Solid Foosball Rod Set


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Solid Foosball Rod Set

If you are looking to replace your worn out and bent rods, or to upgrade the original ones, the Solid Foosball Rod Set might be the perfect answer.

This rod set includes 8 solid 5/8″ diameter steel rods for a 3 goalie foosball table, which is the standard quantity on most standard foosball tables.

  • Two 40-1/4″ rods accommodating 5 players
  • Four 44-1/2″ rods accommodating 3 players
  • Two 49-1/2″ rods accommodating 2 players

Solid rods are ideal for commercial locations of for rough foosers. Because they are solid, they are much more durable and bend resistant.

Due to the weight though, they can be difficult to spin quickly for smaller players. If you are looking for something lighter and faster, try out our Hollow Rod Set.

This set will fit on most standard tables and can be used with most players and hardware.

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