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McDermott cueMaybe you’ve just learned how to pronounce the word “billiards.” Or, perhaps you were born on a pool table and have been holding cue sticks since you came out the womb. Regardless of skill, we at Games For Fun recognize that a person’s pool cue plays a key role in determining the accuracy of their shot.

After being in the billiards industry for 35 years, our team has grown to be experts in every aspect of the sport. And there’s no denying that one of the most important accessories to complete your pool game and pool table aesthetic is your pool cue.

Beginners might wonder, “What exactly is a pool cue?” or “What does my pool cue have to do with the game?” Today, we’re going to either educate you or reinforce your preexisting knowledge of pool accessories. We’ll be focusing on one of our favorite brands, McDermott, and how their cues are changing the pool-playing game.

Be sure to read this article in its entirety because we’ve got a fun activity at the end to test your cue comprehension and pool passion — after all, what’s Games For Fun without a fun game! If you’re racked and ready to go, let’s get to striking!

What’s in a Stick?

In layman’s terms, a pool cue is the stick a person uses to hit the ball into the hole. These sticks are tapered and typically measure about 57–59 inches (about 1.5 m) in length and usually weigh between 16 and 21 ounces (450–600 g), with professionals gravitating toward a 19-ounce (540 g) average. But, enough about the mathematics. Let’s get into the game!

The reason a player’s cue stick is so important rests in the cue tip. In fact, some pool players have invested a lot of money toward customized cue sticks. A person should be able to run their hand all the way down the stick without feeling any abnormalities. And a legitimate high-quality brand cue stick should be almost flawless, with little to no change in smoothness between the tip, ferrule, shaft, and butt.

Regarding the tip of the cue stick, consider this: The tip of your cue stick is the only thing that makes contact with the cue ball. If you can’t make accurate and consistent contact with the cue ball using the cue tip, it’s almost as if you’re playing the game in vain. The type, density, and size of your tip can literally be the difference between a win and a loss.

Why We’re Lovin’ McDermott

Since 1975, McDermott has consistently raised the industry standard for what billiard players expect from a high-quality pool cue. McDermott products use the latest technology, along with the finest materials in the world.

Quality. Craftsmanship is a fine art. McDermott utilizes a process that includes over 150 separate procedures in the construction of each cue. All shafts start from the finest kiln-dried, hand-selected North American Hard Rock maple and turned 11 times for stability. All forearms, handles, and sleeves are handcrafted from the finest and most exotic woods from around the world.

McDermott Cues come in three separate series: H-Series, G-Series, and Select Series. As we delve into McDermott series and product specifics, keep them in mind, as they will come in handy at the end of this article!

H-Series: The brand new H-Series is the first line of cues ever to feature the fully-adjustable Variable Balance Point (VBP) weight system. This breakthrough is made possible by the new patented technology that combines a full-length carbon fiber core with a rail, on which the weights can be repositioned forward or backward inside the cue. No other cue allows you to have this much control over both the weight and balance.

G-Series: McDermott G-Series cues are known for their quality construction, exotic woods, intricate inlays, and limitless customization options. That’s right, this series is equipped with limitless customization options! This means you have the ability to customize the color, wood, add engravings, and more.

Select Series: McDermott Select Series cues are equipped standard with i-Pro Slim or i-3 shafts for high performance at an affordable price. Really, there’s nothing more attractive than an affordable yet high-quality product.

What’s Your Cue?

We’ve discussed the importance of cue sticks and the many options McDermott offers. Using 5 of some of McDermott’s recent products, let’s determine which cue best suits your personality. Your choice could be based on unique features, color, and other qualities!

The i-3. If you like to be in control and know how to finesse, this is for you. Designed for incredible spin and finesse, this shaft is engineered for those who have great control.

The G241. If you’re a classic at heart, but can appreciate some modern elements, this is for you. This has the benefits of advanced technology with a familiar feel as a result of the traditional maple shaft.

The G215. With metallic pink paint and 4 pink pearl inlays, this is for the spunky and bold. If you’re more on the calm and quiet side, beware!

The G502. If people describe you as liking the finer things in life and being adventurous, this is your cue… literally. This is designed with 24 pearl-notched diamond & dot inlays and a lizard-embossed leather strap.

The G407. For the people who like the details. Dark American cherry stain, brass, cocobolo wood, diamond inlays… in turquoise! If you like both look and functionality and aren’t afraid to express yourself, this is designed with you in mind.

Did you guess which cue is best suited for you? Or, maybe you realized the kind of person you are based on your cue of choice. Either way, we hope you learned something new about pull cues and have a newfound interest or reignited love for them just as we do! We also hope you developed a new appreciation for McDermott, their expertise, variety, and zeal for their products!

Where To Get McDermott

Games For Fun is the largest McDermott pool cue supplier on the west coast! With the brand’s wide selection of cues for players of all levels (beginner, intermediate, and expert), there’s no reason why we wouldn’t like McDermott. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t, either! With the amount of inventory we carry in our showroom, we don’t doubt you’ll be able to find every style of cue McDermott displays in their catalogs.

Stop by our showroom in San Bernardino to try out any McDermott cue style you like. Our team is happy to help you find the perfect cue for your game!

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