Air Hockey

Air Hockey Magic 

The magic of air hockey is discovered differently by everyone.
For some, it may have been at a birthday party hosted at your local arcade. For others, it may have been the consolation they needed because there was no local hockey team to join. Regardless, there is something magical about the first time you play air hockey. On that seemingly ordinary table, the puck goes flying across the surface meeting no resistance until eventually there is the successful clanging of a goal scored meeting your ears.


As a child, you may have wondered at the mechanics of an air hockey table.
It’s relatively easy to understand. The first thing you may notice is that the table is covered with tiny holes. Under the table is a fan that blows air up through these small holes giving the puck a resistance-free flow across the table. This is how you can hit the puck with very little force and see it move very quickly. If you’ve ever tried to play without the air on, you’ll soon find that your momentum is severely affected. But once that air is on, your puck flows in a similar way that you would find on an ice hockey rink.


Your “goal” at this point is to score on your opponent by getting the puck in their goal.
This is where geometry can help you a bit. Knowing your angles and being able to see where the puck will go helps you aim your shots better. But as with any game, a good offense is a good defense. Keep your paddle a little further out from your goal. This allows you to react faster as the puck comes zooming toward your goal. You will also want to avoid following the puck with your eyes. That usually results in slow reactionary shots. Instead, try to track the puck’s projection and move along with it. That keeps you more likely to be where you want to be when the puck comes towards you. But the best way to get better at air hockey is to practice. We have lots of air hockey table options for you to look at if you’d like to up your game this year.
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