Which Shuffleboard Table Should I Buy?

Shuffleboard is one of the original parlor games played around the world. Even though it dates back to the 1400s, people today still enjoy creating some fun competition by sliding the puck down a sanded piece of wood. Today, you can see this classic games in not only bars but inside homes as well.

Handcrafted out of genuine hardwood and tournament-quality materials made to last for years, our shuffleboard tables are guaranteed to make a statement in your home. We carry our own styles of shuffleboard tables in our Generations line, that are custom made and completely original. We also have tables from California House, Hudson, Olhausen, and Brunswick– some of the top brands in the industry.

Here’s a look at some of the brands we carry at Games For Fun:

California House

We love California House because of the unique designs they offer for shuffleboards. Each table is made to order in the USA, providing exceptional quality and artistic composition. One of our favorite models is the Newport Shuffleboard Table. Unlike most styles, the legs on this table turn inward, creating a gorgeous and elegant look.


You can find Hudson tables in recreational areas as well as professional tournaments. This is because of their consistency in ensuring a leveled table. They are one of the only manufacturers whose wooden planks are reinforced with maple inlays at the bottom each climatic adjuster attached. This means that when your table arrives at your home, it is ready to play with no extra leveling required.


Aside from producing some of the highest quality billiard tables in the industry, Olhausen also manufactures shuffleboard tables. Their products include genuine hardwood that can withstand any climate. When you buy Olhausen, you can create a personalized design by adding a logo on the table to represent your business or favorite team.


From sleek and contemporary to rustic and cozy, Brunswick has a wide variety of designs that will appeal to all types of players. Although they are also commonly known to produce pool tables, Brunswick’s shuffleboard tables provide the same high-quality standards. You can find these styles in our showroom in San Bernardino.


Our Generations line of shuffleboard tables was created to carry on our legacy; by providing families with products they can enjoy with one another for years to come. Our Generations Pool Table collection also exemplifies our passion for the gaming industry. If you are buying a shuffleboard table for the first time, check out our Fundamental Shuffleboard Table. The simplicity in this timeless design makes it a perfect piece for any room style.

All of these brands provide shuffleboard tables that are as much a furniture piece as they are a game table. The detail and functionality of each table ensure that you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy this game for many years.

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Which Foosball Table is Right For You?

From parlor halls to living rooms, foosball has grown into a game that everyone can enjoy. As simple as this game may seem, it never fails to create excitement for players of all ages and levels.

Picking a foosball table will depend on not only the needs of your players but the environment the table will be in as well.

At Games For Fun, we take pride in the variety of foosball tables we have available online and in-store. The different designs and models of our tables can cater to not only families but arcades and bars too! Come visit our showroom in San Bernardino where you can see our beautiful selection of tables for yourself.


Discover which foosball table to get for your space:  



As the weather gets colder and schools break for the holiday, kids start to stay indoors more often.  Foosball is the perfect way to keep them entertained and out of trouble. Foosball tables that were made to stay in a family room have long-lasting quality, so you can pass it on for generations.

Getting a foosball table for the home gives you more choices on styles and designs that will fit into your decor. Our Marksman Foosball Table is one of our favorite tables for the home.  It possesses a sleek black design and beautiful characteristics. The features on this beautiful piece include heavy duty material, so your young ones won’t break any pieces as the competition heats up. This table also includes cup holders and separate ball returns on each side to make your game experience even more satisfying.



The most common place you will see foosball tables is in public places, such as pubs and arcades. These tables tend to take quite a beating from the fierce competition, as they often can see hours of action straight.  If you are considering getting a foosball table for your business, you’ll want to have a sturdy piece that can withstand intense games.

Our commercial Tornado Elite Foosball Table provides the quality you need to keep the game going for years. With simple cleaning and maintenance, keeping this table in its best shape is easy. The natural wood handles give players better accuracy and control of the game.



Most of the time, you will keep your machine indoors but not in a game room.  These tables which you may keep in a garage or office don’t need to be as stylish as a table placed in a living room setting.

A great table for any indoor setting is our Challenger Single Goalie Foosball Table. What makes this table unique is the single goalie feature. Unlike most modern foosball tables, this one requires its players to have more skill blocking the ball by using just a one-man back line. This makes the game much more intense and interactive for the players.



While having a foosball table outdoors is not as common, it can surely enhance your backyard into the ultimate entertainment space. If you plan on keeping your table completely outdoors, make sure your table has all of the necessary amenities to withstand changing weather.

The sturdiness of our Kettler Monte Cristo Outdoor Table allows you to keep it on the patio without worrying about outdoor damage. It’s coated legs and body prevents any rust or warping from occurring. To ensure your foosball table is kept in the best condition, keep a cover on it and avoid direct sunlight.


Whether you’re just beginning to pick up this hobby or you have been a professional for years, this game will always spark adrenaline and entertainment. Finish off the new year by adding the missing piece to your entertainment space with a foosball table.


We want to ensure you get the table of your dreams that can stay in your family for years to come. Right now, we are offering 0% same-as-cash financing on orders $500 and up for 12-months!


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