Best DIY Game Tables 

Your Guide to the Best DIY Game Tables 

Overview:  Gamers need their space to play and DIY game tables never go out of fashion. Let’s learn how to make some together!

In today’s digital world, everybody’s busy playing computer games on their gaming PCs. Sometimes it seems like we’ve lost touch with the simple fun of playing board games. In fact board games can be just as much fun as computer games. Kids and adults alike can enjoy, laugh, and share quality time around a.physical game board.

To enjoy a board game, one first needs a table to play on. Wait? Are you thinking of the kitchen table again? Well, forget it. We’re here to guide you to make your own game table. Whether outdoor or indoor, don’t forget to play the games on your game table. Get on the board; let’s make your portable game table now!

DIY Board Game Tables with Removable Tops :

Who doesn’t like a multipurpose table? Buying ordinary board game tables seems like the way to go… until you find out about board game tables with removable tops, and then you aim to build one for yourself. Removable-top tables are available from stores, but they can be expensive. To save a few bucks and gain experience, try building a board game table yourself!

Let’s skip to the good part: What can we do with a table that serves multiple purposes? The table could be used for board games, games of pool, role-playing games, or even for serving dinner. It depends on what you want to use it for! If you’re eager to design and build a board game table with a removable top, this tutorial video is your best friend.

DIY Gaming Tables for Adults & Families 

Multipurpose Table Set: 

Want a multipurpose gaming table set? You are in the right place. Recently, Remodelacasa showed us how to make a multi-game set from two tables. One table has traditional checkers, and the other one has Chinese checkers. Both games are easy to learn and always fun to play, so the multi-game table is a great thing to have. One advantage of this game table set is that you can locate it anywhere, be it near your television, in your living room, or on your balcony — it’s easy to carry. This game table is a blessing for those who love to use a gaming table for multiple purposes.

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Movable Gaming Cart:    

Moving on from multipurpose tables, how about a movable gaming cart? Sounds magical, right? As seen on In My Own Style, a game enthusiast built a beautiful and portable gaming cart using a coffee table — and we couldn’t resist sharing. Follow the link to learn how you can make a movable gaming cart too.

A movable gaming cart helps you play your favorite games wherever you want. The most convenient part is that the cart can also be used to store snacks and drinks. So if you are hungry or thirsty in the middle of a game, you can easily pull out a snack or drink to satisfy your hunger and get back to the game without ever leaving the comfort of your chair.

Gaming Coffee Table with Pull-out Trays:  

How does a DIY gaming coffee table with pull-out trays sound to you? Out of this world, right? Well, Homemade by Carmona made this a reality. They made a coffee table that can be used for various purposes, including board games, puzzles, etc. And with its array of pull-out trays, drawers, and storage areas, you’ll have plenty of space to keep your game boards, pieces, tokens, and other paraphernalia — and you can still use the tabletop to stow your coffee and snacks! This table is a dream come true. It can save you money, time, and energy. If you wish to build a similar gaming table, learn how to make this multi functional coffee table here.

DIY Game Tables for Kids :

Kids are often the most enthusiastic game-players. With their love of games in mind, we were happy to come across this post from The 36th Avenue with a simple DIY tutorial for designing and building your own portable board game table for toddlers. You can turn your old & cheap IKEA side table into a game table that will keep your young children occupied for hours. The table is small, so it’s easy to stow away in a closet when it’s not in use. This simple, budget-friendly version of a game table is incredible. You can make yours by visiting The 36th Avenue and following their easy tutorial.

DIY Gaming Table Top :

Wait. What is a gaming tabletop? Well, a gaming tabletop is the surface of a gaming table on which a game is played. Gaming tabletops are easy to make and shouldn’t cost much.

The benefits of DIY gaming tabletops are that you can store them wherever you want; you can place them on a physical table, on your bed, or take them outside with you. These gaming tabletops are lightweight and can be carried outdoors on a fun summer day.

DIY Gaming Table for Outdoors :

When you move outside to enjoy the weather and a refreshing snack, you may wish to play something with your family and friends. DIY ideas can help once again. Outdoor DIY game tables are easy to make, and many of them won’t cost you more than $40. You can design and build your table within two or three days and then enjoy board games like chess, tic-tac-toe, and checkers with your friends & family while also enjoying the weather. Outdoor game tables are an incredible idea as they can make a beautiful day even more enjoyable.

In Summary: 

A game table is an essential for every household, especially when there are kids around home or you work from home. And kids love homework. Just kidding! Kids don’t love homework; they love games! But buying game tables from stores is expensive — unless you’re ordering from Games For Fun, offering great prices and free shipping on all retail orders!

With these tutorials and ideas, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration for your DIY game table projects, including different types of tables and how you can make them at home. The best part about designing your own game table is that not only is it cost-effective, but by customizing your project to your personality, you’ll be bringing your creative self to the table!

Happy gaming!

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