losing their charm

Repairing an arcade game room requires several different components to execute, but a big budget isn’t what we’re going for here. But before we get into the tips, we have to preface this by saying that patience will really help you with this repair process.

If you’ve tried everything in your power to repair problem areas in your game room and something just isn’t working, it could be very tiring and frustrating. Have you ever heard of the term “ghost in the machine”? Though it has roots in philosophy, this can be applied to a very literal perspective: a repair that simply doesn’t last.

Be it a game table, a remote control, or blowing into the Diddy Kong game hoping it’ll stop freezing (whatever that means), trying to repair something in your game room could get frustrating. But remember that the purpose of your arcade room is to have fun… not to stress. And repairing your game room could help elevate that feeling of fun.


Unplug the Unit. Don’t perform any maintenance on any arcade video games without unplugging the units first.

Now, let’s get into this list of advice to get you started on your budget-friendly arcade game room maintenance.

Clean the Console:

Cleaning the console of a unit is a great first step to improving your arcade game room without spending loads of cash. Inspect your arcade games with a thorough clean; you’d be surprised how many problems are fixable with simple cleaning.

Remember how we used to blow into the Diddy Kong game? This piece of advice is a homage to those days. Dust and dirt can get into crevices, creating unexpected gaming issues. To maintain your game, clean the parts on a regular basis.

Below are some basics you could apply that are inexpensive and effective cleaning solutions for your gaming machine:

• Buy and use a contact cleaner solution to clean connectors and other components.
• Use a paintbrush or soft bristle toothbrush to sweep away the dust and debris from boards.
• Use a vacuum to remove dust buildup from cabinet vents and fans. Make sure the fans are operating properly once you’ve cleaned off the dust and change the vents and fans as needed.

We also recommend cleaning the cabinet’s exterior by using a mild general-purpose cleaner – do not use any commercial glass cleaners unless specifically instructed by the game’s manufacturer.

It’s also important to never use paper towels to clean Plexi Glass, as this will scratch the glass. Instead, use a soft rag, such as a microfiber towel to make sure no marks or scratches will be left on the game.

You can read more maintenance tips here.

Fixing a Broken Joystick:

If you have a joystick that gets stuck all the time or is broken, or if some of the buttons aren’t working properly, consider checking the grounded wires which are usually connected to a micro switch, and examine if there’s a loop.

A knot/tangle in the wire could be part of the issue. If the part of wire is broken from the first end, it needs to be replaced. Often times, however, it’s tangled or bent and simply needs to be straightened out. You could use tweezers to fix this.

Sound/audio Issues:

The Rocker:
Some arcade machines have a rocker switch next to the power cord plugs. This switch is hidden which makes it difficult to determine if the rocker has been switched on or off. Before delving into a deep repair project, check to see if the switch is in an off or on position.

Sometimes, we need to get into the machine to diagnose the problem of missing sound and audio. If you’re willing to go to the arcade machine, check to see that the “door switch” (the switch that joins and cuts the power to the machine) is in the closed door position.

No Light in Top Marquee:

Most machines, especially the old ones, can come with a fluorescent backlight built into the marquee. This is one of the most iconic parts of an arcade machine. However, though this addition can help to illuminate the screen, or give it a nice psychedelic style, fluorescent lamps have been obsolete for quite some time as arcade cabinet components for a variety of reasons.

For one: these lamps require a starter and a transformer in order to function properly, and the failure of any of these elements can cause several consequences of varying magnitude.

• If the starter is malfunctioning, the ensuing electrical interference can disrupt of even permanently damage the machine’s PCB.
• If the transformer is failing, it might overheat, smoke, and eventually burst a big hole in your cabinet.
• The lamp itself is also very hot during operation, which can discolor the marquee, crack it, and fall into the screen of the arcade cabinet. A good solution to this predicament is to switch the fluorescent lamp for an LED alternative, which can operate at much cooler temperatures, and will not damage your machine in any way.

Check out PrimeTime Amusements article on maintaining your game room here.

In Summary:

So here we are: we hope we’ve repaired your arcade game room virtually, and your machines are doing what they are best at – playing games. To read more about awesome techniques and tips, click here.

And as one final rule of thumb that we simply can’t stress enough: Don’t fear the manual.

When dealing directly with an arcade gaming unit, your best bet is to pay attention to the game manual. Not many of us enjoy reading instruction manuals, but it’s helpful when your game room seems to be breaking down on you.

Troubleshooting an arcade game machine could seem way less daunting if you have the instructions telling you all the technical parts and how everything fits.

In fact, Pinball repair technician Sarah St. John, 43, got her start in pinball repair as a 16-year-old Pittsfield High School student in 1981 working as a summer technician. My Arcade Repair features this story on their website.

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8 Fun Online Arcade Games that Everyone is Playing

Overview: If you’re feeling nostalgic for arcade games, we’ve got the perfect substitutions with online arcade-style games that are fun and free

What gamer doesn’t like simple yet interesting games that bring a challenge to your daily life? Online arcade games are a specific favorite for gamers.

Before the internet was the internet, and mobile was mobile, people actually had to leave their homes for a good game (gasp)! They would rally up at game clubs and pay a small sum (around 10-15 cents) to play games; however, with the digitized world, the tables have turned.

With mobile phones being the center of everything, developers have produced many super fun, addictive, and delightful games like Angry Bird, Candy Crush, and Doodle Jump. Aside from these super popular games, there’s much more to choose from. Let’s find out some of the best arcade games to play online.

1. Jetpack Joyride:

With over 750 million users worldwide, this name is familiar within the community of online or mobile gamers.

This game has tons of customizations to choose from — everything from your looks to giant mechanics and crazy vehicles.

Another interesting highlight of this online arcade game is that it can be downloaded both on Android and iOS! (Android users, we’ve got you covered.)

Games Features:

  • One-touch controls

  • Endess running quests

  • Excited and constant updates

  • Battles against your contemporaries

2. Alto's Odyssey:

Alto’s Odyssey is an undeniable choice for people who like to enjoy and play free games online.

Adorned with simple mechanics but attractive graphics that are both stylistically and aesthetically appealing, the purpose of the game is for players to ski down a hill while jumping to avoid obstacles.

Players can collect items and have the chance to trade them for customization options. The game contains dark and pretty graphics that are soothing to the eyes and create an engaging gaming atmosphere. Besides, it offers 180 goals with intuitive tools.

Alto’s Odyssey is a free online game with in-purchase options that can be bought if interested. This game is also ideal for younger children who are interested in online games.

Game Features:

  • Easy to learn
  • Serene background music; no loud music
  • Downloads both on iOS and Android

3. Fishing Casino:

Fishing Casino is considered one of the best online arcade games. You can enjoy multiplayer levels in breathtaking movements while being offered huge rewards at the end.

Unlike what the rumor says and the name suggests, Fishing Casino doesn’t offer real money gambling… so no Jackpot wins here!

  • Game Features:
  • Daily rewards
  • Coins to exchange for customization options
  • It can be downloaded both on Android and iOS

4. CSR Racing:

CSR Racing gives an interesting and playful insight for those who like racing. With interesting elements, brilliant graphics, and beautifully depicted details to each car, this game comes with various customization features.

CSR Racing 2 is a super easy, fun, and easy quick game. Click here to download the game.  

Game Features:

  • Real-time challenges 
  • Customizable options
  • Top Rated free drag racing game
  • Played both on iOS and Android

5. Sonic Dash:

Calling all ’90s kids! If you’re searching for an online arcade game to mimic your childhood fun, Sonic Dash is ideal.

Watch Sonic the Hedgehog jumps, runs, and spin his way in a 3D environment that’s full of obstacles.

And one of the best things about the Sonic Dash mobile game is that multiple players can play from the same computer if they have plugged in their remotes.

This means you can enjoy your game while sitting with your best friend, keeping him either as your enemy or partner.

Game Features:

  • Stunning Graphics
  • Aesthetic 3D Environment
  • Amazing and interesting scenarios
  • Endless runner levels
  • Downloads both on iOS and Android

6. Smash Hit:

Smash Hit is a mobile arcade-style game that takes you to surreal dimensions. The goal? To smash everything that confronts you. Sounds fun enough to us! 

Smash Hit takes you to a dreamy world where you as the player is tasked with breaking glass objects that stand in your way.

With award-winning destruction physics right on your mobile device, this game requires your full concentration, focus, and concise timing to smash the targets on your path.

Game Features:

  • Free from third-party ads
  • Soft, harmonious audio effects
  • Cloud storage with multiple devices
  • Downloads on both iOS and Android

7. Subway Surfers:

Young kids are more prone to play this online arcade game, so that’s already a plus if you have children interested in online gaming. And with over one billion downloads and installations, we know this game is a hit.

As the player, you have to be attentive and run as fast as possible while dodging the trains that constantly appear, and do so at increasingly faster speeds than the level before.

Players are given rewards in between running: money sacks, hover-boards, and more. And with the recent update, you can now challenge your friends via social media platforms, including Facebook! You can also compare leaderboard points with each other for more excitement and challenge.

Game Features:

  • Colorful and HD Graphics
  • Intriguing audio effects
  • Fast-paced hover board surfing
  • Downloads on both iOS and Android

8. Angry Bird:

Is this a no-brainer? (Probably.) This online mobile arcade-style game is probably one of the most popular games (if someone claims they haven’t heard of this, we could assume they’ve been living under a rock).

Angry birds is a cute game with fun-filled slingshot adventures that’s enjoyed by both youngsters and adults.

There are multiple modes from which you can select to play solo or with your friends.

Game Features:

  • Hundreds of levels with monthly updates
  • Multi-stage levels
  • Compete and compare leaderboards
  • Downloads both on iOS & Android


One interesting thing about arcade-style games that makes players enjoy them more than other types of games is the increasing challenge in levels.

The games we highlighted aren’t just interesting for the sake of interest, but they’re all also great for the brain… but that’s another blog for another time. And another perk is that most of these online arcade games are equally interesting for adults and kids, so parents looking for kid-friendly games might appreciate our list even more (did somebody say family game night?).

Happy gaming, gamers (and non-gamers)! If there’s an online arcade-style game that’s caught your interest, let us know!

Fun Gaming

6 Practical Game Room Ideas for a More Enjoyable Holiday

With Christmas approaching, make sure your game room is set up for the holidays as much as possible with these awesome holiday game room ideas

It’s the holiday season, you have a spare room, and you’re not sure what to do with it. Don’t worry; we got you covered here. We’re helping you create a holiday-themed game room to get into the holiday spirit.

These days, gaming isn’t confined to children, toddlers, or “geeks” — we all need an outlet for our daily stress and, we have to admit, Christmas could be a very stressful time. Whether your game room is a winter wonderland theme, or you want to deck it out in all things red and green, we know the options are limitless.

Here are 10 awesome game room ideas to get yourself in “the spirit” this holiday season.

1. Include Extra Seating for Family Visits

Before determining what theme you want for your room, you have to take into account the square footage of the space. It can be a large room or just a nook in the living space where you can set up a small gaming area.Yes, even a tiny corner of your bedroom would work.

When wanting to add game room furniture, make sure that the space isn’t too big or too small. Although this room is meant to cater to the whims of you (and possibly family members during Christmas) you have to think about the layouts in order to accommodate appropriate decor like trees and seating.

If your space is small and can’t fit a large entertainment center with speakers and game consoles, consider going for a minimalist yet modest design plan.

One fun holiday-themed idea that’s super easy for a game room is to get a computer desk with a gaming chair, some funky LED lights, and maybe some bean bags and furry white throw blankets and pillow to mimic snow. Get yourself rounded shelving to mimic igloos and store all your video games.

2. Soundproofing for Your Personal Space for Karaoke

Your game room can be a pretty noisy zone, and most gamers enjoy the game with full immersion (a.k.a. loudness). So playing games on low volume isn’t realistic. However, soundproofing your game room leading into the holiday season (did somebody say karaoke?) is an inspiring solution to this problem.

A simple paneling and rubber lining on the doors or windows will be a great help in keeping your gaming confined to the room. You can have glass doors to your holiday gaming room if you are privileged enough. If correctly installed, not only do they
Soundproof your space but also create a marvelous game station experience.

3. Make it Inviting, Make it Warm

Your game room setup can be of any variety to reflect your style and preferences like the rest of your house. But what matters the most when trying to get into the holiday spirit is to choose an appropriate and warm theme.

We mentioned throw blankets and pillows previously, but warm lights (yes, Christmas lights) are a perfect addition to the game room! I personally have Christmas lights hanging around my space year-round because it’s beautiful lighting that automatically creates a warm atmosphere.

Take a look at how this room uses Christmas lights for a warm, inviting atmosphere! Hang them from the ceiling to create draped overhead lighting or line them across your ceiling, floors, or even wrap them around your platform bed for a glowy floating affect!

4. Don’t Ignore Your Gaming Chair

You wouldn’t want to decorate your game room without getting yourself a comfortable chair, right? Gaming chairs are a blessing that provides lumbar support to your back, so you shall play games for long hours without getting your back hurt.

Check out some super comfy and affordable game chairs here.

5. Wide Monitor or Projector

Here’s the thing: Everyone loves a good Christmas movie. Watching Macaulay Culkin sing “White Christmas” in Home Alone with your friends is always a good time. Now try doing that on a PC… quite the challenge. So investing in a wide monitor or projector is your best bet for a homemade theater. And one of the many benefits of installing a projector in your game room is that you’re able to expand the size of the screen.

Now all you need to do is make sure it’s connected to some speakers. Throw a mountain of white, red, and green blankets and pillows on the floor and invite everyone over! And thanks to the soundproofing you did from point two earlier, “White Christmas” will be contained in your holiday fort.

6. Bring the Forest Indoors… Gamer Style

Now comes the fun part. Your room is equipped with everything you thought of — fur throw blankets, red and green pillows, beautiful Christmas lights dangling from the ceiling. But one of the most popular symbols of Christmas is the tree. And what better way to create that holiday spirit than with a Christmas tree.

We put trees in our homes all the time — so why not do the same for your game room. We already talked about how the layout and size of your space will affect the furniture and other decor pieces you include. This is true with finding the right tree, too.

The great thing is there are so many different trees on the market. There are smaller sized Christmas trees with lights that are perfect for placing on a desk or table for those smaller spaces.

If you have some space to spare, you could also consider a normal-sized tree with game-themed tree decorations to integrate your love for games and Christmas!

In Summary:

At the end of the day, your game room is based on your style and budget. If you don’t have a limited budget, the sky is the limit. Still, you can set an appealing room within your budget range even during the holidays.


7 Trending Mobile Games for this Holiday season

Holidays are filled with abundant joy but we’re taking it up a notch this Christmas by taking a look at some of the most popular mobile games (some holiday-specific)

We gathered 7 fun and super popular mobile games this holiday that are bound to keep everyone entertained this season. Some are holiday-themed (ho ho ho!) while some are just awesome year-round!

One of the main reasons people love the end of the year is because of how the holidays bring families together (it could be the cozy weather, the upbeat music, or the delicious and heart-warming food).

We especially love holiday games that involve families of all ages and that require little preparation. So this season, we’re taking a look at some mobile games that are super entertaining and also provide an extra fun way to share in the holiday festivities without leaving your bed.

Here are some of our top picks for the best mobile phone games for the holidays.

1. Christmas Cookie

We can’t talk about Christmas and the holidays without mentioning cookies. So what better way to start off this holiday list than with this Candy Crush mobile game descendant that focuses on both Christmas and cookies? If you’ve already mastered the Candy Crush Saga, you should know what to expect here.

Christmas cookie is a Christmas-themed mobile game where players swipe and tap to line up matching cookies for points. With over 700 levels and fun challenges along the way, there’s enough fun in the Christmas Cookie match game to keep you occupied until the new year!

Play this match game to get yourself in the spirit (and activate your sweet tooth). Read more about this holiday-themed mobile game on the article called, “7 Fun Christmas Mobile Games to Play on Android and iPhone” here.

2. Alto’s Odyssey

Not everything can be Christmas during the Christmas season. This isn’t a Christmas-themed mobile game, but it can still provide entertainment when the family has filled up on too much eggnog, karaoke has come out, and you’ve hit a point where you just reallu want to get through the holidays in quiet. You can join Alto and his friends on an endless sand-boarding journey to search for treasures!

Featuring the best graphics and simple mechanics, Alto and the players ski down hills and avoid obstacles by jumping. While doing so, players collect items that can later be traded and customized, making this an exciting mobile game.

The simple and vibrant colors create a fun atmosphere and, what’s better, this game is completely free with ad limitations so support optimal gaming mode this holiday with minimal interruption.

3. Delicious — Emily’s Christmas Carol

Undeniably, one of the most enjoyable parts about Christmas is the food. But don’t worry, if you stuff yourself with too much turkey and stuffing then you can always find some belly-calming relaxation in the digital world with Emily’s Christmas Carol!
Guide Emily through 61 levels accompanied by 31 challenges. The goal is to serve all customers that enter the restaurant before the day ends. The happier the customer, the higher the score!
Emily’s customers will make order requests and it’s your job to serve them, whip things up, and collect payment. If you’re prompt and responsive, your customers will be satisfied and you’ll gain points. If not, well, like the real world (especially during the holidays) you’ll have displeased clients.
With delightful music and a charming background, this restaurant management mobile game is a joy to play during Christmas. Play it here!

4. Video Call Santa

If your family doesn’t visit Santa at the mall or you don’t ask for presents, don’t worry. The next best thing for you is the free Dual Verse’s Video Call Santa app. The app simulates a pre-recorded video call with Santa for you or your kid.

This is more of a holiday-themed mobile app rather than an interactive game with a goal, but the fun is still there (c’mon… you get to video chat with Santa)!

What’s even better is that you can customize a few things in the setting and keep it password protected. Another great feature is that you can also have Santa say your child’s name for a small fee.

Download the app here.

5. Unruly Heroes

For those people out there who are just looking for something to keep you entertained, this is a level-based game that pays slight homage to Christmas with its frozen landscape setting and… and ice goddess?

You begin in a frozen landscape where a goddess abruptly approaches to inform you that the westward journey you undertake is fated to be one of the most significant conflicts you must overcome if you wish to save the world.

Jump, escape, and fight your way through the demanding environment in a matter of a few minutes. You’re offered the help of four characters with superpowers to traverse the challenging landscape.

The game wastes less time with set up, so if you’re impatient this might be for you. Not to mention, this game humorously undercuts the magnitude of the situation with its dialogue. You have to check it our for yourself, though!

6. Assassin Creed Valhalla

This one’s for you, non-Christmas folks. With Netflix even more popular now as it was five years ago, and historical themed series gaining more traction, more people are becoming aware of Greek mythologies and gods. Assassin Creed Valhalla has a primary focus on bringing back and recreating Dark England.

Tracing back to history, we find our ancestors fighting for things we have taken for granted. The purpose of this game is for the player to explore a vibrant and stunning world that’s set against a harsh and brutal England during the Dark Ages.

To win a seat among the gods in Valhalla, you have to expand your settlements, raid your enemies, and increase your political influence. Yeah, no Christmas here. Just good ole’ assassinations to get you into January!

7. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the most popular mobile game of all time and gains even more popularity during the holidays. It rose to popularity as a mobile game among people of all age groups in over 100 countries.

The PC version of PUBG launches and introduces a new royal concept where players land on an unknown island, fighting to be on the top. The area shrinks gradually to force the players to be in closer proximity to one another, of course increasing the tension.

This isn’t holiday-themed, but it’s popularity surpasses the holidays, as people play this year-round.

In Summary:

It’s been said that playing video mobile games can be beneficial for your brain. The mobile games mentioned in this list can make your holiday memorable and joyful and might actually help you sharpen your memory! How valid is this statement? Researchers are finding that video games might help in training your mind to filter out the noises, predict future tasks, and help in gaining intense anticipation. So, basically, we won’t know how true this is for us until we try, right? So pick a game and let’s play!


The “striker’s” guide: McDermott & other high-quality cue sticks on the market

We love McDermott, but pool and billiards players who are just looking for simple, high-quality cue sticks use some options outside of well-known brands (but we’ll still provide insight on some of the most popular options for comparisons sake)

McDermott G1402 - McDermott Cue of the Year 2019Whether you’re a fan of the McDermott brand or not, it’s important that pool players understand everything that goes into what determines that a cue stick is high quality or not. Though we personally enjoy McDermott cue sticks for a variety of reasons, we’ve also learned that there are options outside of popular name brands. And, simply put, not everyone is interested in super well-known brands.

So we want to talk about what makes the McDermott brand so popular in the first place, but we also want to take a strike at some other brands on the market that are also offering high-quality cue sticks and other pool products at affordable prices (some of which you can find browsing through our online shop).

First: How Much Does A Pool Stick Cost:

According to Billiard Factory, pool sticks range in price from under $50 to more than $1000. Pool cues are also offered with scruffers and repair kits as well, and pool table owners are also encouraged to complement their table with matching cue sticks that are wooden and traditional or sleek and modern.

Second: What makes a cue stick "good" (Why McDermott Is More Pricey):

Self-proclaimed “geek” and contributor to Pool Cue Guide Mike says that a key to a  good quality pool cue is “having low deflection.” So if you want to play well and strike the ball well, you need to choose the pool cues with low deflection. But finding the best sticks could be a challenging task.

The reason is, like many other products, there is a broad selection to choose from. How do you know which one is good or not? Billiard champions like Efren Reyes, Shane Van Boening, and Ron Dooley always use the best pool cues that must be fantastic in both durability and performance like low deflection. But this isn’t an article for billiard champions — this is an article for someone who just wants to know what good pool cues are on the market, and how they can find them. Which brings us to the next point.

The Reason McDermott Is Pricier:

Like any higher-quality product, McDermott pool cue sticks are on the pricier because of how it’s made. Without holding back, Billiard Beast reminds us that McDermott has been voted the best brand of pool cues according to

But it’s now just about being voted as a top-quality brand. Below are some of the core reasons McDermott is held at such high standards:

  • Quality construction

  • Exotic woods & materials

  • Intricate inlays

  • Limitless customization options

  • Lifetime warranty

Designing and producing a cue stick is no simple matter. In this video posted by McDermott’s official YouTube channel, we see a 16-minute behind the scenes look at what goes into making a McDermott cue stick, from making the tri-core butt section to final touches such as customer personalization, hand staining or painting, and weight bolt adjustments.

McDermott has a long history of innovation and top-notch quality. When that’s coupled with their unique styles and superior attention to detail, it’s not really hard to see why dozens of professional players use McDermott cues (not to mention the dozens more of major tournaments that have been won using McDermott cues).

Usually when the professionals are using a product, you know it likely brings a lot to the table. After all, professionals are as credible as it gets when it comes to industry-specific products worth purchasing.

McDermott’s official website even highlights their cues’ high-performance shafts are some of the most recognized products in the billiard industry.

Players C-960: A Good Cue Stick Based On Affordability, Durability, & Non-hype

Entry-level might have a certain type of connotation, but entry-level cue sticks aren’t always a bad thing. What this means is that these cue sticks should be accessible or easy to find, won’t break the bank, and should have a decent amount of durability.

So we did some research to see what the general pool-playing public was using to play pool, and we came across this article published by Poets Billiard. What we found is that the Players C-960 is an excellent option if you’re just starting out or if you have a very limited budget (or both). SPOILER ALERT: The cue stick we’re about to review isn’t the most durable, but it will get the job done while saving you money.


  • Inexpensive

  • Durable tip

  • Decent control


  • Overall subpar durability

The Players C-960 delivers decent control – according to some reviews that boast, it’s “excellent balance and overall weight” partly due to the durable tip. This cue stick also doesn’t have any spin potential that would otherwise be unwanted for less skilled players.

As for the aesthetic, one Amazon reviewer writes:

“Although I’ve seen better looking bird’s eye maple on more expensive cues, this is still very nice wood, and the eye-catching red stain is very visually pleasing. The finish on both butt and shaft is flawless, and the shaft slides through my bridge as smoothly as glass. The ferrule and tip fit perfectly.”

With this affordable cue stick, players also receive a decent Irish linen wrap for a slip-free grip in the purchase in addition to lifetime warranty coverage (if this isn’t nice for a pool cue of this price, we don’t know what is).

Of course, we can’t expect the consistency in this cue stick to be a match to what the pricier cues have to offer, but that’s why it’s ideal for people who are just starting out; you probably won’t give too much attention to the little vibrations in your pool cue.

Where To Buy Cue Sticks

Besides Amazon, there are many great places for you to purchase a cue stick. For your convenience, we’ve curated a short list of great suppliers with locations included so you can browse your options and make a decision!

How To Make A Cue Stick:

And for those who would rather DIY the whole cue stick process, this one’s for you! Because, as crazy of a challenge as that sounds to us, we know there are those of you out there who would really do it.

We came across an awesome video on YouTube where a pool cue maker by the names of James Wright shows how to make a pool cue with just hand tools. He uses:

  • Red oak (about 1.5 inches wide)

  • Wood glue

  • Squeeze clamps (or screws as a quicker alternative)

  • Scrub plane

  • Spokeshave

  • Card scraper

  • Smoothing plane

  • Optional: Sandpaper

The video is less than 15 minutes and provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to literally create your pool cue from a piece of wood.

Fun Gaming

14 Halloween-themed games and activities for all ages

These kid-friendly games and activities are perfect for the whole family to join in this Halloween season

Halloween means trick-or-treating and lots of fun, so if you’re planning a spooky party or playdate for the family this year, crank up the fun with these entertaining Halloween party games and activities for kids.

We’ve written about  kid-friendly games to play in the fall  but it’s time for a list of dedicated Halloween fun. Because we all know the perfect Halloween party needs the perfect mix of spooky, funny, and sweet.

These games are designed to be kid-friendly, but we don’t doubt adults will have fun watching or participating! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for suggestions to turn some of these kid-friendly activities into 21+ games.

1. Toilet Paper Mummy

We know what you’re thinking… this isn’t mindful of the recent pandemic. We know toilet paper has been something like a hot commodity over the last year, but this game doesn’t need to use toilet paper, per se. A great and just-as-good alternative is newspapers. Either option is budget-friendly and still super fun!

Rules/Objective: Create teams of 3 (1 mummy + 2 wrappers). The goal is to create the best mummy in a limited amount of time. We find this game to be most competitive and entertaining with a shorter time limit like 3 minutes. The team with the best mummy is the winner.

2. Pop/Stomp The Pumpkin

This game is exactly what it sounds like — popping the “pumpkin” (orange balloons) by stomping on them. The catch: Each pumpkin is filled with something “spooky” or gross. Some ideas to stuff your balloons with:

– dirt
– fake spiders
– cotton and/or toilet paper
– orange jello

This game will get messy and loud! And you always want to make sure to include slips of paper with prizes written on them in some balloons.

3. Mummy Bowling

For mummy-themed fun, wrap up some plastic pins in toilet paper or newspaper and glue on some googly eyes for a fun (and spooky) round of bowling. You can purchase plastic pins from the Dollar Tree in the kids/toy section!

If you don’t have plastic pins, you could also opt for old plastic bottles such as soda bottles. Add a few rocks inside for additional weight/sturdiness if you want them to easily stay upright.

4. Frankenstein Bowling

Here’s another festive twist on bowling! Save your cans and paint the faces of Frankenstein characters and other popular Halloween characters (Beetlejuice, Wednesday Addams, etc.) before stacking them. You could also cover the cans with Halloween themed scrapbook paper.

5. Spider Toss/Spider Pong

This is a spooky twist on the traditional marshmallow toss. Use small black and orange toy spiders and white Styrofoam cups for the game. The objective: From a distance, see who can toss the most spiders into the cup.

This is similar to “Beer Pong” so, for an adult twist, use a mix of candy corns and plastic spiders and fill the cups with assorted beverages such as beer, vodka, tea, and water. The goal is to get the candy corn or spider into a cup.

Candy corn probably isn’t that tasty when soaked in vodka or beer! But that’s the fun in the adult version. You get to watch adults fish out tea-soaked candy corn then eat it… talk about entertaining.

6. Pin The Tail On The Cat

You can never go wrong with any version of “pin the tail” at a party. Whether you purchase a template online or DIY one, the goal remains the same: Pin whatever item as accurately as possible on the image before you, blindfolded.

Some renditions:

– Pin the Tail on the Cat
– Pin the Hat on the Witch
– Pin the Leg on the Spider

7. Bingo! Halloween Edition

Bingo is probably one of the most customizable games out there. You can print free printable Halloween Bingo cards online. Or you can custom-make your own cards with assorted images of ghosts, haunted houses, mummies, cats, bats, brooms, etc.

To make it more challenging, you could also include words on the cards such as common Halloween phrases (boo, trick-or-treat, etc.) and if someone says the word, cross it off!

8. “Pumpkin” Egg and Spoon Race

We always include an egg race on our list of party games for kids! We make this Halloween-ified by painting real eggs orange.

To make it even more challenging, create an obstacle course for participants by placing random objects such as Jack-o-lanterns, tombstones, black cats, and even a fog machine between the start and finish line!

9. Scavenger Hunt: Halloween Edition

Who doesn’t love a good Scavenger hunt? Simply hide a variety of Halloween-themed items throughout your home (bat, ghost, witch’s hat, etc.) and ask the participants to find them.

10. Halloween Word Search

Similar to our Halloween Bingo mentioned earlier, word searches are old-fashioned and super customizable so making a fun Halloween word is easy! Try to include a mixture of Halloween-specific words and phrases that aren’t too common.

The adult version could be a customized cryptic crossword puzzle. You could include clues from Halloween pop culture such as movies, TV shows, and music.

11. Eyeball In A Spiderweb

It’s like you’re looking for a needle in the haystack, except the needle is an eyeball and the haystack is a tangle of spiderwebs.

12. Telephone: Ghost Story Edition

Don’t we all love a good scary story? This is a great icebreaker game that takes a modern twist on the classic Telephone. A group of participants sit in a line (or circle) and the beginning player whispers a short ghost story to the person next to them. That person whispers what they heard to the next, and the pattern continues down the line until the last person repeats the story out loud.

The objective is to listen intently so the original story doesn’t change by the time the last person hears it. Almost often, the final story is nothing like the original story.

We also suggest creating some ground rules such as how many times a person can whisper to the person next to them. I’ve played a similar version of this and capped the amount of “whispers” to 3 per person to keep it fair. You could also space out individuals for extra “whispering” room.

13. Scattegories: Halloween Edition

A Halloween version of a classic favorite. Roll a letter of a dice and see what Halloween-themed words you can come up with without matching others.

EX: If you roll a “c” you can write: candy corn; cat; cauldron; etc.

14. Mafia (AKA: Werewolf)

This is a personal favorite to play all year long but also works great for Halloween!

Everyone gets a card that tells them if they’re a villager or a Werewolf. Everyone closes their eyes and the werewolves “kill” someone. Then the entire group has to decide who they think did it and one by one try to figure out who the werewolves are.

Other Halloween-themed renditions of this game:

– Villagers x Witch
– Villagers x Vampire
– Villagers x Zombie

BONUS! Fear Factor (Adults-Only)

If you’ve ever seen the TV show, this is a way to bring that to life! Get creepy challenge ideas (like touching actual worms or raw meat) or put out a plate of food that the team must eat without using their hands.

Since this is an adult game, you can do things that might be tougher and grosser to eat like blue cheese, octopus, and more.

You could also switch it up and do the same thing but make people actually name what they’re eating in this guess the food game.



The “real: golden age of gaming: 1970s/1980s vs. 2010s/2020s

We’re comparing two proclaimed times to see if we’ve missed it or are currently living through the modern gaming golden age

golden age of gamingWhat years do YOU consider to be the golden age of gaming? If you search that term, you’ll see this result:

The golden age of arcade video games was the period of rapid growth, technological development and cultural influence of arcade video games, from the late 1970s to the early 1980s.

Notice how the result focuses on arcade video games? Yeah. We noticed that, too.

Now we don’t have an issue with arcade games (it’s kind of our thing, anyway) but when the golden gaming age is mentioned, people tend to only talk about arcade gaming. What about modern gaming?

Look at Minecraft. It’s literally the best-selling video game of all time with 238,000,000 in sales and it isn’t from the “golden age” of gaming (a.k.a the 70s and 80s). It’s from the twenty-teens — released in 2011, to be exact. So, what are we getting at?

The golden age of gaming might not be only linked to arcade games from the 70s/80s. In fact, some say we might be experiencing the second wave — the modern golden age of gaming.


We’ve talked before about how the gaming industry has changed over the years, but let’s dive a little deeper into why the 70s and 80s continue to be talked about with such esteem when it comes to the gaming world and its relationship with modern gaming.


Although the exact years differ, most sources agree the golden age for gaming was from about the late 1970s to early 1980s. Technology journalist Jason Whittaker, in The Cyberspace Handbook, places the beginning of the golden age in 1978, with the release of Space Invaders.

During the late 1970s, arcade game technology had become sophisticated enough to offer good-quality graphics and sounds, but it was still fairly basic (realistic images and full motion video were not yet available, and only a few games used spoken voice).

Thus, the success of a game had to rely on simple and fun gameplay. This emphasis on gameplay is why many of these games continue to be enjoyed today despite having been vastly outdated by modern computing technology.

If people have an enjoyable experience, it could be talked about for years. Which is what we see happening to date.

The “Golden Age” of the 70s and 80s was a time of great technical and design creativity in arcade games. Games were designed in a wide variety of genres while developers had to work within strict limits of available processor power and memory. The era also saw the rapid spread of video arcades across North America and Japan.

The period from the appearance of Space Invaders in 1978 (as we mentioned earlier) through The Great Video Game Crash of 1983 is often known as the Golden Age of Arcade Games.

This was  when 8-bit Arcade Video Games emerged to rule popular culture, coin-operated Video Arcades appeared in every shopping mall, and soon the Atari 2600 and its competitors popularized home video gaming by capitalizing on arcade ports.

Related reading(s): GOLDEN AGE OF VIDEO GAMES

We could say it’s a matter of being able to produce entertaining games that have never been done in such a way. It was exciting and competitive with advancements such as new hardware, laserdisc players, and new controls such as the trackball, lifelike steering wheels, light guns, and other specialty controls such as pedals for racing games.

Basically, it sounds like the 70s and 80s are spoken about with such high esteem in the gaming world because a lot was accomplished with limited resources in comparison to what we have on the market today.


For many, we are currently living in the golden age of gaming. The advancements in technology, fast, stable internet becoming the norm, and the rise of the casual and hyper-casual gamer has brought gaming into a new era.

Plus, with both the vintage gaming options and current hi-tech options available, people feel that they have the best of both worlds — thus marking the 2000s as the true golden age for gaming.

On one public gaming forum, a user commented that everybody’s “golden age” is really just a sliding time-slot depending on what people grew up with and what console they were supposed to choose from. They continue:

Golden Age has always felt to me to be a term to describe a time that was great until everything went bad. Right now, after the video game crash of the early 80s, we are in the golden age. The audience of video games has been steadily increasing, revenues for developers has been increasing, technology for games has been improving, and cost of games has remained within inflation levels.

The user also says that we’re locked into a golden age for a while until something happens to off-set the smooth sailing that we’re experiencing now.


The 70s and 80s were the first time video games hit the scene big.

And in terms of industry revenues, this period was one of the highest peaks the North American video game industry has ever reached to this day (and the highest overall when adjusted for inflation).

While the 1980s was the golden age for arcade games, some consider the 1990s to be the Golden Age for home video games (i.e. consoles and computers).

Meanwhile, some consider the 2010s to be the golden age for online gaming or streaming. With one argument being: “All the old games still exist and new games keep coming out all the time.” They concluded by saying that, until video games stop being made, we might just be in one long golden age.

And, yet, others feel that the golden age of gaming is still to come. There are so many opportunities for technology to play a part in elevating the game from the forms we have now, to really develop it into a new and improved art form.

So, what does this prove? It proves that opinions vary about what era is considered to be the true “golden age” for gaming. And with updates in technology, more accessibility, and an increase in device usage now compared to the past, comparing the 70s and 80s with the 2010s and 2020s could be tricky — especially since we still don’t know what’s yet to come in the future with virtual reality, cloud gaming, and real-time personalization.


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