K66 Cushion Rubber Rapid Rebound


K66 cushion rubber rapid rebound

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K66 Cushion Rubber Rapid Rebound

Not all rubber is the same.

Most K66 cushion rubber is molded with a 1/2 round void located at the glue side of the cushion rubber.

When bonded to the wood rail their is 70% adherence due to this void.

K66 Rapid Rebound features a full backing providing 100% adherence.

This benefit provides both a faster ball rebound (no void) and 30% more adherence to the wood rail making this cushion less likely to separate from the wood rail over time.

When bonding K66 cushion rubber Rapid Rebound it is recommended to apply with a commercial quality contact glue. This ensures your best results.

We recommend item #2290 Touchdown 1nc pint can $14.99 for repairs

and item #2291 Touchdown 1nc quart can $19.99 for new install.







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