Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self

So you’ve done it, you’ve bought yourself a pool table! Good for you! Now that you’ve finally decided to treat yo self; let’s make sure that your table stays in good condition for years to come. Most pool tables are lovely pieces that are meant to last you a long time. However, improper care can result in damage to your table that ultimately damages your game. So here are a few tips on how to properly care for your pool table:

Use a Cover:

This is some of the best preventative care that you can give to your table. A cover does a few key things. It keeps dirt and lint off. Dust can be part of life, but for some people who have pets or just really long hair, a cover can save you. Getting hair off your tabletop can take time, and a buildup of hair is just bad for your game. (Speaking of pets: please make sure Fido knows not to “mark” your table legs. Nothing will destroy that wood faster than urine. Basically, good pool table care = no pets near your table)

Clean up spills, or better yet, don’t have them!

Nothing is better than having a cold one with your buds while playing the best game. And it’s easy to want to set your drink down in between shots on the table. Please don’t. Its one of the easiest ways to ruin the fabric. Instead, we suggest having lots of other places for you and your friends to place their drinks. You can find a great selection here or at our store. But if you do spill, take a cloth and get up as much of the liquid as you can. Don’t rub the fabric, but simply blot it.

Don’t sit on your table:

The rail cushions were not designed to hold weight. By sitting on the table, you are putting pressure on the glue joint which can cause the rails to sink or sad. When your balls hit a sagging rail, they will sail in a completely different direction than what you had intended, totally ruining a good game for some.

We hope that these few tips have helped you. If you have any questions on the proper care, we have experts ready and available to help you with any of your pool table needs.

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