Jukebox History

History of the Jukebox

The Jukebox harkens back to a time of leather jackets, poodle skirts and the Fonz saying “ehhhhhh”.


But where this may have been the heyday season of the jukebox, it is not where it started. The invention of the jukebox began when Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. But it wouldn’t be for another 29 years before the automation process was added that allowed you to put a coin in and select a song and then another 20 years before an amplifier was added so that you could hear the music throughout a room. The Jukebox was starting to gain some popularity; especially during the prohibition era when these machines made their way into speakeasies and became a staple in bars from that time forward.


Like almost everything else in the country, the great depression brought the music industry to a screeching halt.


Record sales were down drastically. However, the popularity of jukeboxes helped the industry as businesses continued to invest in records for their jukeboxes and by the end of the great depression, the music industry was gaining momentum again. In the 1940’s, jukeboxes were at the beginning of their golden age. Their original design always looked like a radio, but now companies were creating them with some flair. They seemed to take on the characteristics of vehicles that were being produced at that time. They now had chrome accents and were showing off bold colors.


But alas, their golden days were not meant to stay. 😞


As the music industry continued to evolve and technology was allowing people to get their music in new and different ways, the jukebox lost its mainstay appeal. Today, most people are getting access to their music through their phones, not at a local malt shop. But that doesn’t mean that these machines are any less important. They were the forerunners of iPods and music on demand apps. They also have enjoyed a resurgence as people sought out nostalgia pieces. If you loved the jukeboxes of old, maybe it’s time to look into getting one for yourself. Games for Fun has many different models available for you.

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