more than one way to throw a Dart

There’s more than one way to throw a Dart

If you’ve only played darts recreationally, you might not know about the vast amount of games that you can play with a dart board. You may be “just trying to hit the bullseye” every time. Or maybe “just trying to even make it on the board and not the wall” every time. If you want to have more fun with your dartboard, maybe try a few of these games.


Around the World

The title gives away the point of the game but this game is great to play because it is so easy to understand. You start at the number one and can hit anywhere within that area. Once you hit that area, you move on to number two and so on. Straightforward concept but it does take some good aim. If you want to make it more challenging, you can utilize the double and triple rings where you only move forward if you hit one of these rings. Or the option of hitting the triple ring on number one then moves you forward to number 4. If you hit the triple ring on number 4, then you proceed to number 7 and so on.



Another favorite game is Cricket. The idea behind cricket is to close out specific numbers by hitting them three times with either three singles, or a single and a double or a triple. The numbers in play are 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and the inner and outer Bulls. Once you have closed off a number that your opponent has not yet hit, you can start to score points by hitting it. The numbers can be closed in any succession.


Aim to Win

Both of these games require that you have some pretty good aim! If you need to improve your aim it’s always good to find a sight line. Many people will use their fingers or the dart itself to create a sight line. Secondly, you will want to lead with your elbow. Overall, to get better at darts, you need to practice. If you’re going to improve your game at home, make sure to get your gear from us. We always have what you need to get your game on.
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