Tornado Foosball Bearing Wrench


Tornado Foosball Bearing Wrench is used when replacing cabinet wall bearings from your Tornado Foosball table. The all-purpose Tornado Foosball bearing wrench helps loosen and tighten rod bearings and bearing halves.

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Tornado Foosball Bearing Wrench

The Tornado Foosball Bearing Wrench is a must-have if you are going to be doing work on your Tornado foosball table. The Tornado Wrench is made of durable plastic. It will not snap, crack, or bend when you are using it.

Compared to tools you might already have lying around the house, this tool is ideal for Tornado bearings. Common tools might damage the bearings, but ours will not. It is the perfect tool for tightening, adjusting, and removing Tornado bearings. This part is sized right for bracing a foosball rod when you are tapping a roll pin in or out.

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Weight .05 lbs


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