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10 Fun Outdoor Games to Play in the Summer

Overview: These outdoor games are ideal for summer and ensure that kids and adults alike have a fantastic summer! 

You might be tired of sitting on the same couch scrolling all day, so we’ve put together top picks of fun outdoor games to play in the summer .  With so many pictures and ideas that a person can take – the sky’s the limit. It helps that we currently have pretty flowers blooming, the sun shining brightly, and the remaining summer season, we’re looking for every excuse to go out and enjoy the weather. This is where outdoor games step in – from badminton to frozen t-shirt races, we’ve rounded up some outrageously fun outdoor games to play in the summer and have fun.  

Some Fun Games to Play Outdoor This Summer: 


From the beach to the park to the humble yet fun backyard, badminton is one of our favorites when it comes to a beautiful sunny day. Get yourself a complete badminton set that includes (4) steel badminton rackets, (2) nylon birdies, (6) stakes and ropes. It  also includes a 1in diameter poly pole, 5’1″ high and net that measures 20′ x 1.5′ — the classic outdoor summer game that will bring hours of fun for all ages.

Home Team Baseball Game:   

As an advocate of game tables, we came across another fun – albeit underrated – game that’s ideal for the summer: a tabletop baseball game! You can play this with your family or friends on an outdoor patio – preferably in your backyard or lawn.

The game requires two teams of four players, and the objective is to roll the dice and move the batter game pieces accordingly. And rather than using the traditional idea of keeping a score record, you can get a score on a dry erase board to make everything look like a stadium scoreboard.

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Frisbee is a fun activity that all ages can be involved in. You can play with your kids, friends — even your pup. But we understand this is a pretty simple, straightforward game. So let’s kick it up a notch.

There are a variety of Frisbee games that could be played. We recommend you read this article “21 Fun Frisbee Games for Kids” for additional ideas to make Frisbee even more enjoyable this summer.

Word Game:   

Any wordsmiths out there? It’s Similar to scrabble, where you join the word puzzles to make a word, the objective of this game is to race up with the ones sitting with you to complete the giant word grid before someone else does it. If you don’t wish to buy cardboard, you can easily DIY this game with an easy online search.

Topple Tower:   

This fun game is designed to be played specifically in the outdoor spaces. Like Jenga, players take turns pulling out pieces from the tower and placing them on top. This has to be done carefully so the tower doesn’t fall – which honestly makes it more fun. The last player to successfully keep the rhythm and balance wins.

Frozen T-shirt Race:   

Here’s the premise: Soak a bunch of t-shirts in water, wrap them in plastic bags, and place them in the freezer overnight. The next day, call your friends and kids, host a racing session and see who can defrost their t-shirt the quickest. This will be a good and fun idea on a sweltering day – you can keep the chilly shirt on even after the race!

Obstacle Course:   

Use old toys in your home as objects and set up the ultimate fun obstacle course in your backyard. Ask your kids to complete the course and get a prize in the end. Although it sounds like a kids’ game, imagine yourself jumping over those objects to reach your goal. So fun!

Water Balloon Dodge ball:   

We all remember dodge ball in elementary school. A bit intimidating, but loads of fun. We feel like this watered down version is hands down one of the best games to play in the summer. Remember: the goal of this game is to hit your opponents with water-filled balloons, and they’ll try to dodge the balloon.

While playing this, you won’t even mind losing because, well, you’ll be hit with water – a refreshing and fun way to cool down on a hot summer day. We’ve likely played this as children, but adult dodge ball is a thing, making this game suitable for all ages.

Another game you can play with water-filled balloons is the game of toss. Here, you’ll have to throw the balloon as far as possible without popping it. Of course, we recommend separating any dodge ball game into teams by age/size for fairness.

Spaghetti Scavenger Hunt:   

We know what you’re thinking: this sounds weird. And it does. But eating contests are messy, hilarious, and tend to take place during summer. Besides the why behind summer eating competitions (did somebody say pie eating contest?), we’re focusing on a spaghetti contest.

In the spaghetti plate, hide something underneath the sea of spaghetti and set the plates down on the picnic table. Challenge the contestants to search for them only with their mouth.  Need some ispo for other food challenges? Read 10 food challenges to try this summer.


For adults 21 and over, this drinking game has a chain/series of beer challenges – from dancing to rhyming and truth and dare, players, take their turn to roll the dice and move the bottle around the board to determine who’s next and which activities they’re supposed to be. Play this in an open area with snacks basket and close friends.


Summer means spending time outside as much as possible. With longer bright days and a cozy environment, the whole family can enjoy tons of outdoor activities that strengthen their bond and create long-lasting memories.

We usually keep our focus on the fun game room ideas, but as summer comes to an end, we’re rounding up outdoor games that are fun for all ages. For more game-related blogs, browse our list of articles. We update monthly, providing fun ideas at no cost to you (we just want you to have a good time).

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