Smooth Replacement Foosballs


Think you’ve got game? These lightning fast, smooth replacement foosballs will be the judge of that.

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Smooth Replacement Foosballs

These Smooth Foosball Replacement Balls are made of solid plastic. Because they lack the ridged edges or texture of other types of foosballs balls, they move quickly across the game surface, ricocheting of players, walls, and edges.

They add a challenging element to the game because players have a more difficult time controlling where they go. They can even bounce in and out of the goals, making these balls the most fun for beginners and friends looking to enjoy themselves. More foosball accessories.

It is 36 mm across and weighs .7 ounces. Depending on your gameplay needs, you can buy these foosball balls in a 2-pack, 5-pack, and 12-pack.

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