K66 Cushion Rubber for Pool Table Rails


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K66 Cushion Rubber for Pool Table Rails

Replace your old dead and oxidized cushions the these K66 Cushion Rubber for Pool Table Rails replacements. Easily make you pool table perform like new!

The K66 profile is the most common profile and is used on most residential style pool tables. Once cushions get old and oxidize they become hard and do not allow the balls to sufficiently bounce.

Replacing cushions is fairly straightforward. Once the cloth has been removed from the rails, simply pull off the old cushions, glue on these new cushions, and once the glue has dried use a sharp knife to cut the rubber to size and to match the corners.

Each order includes 6 pieces of rubber, enough to replace the cushions for all 6 rails on your pool table. We sell this product in two sizes, 42″ is for 7′ and 8′ tables, and the 48″ cushions will fit Pro 8′ (oversized 8′) and 9′ pool tables.



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