Original Dynamo Yellow Foosball


The Dynamo Foosball is for more serious players, and the yellow color makes it pop against your foosball table. The bright color makes it easier to find in the heat of a game, as well as add a fun element.

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Dynamo Yellow Foosball

It is 35mm across, weighs .9oz, and is made of a textured urethane compound. Unlike the original foosballs that are made with plastic, the blend provided by these balls allows for different types of play and has unique benefits.

The Dynamo Yellow Foosball provides control that is not present in the classic foosball. Its texture allows it to be caught between the man and table, allowing players to stop and start as desired. These balls are durable and will last through game after game.

Available in a 2-pack, 5-pack, 12-pack, or 25-pack, depending on your frequency of play or the number of tables you own

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