Medium Slip On Replacement Tip


Slip on tips are the easiest and cheapest way to bring your cue back to life and get you back on the table!

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Medium Slip On Replacement Tip

The Medium Slip On Replacement Tip provides the ability to change the tip and get your cue back in play on the fly. If installing a new glue on tip is too difficult or takes too long, these slip on tips are your best bet.

No tools or glue are required for installation of these tips.  It is also unnecessary to cut away the old tip residue. Simply push the slip on tip over the tip end of your cue and start playing!

Is the tip on your cue worn out or missing? Not only will it be very difficult to play but the damaged end could put a hole in your felt. This will also likely chip and scratch the balls, causing even more damage to the felt.

These tips are available only as 13mm and are sold in packs of 10, 25, or 100.

These are also available in a soft hardness.


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