How to improve your game 

Pool is an easy game to understand. Watch someone playing, and after a few minutes, you’ve got the hang of it. Being good at pool is whole other issue. So here are a few tips to improve your game.

Keep your eyes on the prize

When you practice, don’t go back and forth looking at the cue ball and the ball you want to strike. Instead, line up your shot and step into your stance, once you are there only look at the ball you are aiming for. If you go back and forth you are losing focus and not gaining it. Looking back and forth can cause you to miss your shots if you are focusing on the cue ball. Once you have mastered the skill of aiming only by looking at the ball you want to strike,  you can look at your cue ball in a game. But look once or twice, don’t go back and forth too much.

A Good Stance goes a long way 

A good stance consists of positioning yourself close but not too close to the table. Leaning into a shot gives you greater control. Your feet should be about two feet apart and you should feel anchored there. Enough of an anchor that you could withstand a good shove. You should also keep your head down with the cue directly below your chin.

Follow through 

When you make your shot make sure that you follow the hit all the way through. If you stop once you hit the ball, that jerking motion can cause your cue to pull up and you can lose your power and aim. You should also stay down after the shot. This allows you to see better the angles of where your ball is going and any other balls it strikes.

Have fun 
One of the biggest mistakes is when you get in your head. Causing yourself to feel stressed puts tension in your muscles and you are more likely to mess up easy shots. Also, sometimes your game is just off. It’s not the end of the world, and this is meant to be a game. So relax and have some fun!
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