Buying a Dart board

Factors to Consider When Buying a Dart board

buying a dart boardDart boards are everywhere. From your favorite bar to your garage-turned-game room, this versatile game is the perfect accompaniment to any Friday night hangout. So, if you’re looking for a simple, yet entertaining addition to your recreation space, you’re sure to find it in a dart board. In this article, we’ll discuss the best dart boards for your space!

Buying a dart board can be a little tricky…

Whether you’re looking to facilitate some fierce competition or to entertain guests with a universally-loved pass time, a dart boards is just what you need. But, when you’re ready to make a purchase, you may find that there is an overwhelming number of kinds of boards. They range significantly in quality and price, so it’s essential to know just what you want. The first decision with which you’ll be faced is if you prefer a bristle or an electric board.

Buying a dart board concerning Bristle Dart Boards vs. Electronic Dart Boards:

  • Bristle Dart Boards:

These boards are reminiscent of the traditional ones you’ll find in pubs and taverns across England, where the game began. So, if you’re looking for a more authentic play, this is the board for you. They are typically used for tournaments and are best suited for those who are serious about their dart play.Despite their name, bristle boards aren’t actually made of bristles. Rather, they are composed of sisal or hemp which fix themselves upon being struck. The darts used are unique, as well. They are made with a steel tip and a body made of tungsten or brass. That’s why these darts are certainly not toys and should be handled with care. However, their weighted feel provides a more authentic playing experience.

  • Electronic Dart Boards:

Electronic dart boards offer several unique options to fit your particular needs and wants. They come with various features and in several styles and sizes, making it an excellent choice for pro players and beginners alike. These are typically made of plastic and are covered in tiny holes in which a dart will stick upon making a precise hit. When this occurs, the board will send a message to the internal computer to calculate a score.Upon choosing which type of board best suits your needs, you’ll also need to consider the variants of each kind! We know this may seem a bit overwhelming– perhaps a bigger decision process than you were anticipating. That’s why we’ve outlined the different factors to consider when buying a dart board that’s right for you. We’ll begin with a bristle dart board.Contrary to the bristle dart boards, these come with plastic-tipped darts, making these a bit safer of an option. However, if you’d prefer a steel tip for a more genuine playing feel, you can find these as well for your electric board.

Factors to consider when buying a bristle dart boards: 

  1. The best bristle dart boards are made with sisal fibers rather than the hemp alternative. Sisal is a very durable material with high-density fibers and a self-healing ability. This means that your dart boards will not only last longer but that these small fibers will heal up quickly when impacted by a dart. Sisal fibers are especially crucial if you’re buying for tournaments or any serious play.
  2. It is important to select a board with the right density and depth. If these are either too high or too low, it will impact the quality of your games. This will also ensure that a dart can fully penetrate the fibers upon impact, thus avoiding bounce outs. With a lower bounce-out rate, your games’ scoring will be more accurate.
  3. Consider the wiring of the dart boards. Each bristle board will come with some sort of wiring. This separates the central section of the dart boards from the outer fringes and should be of high quality so to avoid bounce outs. Wiring makes a difference in the quality of your board, as well as the precision of each play.
  4. Choose a board with a bullseye that has a blade surface. This type of surface will prevent bounce-outs when accurate scoring matters most. They also offer each player a higher surface area for play to increase their chances of scoring.
  5. If you’re a pro player, you might want a pro trainer board. These kinds of boards will include features like doubles and ultra-slim trebles. Make sure also to have high-grade sisal material and a board that is staple-free.

Factors to consider when buying an electric dart boards:

  1. Consider how many games the board is programmed for. One of the best parts of having an electric board is the number of different games they provide. If you’re the kind of player that’s always looking for a new way to play darts, an electric board with plenty of game options is the one for you!
  2. What number of players will you most often have? Consider this when buying your electric board as some boards can accommodate more players than others. And though you can, of course, score manually, automated scorekeeping is a convenient feature of the electric board.
  3. Ensure that the surface of the board is of high quality. The surface of an electric board is made of tiny holes in which your darts will attach as the board computes your score. Sometimes though, if these holes are too widely spaced, this can impact the bounce-out rate of your darts. That’s why it’s important to choose a board with thin segment dividers to reduce the prevalence of bounce-outs.
  4. Make sure that the buttons on a dart board are not susceptible to being hit. Imagine, in the middle of a game, accidentally hitting the off-button and losing your entire game! Check for these sorts of details for your best game and a board that you love.
  5. Consider how noisy a board is. Some of the sound effects can be quite loud, so it is helpful to have the ability to control the volume or the option to turn it off completely.

We understand that no matter the tips and tricks you take into consideration, buying a dart board with so many feature options can be challenging. That’s why we at Games for Fun are here for you! Come by our San Bernardino location today for this versatile and ever-entertaining game, and we’ll help you make a choice that’s right for you!

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