Great All-Ages Games for the Holidays 

Overview: Games save moments when nothing else does — and what’s the better way to celebrate holidays than with games designed for all-ages? Learn more about holiday games for everyone! 

Holidays are just around the corner, and we’re looking for ways to make them more memorable. Isn’t it a good holiday with a good bit of cheer? Be it Christmas holidays or Thanksgiving fun; games are a great way to bring people together.

Lawrence Cohen always says, “Follow the giggles.” And this Christmas party, games for families are chosen to bring out the giggles. So whichever game/s you play, listen to the giggles, and you’ll pat your back – we’ve got something that’ll suit your style on the ultimate holiday game list. And the best part is that these games are straightforward to put together and gather materials for – and with the versatile nature of fun, there’s something for everyone. So don’t worry, and brace yourself!

Would You Rather:

Play the fun game “would you rather” with your family this year and find out what each person sides with? Ask your people questions that you won’t in the casual scenarios — what we like about this game is that it gives an insight into how a person thinks. No matter how close we think we’re to someone, there’s always a lot to explore about a person. So this game will not only tell how the adult tell you what your kids feel when you play with them.

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What’s That Strange Thing: 

It’s time to determine how well your friends and loved ones utilize their sense of touch. It might sound awkward, but this is a fun game and brings laughter when everyone is together. Put various kinds of items in a single bowl. Start by picking softballs, slippery toys, unusual objects, or other different objects. Keep a blindfold; with everyone’s turn, participants will have to reach in and determine the item they’re touching. Put a small prize for those who guess objects like candy or chocolate bars.

Charade Whispers: 

Charades is a hilarious icebreaker in which a person acts out as a charade for the person next in the line, and the cycle continues for all standing (or sitting). Although there are various versions of this game, we prefer whispering small phrases. This is where the fun begins — take inspiration from some funny phrases for the game and make a group of 5-12 people.

Since this game is best played indoors, it works for people who are just tired of their busy schedules and want to spend a few hours at home with their families. Additionally, charade whispers don’t require fancy materials. The game begins with one group member whispering a phrase like Education is essential, but big muscles are importantner or play the trombone or go home.

The person copies the words and utters the exact words to the next person in the line. The cycle continues, and the person at the other end has to shout out the word or phrase to get the point/win. They rarely get it right, but it’s hilarious to watch hyper-excited people playing it.

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 The Voting Game: 

This game is a steady but sure flow of laughter. Basically, there’s a card read aloud like who would have the worst passenger rating on Uber should they become the driver?’ and everyone votes for each other anonymously. Then the person who gets the most votes calls out who they think voted for them. The game continues with fun questions and promotes storytelling too.


 Before and After: 

This game is similar to charades whispers with a bit of variation — basically, this game starts off with one person saying a phrase like ‘Going to school.’ You’ll then use the last word of the spoken phrase to start a new one while keeping the original. The phrase you come up with can be funny and doesn’t have to be grammatically correct. The first one to break the sentence loses. It goes something like this:


‘Going to school.’

‘Going to school with a friend.’

‘Going to school with a friend on a boat.’

‘Going to school with a friend on a boat with a captain.’

‘Going to school with a friend on a both with Captain Jack Sparrow.’


If we could rate one game as the most giggly, this game would be the one. While the game’s name may not sound very similar, it will lift everyone’s moods if you bring it to the table.

Spoons are the violent version of musical chairs – all you need are spoons and a pack of cards. Gather your people, lay the spoons on the table, and sit around. Start by dealing out all the cards in the deck. On the go, pass one card from one hand to the person on your left. The idea is to keep moving quickly, preferably rhythmically, and the objective is to get four of the same cards, like having kings or queens, etc.

Once you grab your hand on all four cards, hold the spoons in the middle. You can also do it with music on. The other players make grabs as soon as one gets a grab. Ultimately, one person will be left with no spoon in hand, and they’re out. One spoon is taken away, and the game begins until one winner remains. Isn’t it something you’d want to try?

This or That: 

Ask everyone to sit in a circle and one will be chosen as a leader to give you a choice of things or different scenarios. You’ve to vote on it, and the items that nobody votes for get deleted from the world forever (well, not literally). For instance, one person asks, ‘sugar or video games and everyone has to vote on whether you’d rather live in a world without sugar or video games. Once a thing or scenario is voted out, it no longer exists in the world. Keep playing until you’ve created a peculiar world.

Christmas Movie Bingo:  

There’s nothing better than curling up with friends and family to binge-watch shows from your wish list. So pop some popcorn, bake brownie treats, and hot marshmallow cocoa. Don’t forget to serve popcorn with fresh seasonings like Parmesan, black pepper, and cinnamon. Munching while you’re watching a movie is one of the things that everybody loves to do!

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 In Summary: 

There’s nothing beautiful than gathering up with your family members and loved ones to create memories together – and games are literally life saver! While there are many manual games that you can play with your people, a well-designed game room might just help the best. To stock your home with durable game tables, avail our sale and design your room for the coming holiday.

We wish you a safe Merry Christmas!

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