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 Summer Party Ideas: Tips to Host the Best Kids Party this Summer

Overview: Check out these adorable yet affordable summer kids party ideas! 

Does one of your kids have a birthday coming up? Or do you want to celebrate them scoring good grades? Either way, parties are a special occasion for kids. After all, who doesn’t like gathering with friends and having a good time with them? A day dedicated entirely to fun, games, and zero homework? Yes, please.

Summers are all fun, so why stress about the party? With a little drizzle of creativity and by following this step-by-step guide, you’re going to pull off an amazing kids party this summer keeping you sane and giving the best to kids, ensuring that they’ll enjoy. Let’s talk a bit more about hosting this cool summer kids party.


With sunny weather and long afternoons, kids have a lot of time running and having fun with their friends. One way to make an instant gathering is to host a party in the backyard or at their favorite park. Not only will it keep costs down, but the kids will have a large area to roam around and participate actively.

Water Party:

Kids enjoy playing with water – some would love water guns, others will fill it in balloons and throw them at each other. And when the weather is hot, there’s nothing to match the enjoyment of having a sponge fight or a water gun fight!

Look around, you may find some outdoor swimming pools hosting kids summer parties, or maybe an organization that supports watersport activities such a paddle boats for younger kids and older children.

If you aren’t on a budget, a raft-building party will guarantee a great day for your kids. However, don’t forget to carry out a safety kit and risk assessment check in case of a mishap.

Kite-Flying Party:

Did you envision a little kid running after the kite from street to street, hoping to get it so they can fly it with their friends? Focusing specifically on summer,  you can let your child explore the wonder of being a kid by teaching them how to fly a kite with friends.

DIY kite instructions are one tap away! And based on the number of children you’re inviting, you can set up a table with supplies such as glue, sticks, thin ropes, and paper for everyone to make their own kite. Some might require your help but, overall, this practice will enhance their creativity (and trust us here – you’re gonna see the most amazing kites once the kids make them).

This is such a simple yet fun activity for the kids! They can munch on snacks in between their kite-flying party.

A Picnic or Tea Party:

When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade in hot weather – and when the weather blesses you with its hotness, the possibilities to enjoy it are endless. Consider a side spot near your home, set up a table, some nice food items, and boom – you’ve organized a great tea party for the kids.

You might need assistance from a few adults to help you carry food, water, and other beverages – but the best part is that the kids will be able to roam freely and grab their snacks in between tag wars and rounders.

Arts & Craft Party:

Your budding Picasso will have a wonderful time at the minimal cost if you’re throwing an arts and craft party. From the very beginning, we see kids prone towards drawing, making sketches, and adding colors to them.

To enhance their ability, set up a table with good supplies of food, papers/notepads, pencils, crayons, and glitters – the messier the table, the happier the kids. With no one telling them to stop creating mess on the page, they feel more confident in their drawing abilities and imaginative skills.

Provide them with paintbrushes, canvasses, and water colors then allow them to unleash their hidden talent and artist! Just make sure to give a call to the parents of your kids’ friends to dress them in colored clothes so they don’t get the “nice” clothes painted.

Go Thematic:

Okay, so it’s a birthday party thing now. Do your kids love Pokemon? Dora the explorer? Disney Princesses? This is your chance to host a summer party for their favorite cartoon character – from props to stickers and even balloons, everything is available out there on the market. You can pick one theme that your kid loves alongside other goodies to span the spectrum.

Pizza/Cookies Party:

Does your party boy or girl love to bake? Kids are dramatically creative when they’re given the opportunities. Help your kids with cookies dough and allow them to show their creativity. Invite them to decorate cookies and cupcakes as they please.

A pizza party is a fun activity, too – provide the kids with pizza dough, pre-chopped toppings (veggies and chicken, etc.), and a station to showcase their pies. Not only will they enjoy eating what they baked, but they will also learn responsibilities.

Camp Out:

We might be biased, but this might be our favorite kids summer party idea from the list. Invite a few of your kid’s best friends for a sleepover, this time with a twist. Grill some BBQ, pitch a tent in the backyard so that they may sleep under the stars, and if there’s a bonfire to roast marshmallows for late night s’mores and ghost stories in the dark — even better! And stargazing will be an additional luxury with the warm summer night and cackling bonfire in the background.


With plenty of summer party ideas for kids, we’re sure your kids will have a great time this summer. These party ideas are affordable, easy to arrange, and safe. So what are you waiting for! Plan a memorable and stress-free kids party for them to remember for years to come.

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