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The Most Basic Guide To Winning 5 Popular Games: Billiards & More

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Guide To Winning Popular GamesIf you’ve ever wondered how to win some of the most popular games in the gaming world (or at least not lose drastically) then you’ve come to the right place. At Games For Fun, you know we love a good game of, well, anything! Even our facilities that occupy 26,000 square feet are filled with nothing but game room supplies, accessories, and repair parts. We’re serious about our games. But is it really just fun and games when you’re always the one losing

Today, the Games For Fun team will be discussing techniques, common mistakes, and general guidelines for winning (or losing) popular games from air hockey to table tennis. More specifically, we’re going to talk about a top mistake and a top tip that could either make or break your winning chances for a variety of games. Rocky theme song…cued. Let’s get to winning!

Mistakes To Lose Any Game, Tricks To Win Any Game

We recognize that playing a game can only be so fun if you don’t really know what you’re doing. How is Billy able to execute a bank shot every time we play a game of billiards and how come every time I throw a dart, it lands nose-first into the ground two feet in front of me? We hear your concerns, young grasshopper, and the Games For Fun team is going to address how you can successfully win any game in this article (A.K.A get better at winning any game or increase competitive skills).


The game with the cue stick and cue ball.

Having been in the billiards industry for 35 years, we’re familiar with common mistakes in billiards. What would we say is the most common mistake a person can make while playing billiards?

👎 Don’t raise or drop the cue! Regardless if you are a beginner or expert, every billiard player learns quickly that angle is everything. In order to get the perfect shot, you must have your cue set up properly. An unleveled cue will result in an inaccurate aim. Raising or dropping your cue stick before shooting is going to alter your precision; it’s important to keep it even and balanced throughout your shot. One way to ensure you don’t make this mistake on a particularly tough angle is by using a bridgehead.

👍 One of the most widely accepted methods for bank shots uses the diamonds on the table—the series of light-colored dots running down the rails of the table. Keep in mind that pockets are also considered diamond markers. These “diamonds” help you visualize the angle at which you need to take your bank shot, increasing your accuracy and consistency. Plus, they’re easy to use, no matter where on the table you’re playing. The object in using these diamonds is to aid in making mirrored angles. In other words, if you shoot the object ball into a diamond at a 45-degree angle, it should bounce off the rail at the same angle but in the opposite direction. As long as you shoot straight and with adequate speed, you’ll perfect this move with ease.

Air Hockey

The game with the table and the puck.

👎 Don’t have a defensive stance! According to this article, leaning your shoulders forward and your torso over the table on defense is by far the most common error in air hockey. In the article, it’s estimated that 80 percent of players, across all skill levels, have incorrect stances on defense. The reason leaning over the table is such a bad mistake is because you won’t be able to block certain shots effectively because forward leaning makes moving backward more difficult. Blocking the shot must be the first priority, but blocking is most easily achieved when you have proper defensive mechanics, which includes being able to move freely.

👍 Hitting the puck off either side of the table instead of trying to make a straight shot is a great trick to increase your chances of scoring. It’s a matter of mathematics and angles. Hitting the puck off the edge of the table right in the center of the table is bound to angle the puck toward the goal. Of course, you have to take into consideration whether your opponent’s hand is blocking the goal or not. Still, the chances of scoring will be increased.

Table Tennis

The game with the paddles and the small lightweight ball.

👎 Sometimes, you just have to let go a little bit! What we mean is, gripping the paddle too tight is not gonna help in your efforts to win in a game of table tennis. Because your racket-hand-arm is stiff, you essentially lose control which results in missed balls or opportunities.

👍 You have to carefully watch your opponent’s racket when it makes contact with the ball. Based on the direction your opponent’s racket is moving, you can determine how to angle your racket to compensate. Check out Newgy for a more detailed breakdown of how to properly gauge your opponent and act defensively in a game of table tennis (AKA ping pong).


The game with the miniature people and the small ball.

👎 Don’t shoot the ball too soon in an attempt at speed! Especially if you haven’t actually completed the full lateral movement. When you practice the pull shot, you are practicing to get the maximum speed at the maximum lateral movement. But it’s important to note that the speed comes from completing the entire shot stroke as fast as possible, not by short-cuts.

👍 Increase your defense by holding two handles (rods) together instead of one. If you learn to move two of your defense handles together, that will make it hard on your opponent to score. Try using your pinkie and thumb on your left hand to play with your entire defense unit (meaning your 2 defense handles). Make sure your players don’t overlap, spread them out with small gaps between them, and you’ll have the defense of a premier league soccer team. It won’t be easy to master at first, but when you get used to it, you literally become a foosball boss.


The game with the circular target hoisted on the wall with the, well, darts.

👎 Don’t lunge forward with your whole body! This is as straightforward as it gets. We know the desire to “aim” with your whole body is natural, but fight that desire! When you lunge forward, you greatly hinder the accuracy of your throw. Think of lunging forward as the equivalent to trying to accurately shoot a rifle while moving it.

👍 Know your dominant eye and hand. This might sound like a no-brainer, but aiming a dart requires a good amount of hand-eye coordination. Most of us are aware of your dominant hand, but when it comes to your dominant eye, that could be a bit more tricky because it isn’t something we think about often. I mean, how often do you need to do something with one eye? Nonetheless, this is important for winning a game of darts. Dart Sharp gives this good piece of advice: If you don’t know which eye is dominant then try throwing three darts with each eye closed in turns. The eye that you struggle to keep shut is your dominant eye.

Do You Want To Be A Winner?

Games For Fun has been in the game since 1984 so we know a little something about gaming, winning, and losing. Next time you’re in an arcade (hello, post-quarantine socializing) and want to win every popular game in that place so that you can become the popular game, remember our top mistake and top trick for each game! Next time you’re at home and you really, really want to prove to your older brother, Billy, that you can play a game of billiards and actually strike the ball without pulling a muscle, remember our top mistake and top trick.

Of course, we recognize that when it comes to anything, practice makes perfect. But practicing while making common mistakes is counterproductive. That’s why we’ve provided this ultimate guide to winning every game—it’s helpful to be aware of common mistakes so you can avoid them and practice the techniques that you know will grant you success.

If you’re curious about our inventory, product sales, or our rental items, we invite you to reach out to us with your inquiries. Our staff would be happy to help you find the perfect game for your home and can offer tips and tricks. We serve folks in the Inland Empire, but if you happen to not be in the area, don’t worry. Just give us a call at (909) 885-3604 and we’ll answer any questions you may have!

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