Beat Coronavirus Blues…Fun “Lockdown” Games To Play Indoors

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If you’re suffering from Coronavirus Blues, Games For Fun is here to help! Today, we’ll be talking about some fun things you could do during the lockdown, focusing specifically on fun games that could be played indoors so you and your household can stay safe, busy, and positive during the lockdown!

But, Games For Fun, what is this “Coronavirus Blues” you speak of?

Coronavirus Blues

  1. That overwhelming misery you get as a result of being stuck in your home for weeks without an actual social life or the option to have one except via technology thanks to Coronavirus…thanks Coronavirus…NOT!

“After being on lockdown for over three weeks, she’s got Coronavirus Blues

So, maybe the term “Coronavirus Blues” isn’t validated by the Oxford Dictionary (or any dictionary, at that), but the Games For Fun team is still making it a thing because, well, it kind of is a thing. And while we recognize that some introverted personalities might love this new stay-at-home adjustment, many of us are going bonkers.

You might be one of those people wondering if there are any fun things to do while on lockdown. Games For Fun understands your concerns, and we’re here to help. That’s why we’ve curated a list of awesome games and activities you could play indoors while waiting for the time to pass!

If you remember our past article about how to stress less, we talked about some of the ways that stress can affect your body. Many would agree that we live in a society where stress seems like it is part of our lives, and it’s even worse now that Coronavirus is causing highly stressful conditions for many people. But, one of the easiest ways to counteract stress is by having fun!

Did you know that having fun actually gives you more energy than it takes away? Our article on having fun highlighted the importance of having fun amidst stressful or overwhelming times. Being on lockdown as a result of a life-threatening virus is rather stressful and overwhelming. So, where do we start with this “fun” thing? Well, aside from disinfecting your entire home, you could always play some games!

In order to live a healthy life, we need to incorporate a balance of work, leisure, fun, and activity. However, with the recent at-home adjustments as a result of the Coronavirus, we know that work, leisure, fun, and activity have been overtaken by leisure for many of us. And a lot of us might be running out of things to do at home or ways to stay busy during the lockdown. Let’s consider some games you can play indoors to maintain positive vibes and an upbuilding home atmosphere.Air Hockey. Since the 1970s, air hockey has been a game of friendly competition inside at-home game rooms.

Having an air hockey table in the home is a great indoor game to play during the lockdown and the perfect way to bond with family and friends! If you’ve never played air hockey, but walk by that table every day, now’s your chance to test your skills…you’re home anyway!

Tips & Tricks: As with any game, a good offense is a good defense. Keep your paddle a little further out from the goal. This allows you to react faster as the puck comes your way. Instead of following the puck with your eyes (which usually results in slow reactionary shots), try to track the puck’s projection and move along with it. That positions you appropriately for when the puck comes towards you.

Like all other things, practice makes perfect when it comes to air hockey improvement. If you’d like to up your game this year, we have a variety of air hockey table options to browse.

Darts. A few great things about darts is that it’s a game that can be enjoyed by everyone and it’s a super easy indoor game to play while on lockdown.

Darts have a rich history. As best as we can tell, the practice of throwing “arrows” to hit specific targets started through archery; its long-lasting appeal is felt worldwide. You’ve seen dartboards everywhere–in your favorite bar, in your best friend’s basement, or in the garage hang-out you had growing up. And almost everyone has picked up a dart and hoped that they would hit that bullseye. More likely than not, your dart landed on the wall next to the dartboard, but that’s a different conversation for a different day.

Challenge those in your house to a game of darts. And if you don’t have darts, check out our dart inventory. This isn’t about becoming skilled at one of the oldest known games today…this is about pure fun!

Foosball. This thrilling game allows for two to four people to play at a time, heating up the competition in your home.

As simple as this game may seem, it never fails to create excitement for players of all ages and levels, and it’s still considered to be one of the most accessible and fun games to play to date. Foosball is ultra-competitive, all-age appropriate, and spectator-friendly. And with many people on lockdown, foosball is the perfect indoor game to keep everyone entertained.

Whether you’re just beginning to pick up this hobby or you have been a professional for years, this game will always spark adrenaline and entertainment. If you are looking into a foosball table, you may want to check out our online store. Happy Foosballing!

Ping Pong. Playing table tennis is a great way to spark up the competition with family and friends, or to simply unwind after a long day doing nothing. (Hey, it’s the truth!)

Table Tennis, also known as Ping Pong, began as a simple “parlor game” to enjoy indoors during cold winter months. So, what better game to include in this ‘games to play indoors while on lockdown’ article. The classic game we have grown up to know has evolved to become a popular recreational activity played both inside and outside. From an Olympic sport to a common piece in many game rooms, table tennis has provided entertainment to all types of groups.

This is the perfect game not only for entertainment, but also to test your hand-eye coordination. After all, after sitting at home for so many hours barely moving, your body itself could use the challenge!

Pool. A pool table is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be played by 1, 2, or 4 people at a moment’s notice.

For many players, terms such as billiards, pool, and snooker are used interchangeably to describe a cue game. Even though these games are very similar, there are distinctions in their play. Each of these cue sports brings different types of enjoyment for players, and pool is the most convenient to learn and play, so the entire family could join in. If you’re stuck at home and looking for fun games to play during the lockdown, pool is out of the question. What are you waiting for…grab your pool stick!

Don’t have a pool table, but interested in playing while on lockdown? Games for Fun provides pool table rentals, as well as other indoor games to rent.

Shuffleboard. As the game heats up, this pastime will surely bring out your competitive side!

Whether you have a large group playing, or just one-on-one, shuffleboard requires more skill than luck. While there are multiple ways to play this simple game, the most common is between two players. So, play a Mother vs. Daughter game, Husband vs. Wife, Father vs. Son, Sibling against Sibling, and the like!

Along with pucks, you can find everything you need for shuffleboard on our online store! Check out our shuffleboard accessories here.

Games For Fun…During Lockdown

From air hockey to shuffleboard, we’ve touched on several fun things to do during the lockdown. Being indoors doesn’t mean you have to be bored or miserable! At Games For Fun, we recognize the importance of enjoying your time with those around you, even if the surrounding circumstances are the most favorable.

Laying on your bed all day, or watching T.V. every day, or counting sheep each day can be mentally exhausting for many and can cause productivity to slow down and can cause many to lose motivation to do even the simple daily tasks. While there is nothing wrong with sleeping or watching TV, how you spend your time throughout your day can affect the rest of your day and your household dynamic.

If you have a few game tables in your home, take advantage of them! If you look back at your favorite memories as a kid, they might include game nights that were most likely filled with family and friends. And, over time, we see board games being stashed away in the closet and video games becoming replaced by the next best thing. Game tables stand the test of time.

Having a game table in the home provides a place for your favorite people to have a good time. If you don’t have a game table or any of the games listed above, or you feel that your space might not be conveniently-sized, we have many games available that can be incorporated into your space seamlessly.

Games For Fun is proud to supply many Southern California homes with games for their family. We know that stopping by our showroom in San Bernardino isn’t doable as of right now, but you could still give us a call, and we can help you find the perfect game for your home and family.

Whether it’s three weeks or three months, Games For Fun is sure that we can all beat Coronavirus Blues together…one fun game at a time!

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