Tornado Red Textured Foosball


The Tornado Red Textured Foosball is engineered for optimum performance and control while providing a durable, long-lasting ball.

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Tornado Red Textured Foosball

This is the ball which will be used in all competition worldwide. The Tornado Red Textured Foosball is an improvement over previous Tornado balls and is more durable, consistent and offers added control with no obvious negatives, virtually indestructible!

The pink ball has been “the” tornado ball for both home and commercial tables for late 1990’s – 2008! It’s still used on Home tables. The NEW “Red 5hr” Ball… a very similar ball but in Red color is the official ball for the T3000 tornado coin-op and the T3000 noncoin op commercial tables! The 5hr is for 5 hours that the ball was “tumbled” to generate it is smooth/textured/grippy surface.

Each ball is 35mm, weighs .9 ounces, and is made of a textured urethane compound. They can be purchased in different pack sizes: 2, 5, 12, and 25.

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