Tornado Foosball Rubber Bumper


This is a high-performance Foosball Rubber Bumper for your Tornado table: current-model Dynamo Foosball tables. They restore the liveliness of your Tornado foosball table and keep game time going for hours.

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Tornado Foosball Rubber Bumper

Changing out the bumpers prevents damage to the table and extends the life of your foosball investment. These Foosball Rubber Bumper are easy to install and replace.

Each rod uses two bumpers, and each table uses a total of 16 bumpers. The bumpers are 9/16″ Diameter and for use on Tornado foosball tables. Different table types use different sizes, so make sure you know what table you have before purchasing. Depending on how many you need, these can be purchased in packs of two, four, and sixteen.

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