Cork Foosball


This Cork foosball is not only quieter than the traditional foosball, but also offer superior control and feel for the methodic fooser. Cork balls are preferred for the European style tables. They turn a typical game of foosball into a methodical test of wits.

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Cork Foosball

This Cork Foosball is perfect because of the control it offers. The game style changes to allow for better strategy, deception, and execution of pin shots. The table soccer ball’s rough texture and softer structure enable soccer men to pin the ball between to the table to trap it, and from there players can carefully pass the ball or shoot. The cork balls are quieter than their plastic-blend counterparts. More foosball accessories.

The cork material weighs only .3 ounces and is 35 mm across. They are available to purchase in a 2-pack, 5-pack, and 12-pack.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 2 in
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