face time not facetime

Face time not Facetime

During the holidays we usually plan a big family get-together.

Discussions of who will host, who will travel and who is staying home this year will ensue. But being with family is part of what makes the holidays special. You come together with those that are dear and remember old memories all while creating new ones. However, there are times when your uncle’s “wit” can become grading and your cousins just don’t seem that cute anymore. It’s easy in those moments to find your distractions on your device. For some, they will retreat to their phone that will give them updates on their friends picture-perfect Christmases or to read the latest BuzzFeed list of how to make the perfect Christmas playlist. Some will watch the game, and some will play a game on their iPad.

You would not be alone to retreat to the comfort of a warm screen.

Polls are saying that Americans are spending an average of 10 hours in front of a screen. That’s almost half of a day spent absorbing that blue light. While these numbers are growing, there is also a growing concern for the health of this choice. Experts are suggesting to limit the number of screens available. We would also recommend creating an alternative way to spend your time. This is where having a pool table, table tennis or foosball comes in handy. Instead of seeing your teenage cousins making duck face after duck face for Snapchat, you can school them on the perfect serve for ping pong.

Outside of just having fun, face to face communication comes with huge bonuses.

You learn the art of non-verbal cues. Stronger relationships are forged through face to face communication as you can ask questions as follow up and it is easier to build trust. These are all skills that are necessary to grow and develop as an adult and can be learned over something as simple as a pool table. If you want to help your family spend time together and not just spend time around each other, look at Games for Fun for some great options.

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