Fathers Day Ideas

Father’s Day Ideas:  5 Gifts for the More Traditional Dad 

Overview: Dads could be surprisingly picky when it comes to receiving gifts, so we’ve got some gift ideas for the more traditional dad

Google gifts for dads and see the overwhelming amount of whiskey bottles, colognes, tool items, watches and more. But do dads even like those items? If you’re a dad, you can share your thoughts. But some dads might be looking for something… not so typical.

We thought of many gift ideas, but perfumes, jackets, or a branded watch is an old-school thing. So when it comes to finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day, we couldn’t help but consider underrated gifts such as live sporting even tickets, and more.

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your dad and are trying to take advantage of the Father’s Day holiday, this gift-hunting is a good start to understanding him. Doing activities that you and your parents enjoy opens up a world of bonding possibilities – from communication to emotional vulnerability. So here are the best game gift ideas for dads.

Foosball Table: 

If you’re getting a gift for your father, be thoughtful. Maybe you’ve overheard him talking with nostalgia about the times he went out to play foosball… it’s time that you should get one for him. This is quite a challenging game that requires expertise, focus, and quick moves otherwise you’ll fail (and failing isn’t all that fun).

When your father has a foosball table at home, he’ll likely spend more time with you and your family. You can also play with him at times when his friends aren’t around or your siblings can – to help your father with his boredom.

Now, not to toot our own horn, but our people here at Games For Fun offer a large variety of foosball tables, and the best-selling Tournament Foosball Table is on sale right now!

Table Tennis: 

If your father used to watch Rafael Nadal in his full form playing tennis and breaking the records – and now he sits aside because Rafael has retired — help him remember the old days. Or, better yet, help him become the professional tennis player you know he is! Okay, this isn’t a joke – your father watched his favorite player playing because he liked the game. And he didn’t have the table because… maybe he had to put that money toward you.

Table tennis is not just a game, but a feeling. It can be played for literal hours and you wouldn’t feel bored. While you can always make a tennis table at home by purchasing accessories from arts & crafts stores, you can also purhase one to get delivered to your door for extra convenience. There are plenty of tables at affordable rates you can find by clicking here.

With game tables available at home, you can call any of your father’s friends and invite them for a cup of coffee. Take a look at this blog, The Best Furniture for Your Basement Game Room and arrange a place for his refreshment.

Tickets to Live Sporting Events: 

Oh, you thought we were going to talk about game tables all day? Nope! Be it a football game, tennis match, or live hockey, watching a live sporting event from your couch is equally as fun as it is… not engaging. Now imagine how much more fun one of these events would be if you surprised your parents with tickets!  

Pool Tables: 

People invest in a lot of exciting things to decorate their homes and entertain themselves. Owning a pool table at home gives a chance for people to connect, as they come in handy for multiple social purposes.

If your dad doesn’t like to hang out much and prefers staying at home, it’s time to get a pool table to engage him in activities at home. With a pool table game, there are many health benefits and interaction opportunities that your dad will love since it takes the concentration and focus beyond and above.

The exciting part is that the same pool table can be used as a dining table — if you’re customizing it and your dad can surprise his friends with the game after a tea gathering or a dinner.  And, thanks to the variety of tables we found on here — they can occupy less space and transform homes into a fancy place!

Shuffleboard Tables:  

Did you know that playing shuffleboard could have some health benefits? While it sounds like an old-school game, shuffleboard is generally good for the cardio (think standing and running to and fro); it also helps with strong mental health. From a mental standpoint, playing shuffleboard, like many games, increases your family time and helps lower the stress levels.

If your father is someone who is most of the time occupied with his personal life and doesn’t socialize, shuffleboard games might help him come out of his zone.

Another point we shouldn’t forget is that shuffleboard can be played all year, whereas other sports options are usually seasonal bound.

Filled with bundles of joyful moments and laughter, a friendly shuffleboard game brushes off the stress off one’s shoulder. Make sure that you’re doing everything in a technology-free zone. And what’s better than a few hours of relaxation after a tiring day?

Browse some awesome shuffleboard tables and products here.

In Summary:

Men’s psychology works differently than women’s. Besides, it’s enough of him with books and other stuff to present as a gift. If you’re upgrading your dad’s collection, make sure you’re making the right purchases. So when you’re getting a gift for your dad, it has to be different than the one you usually bring for your mom.

With that said, there are plenty of gift ideas to hook on, and gifts for home dad don’t have to be fancy. On this Father’s day, pamper your father and while getting him a gift for his special day, make sure that you’re making a purchase that benefits you in the long run. 

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