Create an Awesome Arcade Room for Kids

4 Ways to Create an Awesome Arcade Room for Kids

Designing a kid-friendly arcade room is a brilliant idea especially these days when going outdoors to socialize is a hit-or-miss.

As we grow older, our interests and needs change. As for kids, they are entertained with drawings, paintings, and other crafts when they are young. As they grow older, they take part in physical activities and games. The need to be creative doesn’t change — it just shifts into a different type of creativity.

The most ideal way to combine the two and help your child’s changing interests is with an all-inclusive arcade game. But some parents might think that creating an arcade room isn’t feasible. And we’re here to tell you that it might be easier and more convenient than you think!

Creating an arcade room for kids is as simple as utilizing a small spare space to act as an entertainment spot. While it’s ideal for this spot to accommodate the entire household (family game night, anyone?) some circumstances might just need it to accommodate a single child.


So how can you keep your child entertained while staying at home? No matter how big or small a space you have, there’s always room for an arcade room. Let’s figure out how you can design a great arcade room for your kids to staying indoor isn’t a bore.

Arcade Room Ideas for Kids:

Considering smart ways to design an fun arcade room? Don’t worry. Based on your budget and preferences, kids arcade rooms can be designed with their current interests.

Ideally, your kid’s arcade room should strike a balance between functionality and comfort.

Themed Decor and Furniture:

FURNITURE: Keep the furniture comfortable, first and foremost if you’ve a dedicated room. Comfort takes priority over all else because this is a room dedicated to fun, first. With people likely spending hours at a time in this room, comfortable yet stylish furniture. It’s even better if you could find some furniture with LED lightning embedded for a floating effect.

You can also consider using multipurpose furniture if you’re dedicating an entire room to gaming and entertainment. You can convert a pool table into a dining table with minimally versatile furniture by changing the mat and serving your kids there.

FINDING INSPIRATION: Although the kid’s arcade room shouldn’t require much furniture, you can make the arcade room a focal point for your kids by shopping off their favorite game posters. If your kid is super passionate about one game, use it as inspiration to design the rest of the kid’s arcade room — be it PacMan, Star Wars, or Dragon’s Lair.

If you don’t want to stuff their room with one single theme, try mixing multiple pieces for versatility! Now your kid will have a gaming haven with all of their favorite games on display in one place.

Game Equipment as Decor:

Use the theme-related equipment as your decor to mount on the walls. Go funky with furniture, from gaming chairs to couches and tables to wall art and decor. Don’t hesitate to embrace your vintage style old-school decor.

We like this photo from Make sure to stop by and admire some crazy funky arcade room ideas there!

No Space to Waste – Using a Game Closet:

While some people have the option to convert a spare room into an arcade room, this is for those who might not have the obvious space, but are willing to make it.

If you have an extra closet, you can convert it into a game “room” and take advantage of any built-in storage to help create a home for all your accessories, including video games. Talk about maximizing space!

If you have a TV and a set of video games also available, consider placing them in the closet to turn it into the proper game closet. Of course, no authentic modern-day game room is really a game room without the addition of LED lights. So go ahead and deck out the closet ceilings and corners of walls with LED light strips — they’re super easy to put up and also act as a brightener for the closet-turned-game room.

Create a "Refuel" Station:

What’s a game room without snacks and drinks? Well, it’s still a game room, but the addition of snacks and drinks kick it up about a thousand notches.

As important as the games are to the game room in and of themselves, a refueling station is an essential part of your kid’s arcade room. Having this sort of dedicated snack area ensures that any energy going into the game is replenished by snacks and hydrating drinks. This means having them at a hand’s distance.

A fueling station includes your child’s favorite snacks, drinks, and additional seating (if possible) for the gamer guests to liven up and enjoy the place.

If you have no space to design a separate fueling station for your kids, get a mini-refrigerator to chill their drinks. You can mount the mini refrigerator on a shelf or tuck it into the corner. Trust us, your kid likely won’t be worried about any “small” space; they’ll likely be more stoked about the mini refrigerator.

In summary:
Keeping your kids entertained and occupied even at home isn’t always an easy thing, but it also isn’t the most difficult thing if you have the right approach and a solid understanding of what makes a game room, well, a game room.

There are loads of tricks and innovative solutions that families have implemented during lockdown to keep their kids filled with enjoyment while staying at home.

Sure, the noise of their games might disrupt you for a while, but you can always install soundproof sheets on the walls.

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