Caring For Your Pool Table

Pool tables are a staple piece of furniture that is meant to provide lasting enjoyment for decades. You’ve invested a lot into your pool table, so making sure it sustains its high quality is important.

Although your pool table doesn’t require day-to-day maintenance, it is delicate furniture that can last generations if taken care of properly.

As a pool table owner you should be mindful of these three things:


Unfortunately, lots of pool time will result in a dirty table, but a quick clean after every game will save you years of wear and tear. All of the elements of the game will contribute to this, so don’t neglect cleaning your balls and cues too!

A good rule to follow is never overdue your chalking. When it comes to the felt, chalk can be a silent killer to your felt cover. Even if you brush your table after every game, chalk is guaranteed to linger into the felt.

Like any piece of expensive furniture, you should clean the wood with care. Only use cleaning products that are safe with your type of finish.


Don’t ever confuse your beautiful pool table top with any other regular table in the house! The best way to protect your table from spills, stains, and damage is by not letting anything on top except for game supplies.

Whether your table is in the living room or garage, having a Pool Table Cover is crucial to conserving your felt and wood. You’ll want your felt looking as bright as the day you bought it, so covering is key. This will prevent possible sun damage that can occur over time.


While some regular wear and tear is unavoidable over time, there are some things you can do to ensure you are keeping your table in the best shape.

As fun as it is to sit on the edge of your table, it is definitely not recommended! Your pool table is strong enough to hold your leaning weight, but constantly sitting on it can eventually cause some damage. Keeping a strong base to your table is crucial for stability, so make sure you purchase a table with solid legs, like our Lodgepole Table. This table features Fir logs with a natural finish that have been cut and carved to create a unique design that will provide support and style.

Maintaining your pool table is simple, as long as you take the right steps to care for it. With all these things in mind, you will be able to keep your pool table looking brand new for years to come.

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