Fun Online Arcade Games

8 Fun Online Arcade Games that Everyone is Playing

Overview: If you’re feeling nostalgic for arcade games, we’ve got the perfect substitutions with online arcade-style games that are fun and free

What gamer doesn’t like simple yet interesting games that bring a challenge to your daily life? Online arcade games are a specific favorite for gamers.

Before the internet was the internet, and mobile was mobile, people actually had to leave their homes for a good game (gasp)! They would rally up at game clubs and pay a small sum (around 10-15 cents) to play games; however, with the digitized world, the tables have turned.

With mobile phones being the center of everything, developers have produced many super fun, addictive, and delightful games like Angry Bird, Candy Crush, and Doodle Jump. Aside from these super popular games, there’s much more to choose from. Let’s find out some of the best arcade games to play online.

1. Jetpack Joyride:

With over 750 million users worldwide, this name is familiar within the community of online or mobile gamers.

This game has tons of customizations to choose from — everything from your looks to giant mechanics and crazy vehicles.

Another interesting highlight of this online arcade game is that it can be downloaded both on Android and iOS! (Android users, we’ve got you covered.)

Games Features:

  • One-touch controls

  • Endess running quests

  • Excited and constant updates

  • Battles against your contemporaries

2. Alto's Odyssey:

Alto’s Odyssey is an undeniable choice for people who like to enjoy and play free games online.

Adorned with simple mechanics but attractive graphics that are both stylistically and aesthetically appealing, the purpose of the game is for players to ski down a hill while jumping to avoid obstacles.

Players can collect items and have the chance to trade them for customization options. The game contains dark and pretty graphics that are soothing to the eyes and create an engaging gaming atmosphere. Besides, it offers 180 goals with intuitive tools.

Alto’s Odyssey is a free online game with in-purchase options that can be bought if interested. This game is also ideal for younger children who are interested in online games.

Game Features:

  • Easy to learn
  • Serene background music; no loud music
  • Downloads both on iOS and Android

3. Fishing Casino:

Fishing Casino is considered one of the best online arcade games. You can enjoy multiplayer levels in breathtaking movements while being offered huge rewards at the end.

Unlike what the rumor says and the name suggests, Fishing Casino doesn’t offer real money gambling… so no Jackpot wins here!

  • Game Features:
  • Daily rewards
  • Coins to exchange for customization options
  • It can be downloaded both on Android and iOS

4. CSR Racing:

CSR Racing gives an interesting and playful insight for those who like racing. With interesting elements, brilliant graphics, and beautifully depicted details to each car, this game comes with various customization features.

CSR Racing 2 is a super easy, fun, and easy quick game. Click here to download the game.  

Game Features:

  • Real-time challenges 
  • Customizable options
  • Top Rated free drag racing game
  • Played both on iOS and Android

5. Sonic Dash:

Calling all ’90s kids! If you’re searching for an online arcade game to mimic your childhood fun, Sonic Dash is ideal.

Watch Sonic the Hedgehog jumps, runs, and spin his way in a 3D environment that’s full of obstacles.

And one of the best things about the Sonic Dash mobile game is that multiple players can play from the same computer if they have plugged in their remotes.

This means you can enjoy your game while sitting with your best friend, keeping him either as your enemy or partner.

Game Features:

  • Stunning Graphics
  • Aesthetic 3D Environment
  • Amazing and interesting scenarios
  • Endless runner levels
  • Downloads both on iOS and Android

6. Smash Hit:

Smash Hit is a mobile arcade-style game that takes you to surreal dimensions. The goal? To smash everything that confronts you. Sounds fun enough to us! 

Smash Hit takes you to a dreamy world where you as the player is tasked with breaking glass objects that stand in your way.

With award-winning destruction physics right on your mobile device, this game requires your full concentration, focus, and concise timing to smash the targets on your path.

Game Features:

  • Free from third-party ads
  • Soft, harmonious audio effects
  • Cloud storage with multiple devices
  • Downloads on both iOS and Android

7. Subway Surfers:

Young kids are more prone to play this online arcade game, so that’s already a plus if you have children interested in online gaming. And with over one billion downloads and installations, we know this game is a hit.

As the player, you have to be attentive and run as fast as possible while dodging the trains that constantly appear, and do so at increasingly faster speeds than the level before.

Players are given rewards in between running: money sacks, hover-boards, and more. And with the recent update, you can now challenge your friends via social media platforms, including Facebook! You can also compare leaderboard points with each other for more excitement and challenge.

Game Features:

  • Colorful and HD Graphics
  • Intriguing audio effects
  • Fast-paced hover board surfing
  • Downloads on both iOS and Android

8. Angry Bird:

Is this a no-brainer? (Probably.) This online mobile arcade-style game is probably one of the most popular games (if someone claims they haven’t heard of this, we could assume they’ve been living under a rock).

Angry birds is a cute game with fun-filled slingshot adventures that’s enjoyed by both youngsters and adults.

There are multiple modes from which you can select to play solo or with your friends.

Game Features:

  • Hundreds of levels with monthly updates
  • Multi-stage levels
  • Compete and compare leaderboards
  • Downloads both on iOS & Android


One interesting thing about arcade-style games that makes players enjoy them more than other types of games is the increasing challenge in levels.

The games we highlighted aren’t just interesting for the sake of interest, but they’re all also great for the brain… but that’s another blog for another time. And another perk is that most of these online arcade games are equally interesting for adults and kids, so parents looking for kid-friendly games might appreciate our list even more (did somebody say family game night?).

Happy gaming, gamers (and non-gamers)! If there’s an online arcade-style game that’s caught your interest, let us know!

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