Tornado Bearing Half


If you or your fellow players are hard on your table rods, fear not. The Tornado Bearing Half replaces broken bearings and can be used for Tornado Coin and T-3000 tables, and higher-end Tornado home models.

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Tornado Bearing Half

The Improved Tornado Bearing Half has a 0.03-inch thinner wall. This allows for better passing control and shot blocking for players. No matter what level player you are, this product will enhance your gameplay and give you better control of your team.

Four half bearings are needed for each rod. You do not have to worry about replacing the entire rod system. These can be purchased individually if you have one half with an issue. Get more foosball replacement parts.

They can be purchased in a 1-pack, 2-pack, 4-pack, or 32-pack depending on your repairing needs.

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