How To Host A Game Tournament

There is something to be said about when a group of friends gets together to have fun.
Things become funnier when a group of people is laughing together as they feed off each other. There are the shared experiences of “remember when…” that usually leaves one person groaning, but the rest of the group is howling. We love these types of get-togethers, but especially when they are paired with some competitive fun. This seems especially right this month while we are in the midst of March Madness. So we thought why not combine our two favorite things. This blog will go over how to host your very own game tournament.


First things first, decide what kind of tournament you want to host.
Are you a fan of Ping Pong? Is Pool more your thing? Are you a Foos Fool? In all reality, it helps if you already own the game that you want to build your tournament around. If you don’t, check out our inventory.


Once that is decided you need to check with your friends and find a date that works for everyone and send out the invitations.
After you know who is coming, then you can set up your brackets. These are the teams that are going to be competing and going head to head with each other. As one team wins, they move on in the bracket, playing winners from another game. It’s also essential that all your players know the rules of the game. Send out the rules ahead of time as well as any special instructions for your particular tournament.  Are certain moves not permissible? Are there double points for any specific shots? All of these details can help your friends be ready to compete. And finally, what’s the prize? What ultimate glory are these teams fighting for? Have fun and be creative coming up with something that your group of friends will enjoy.


Which brings up the most important part of a game tournament: HAVE FUN!
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