A simple 5-step guideline to creating the perfect game room at home

Learn how to create an awesome game room in the comfort of your home  in just 5 steps

Your childhood memories tell you that Cousin Joe had the best game room out of all the cousins growing up, but the reality is that creating a cool game room like Cousin Joe’s might not be as complicated as it might appear.

The reality is that an unused corner of your garage or living room can easily become a gaming area. Or, if movie nights are more your thing, a portable projector can transform your living room or backyard into an epic home theater. (Don’t forget the popcorn!)

But we don’t want to give too much away without the details, so we’re showing you the easiest guideline to make yourself a game room that even Cousin Joe would enjoy if he were to see it today! 

A game room isn’t cool because of how much space you have or how many games you own. With the right designing mentality and a couple of game room products, you’re on the successful path to an amazing game room in your own home (invite the cousins over… this one is for the books).

1. Consider the size of your current space.

While size matters when establishing a video gaming room, it shouldn’t be the main reason you opt out of creating a game room. Though you have to be mindful of the placement of items such as game room tables, keep in mind that some game rooms are spacious and still lacking, and others are small but mighty in entertainment. 

Like we stated before: There could be a small unused space in your home that you can use. So when we say consider the size of your current space, we don’t mean consider if you can have a game room. We want you to consider what you can do with the space you currently have.

2. Invest in a projector.

Playing a video game on a PC screen or watching a movie on a standard TV may be a little too small for you. You can use a projector to enjoy the game on a larger display screen or create a real theatre ambiance with a projector.

Keep in mind that a projector allows you to customize the range and size anytime as you want, whereas you can’t change the size of a TV screen. All you need for this is a blank wall and a small area to keep the projector. And not all projectors are bulky. Some are mini and others are portable making this an ideal space-saver.

3. Install all the lights.

Believe it or not, lighting is an important aspect of a video gaming room. We’ve talked about this before in a previous article about unique game room ideas, and it doesn’t hurt to emphasize this feature again. 

Even if you live in a box, adding some light strips around the room could tie your entire game room together. And the room doesn’t need to be too bright, but medium-moody lighting will make it look the perfect mix of elegant, hardcore, and entertaining all in one. 

You need to install the light at various or particular parts of the room, based on your preference, but the room needs to be completely dark when using the projector. For a better experience, choose push-button control lighting. 

TIP: The correct way is to install the light on the ceiling and on the back of the screens. This setting enhances the tone of the room, so players can focus on the screens while playing games.

4. Look for multipurpose pieces/multigame tables.

If there’s one investment we definitely say save for, it’ll be a multigame table. If you have space for just one game table, make it count!

The best way to get more from your game room is by investing in pieces that serve multiple purposes, like a cleverly designed pool/tennis table combo! In fact, a pool/tennis game table combo is being generous.

Some companies have a 10-in-1 game table. Consider this awesome game table. It includes foosball, push hockey, ping pong, billiards, and even game boards such as chess.

Honestly, you don’t have to sacrifice space for fun. Multigame tables are affordable, space-friendly, and ideal for creating variety in your game room! These game tables that serve more than one purpose provide excitement and something new for you and your guests.

5. Don't forget the accessories... affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

Turning your existing room into a video gaming room can be a hard challenge when you try to completely re-style the entire decoration and design. That’s why you shouldn’t focus on restyling the entire room.

You can utilize the existing design of the room and take advantage of simple decorations and accessories that tie everything together. Whether you add a color on the walls or ceiling, hang some drapes or posters, or add a sofa or bean bag, the small things matter. And what’s even better is that these won’t dry out your wallet! 

TIP: Another great option when you’re short on space? Tabletop games! Any room can become a game room with these space-saving finds. Add a small table and have some card games and even jenga to keep the entertainment going. 

A longer list of game room ideas can be viewed here.

The perfect game room is right around the corner...

When it comes to creating the perfect game room, you don’t need to a have a big budget or a big space to do it — all you need is big creativity and a big desire to get that game room you’ve always wanted. 

If your room simply isn’t equipped for a game room, don’t fret! You can utilize your outdoor area like the backyard. In warmer months, an unused corner of a deck or patio can easily act as a recreation area with the help of outdoor-friendly games. You can also take advantage of an unused garage or storage area.

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