10 Great Christmas Gifts For Pool Players

pool tableChristmas is just around the corner. And while some may be dreaming of some new shoes, the latest electronics, or a beach vacation, the billiard player in your life has pool on the mind. If you’re on the hunt for a pool player’s dream Christmas gift, check out our wide selection of billiard accessories. And if you need any ideas, here are our top ten gift ideas to make them smile this Christmas!

  1. Chalk. A pool player is always in need of some more chalk, thus making it the perfect stocking stuffer this seasons. There are many varieties of this most-useful accessory. However, one of our favorites here at Games for Fun is the Kamui chalk. But, if your gifting an advanced play and think they might have a particular chalk preference, you might consider investigating which brand is their favorite.
  2. Gloves. This might be the accessory your pool player won’t think to get themselves but will much appreciate. That’s because gloves will eliminate the friction created between your bridge hand and cue. This makes it easier to move the cue back and forth as you make your shot.
  3. Cue tip tool. Years of billiard playing can put excessive wear and tear on a pool cue. And as such, an avid player will want to keep their cue in as good of condition as possible. That’s where the cue tip tool comes in handy. It provides a three in one cue-shaping function that allows you to shape, scuff, and poke your cue tip into shape. This is essential for any intermediate to advanced player and would make an especially appreciated gift!
  4. Two-piece pool cue wall rack. This helps keep your cues secure and away from any potential harm. Our product involves streamlined design and easy mounting with six replaceable black clips for your cues. This rack is aesthetically thoughtful and space-efficient for your pool lover’s game room.
  5. Cue case. The cue case is another essential for any avid pool player. It is great for any time in which one needs to transport their cue, no matter the distance traveled. Wherever you billiard player goes, their cues can stay safe and protected.
  6. Pool cue. A new cue is an obvious choice for billiard lovers. But be sure that you know which kind they’d prefer. This can be an important choice for intermediate and advanced pool players.
  7. Classic cue kit. This is packed with the essentials for your beginner pool player. It comes with a two-piece cue, a soft case, two pieces of chalk, a chalk holder, and a tip scuffer/sharpener. With this gift, they’ll have no need for anything else!
  8. Balls and triangles. These may be another obvious choice for the billiard player in your life. However, they are always useful and essential to the game. If you’re looking for top-quality billiard balls and triangles, we suggest the Belgian Aramith as the world’s favorite brand. The implement a combo of craftsmanship and advanced technology for your best game.
  9. Training cue ball. Is the billiard-loving recipient looking to up their game? A training cue ball is a great way to better one’s skills for those starting. It aids in aiming as one can better see the effect of spinning on the cue ball.
  10. Table brush. Help your pool player keep their table clean for years to come. This table brush makes it easy to sweep away chalk residue, dust, crumbs, and anything else that might find its way onto a pool table.

Picking the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be the biggest challenge of the season. But if you have a game-loving friend or family member, Games for Fun, makes it easy to find their most beloved gift. Check out our wide selection of games and accessories for all interests and skill levels! Stop by today!

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