Natural Wood Billiard Rack


The 8-Ball Triangle and 9-Ball Diamond is used to rack the balls at the beginning of each game. This natural finish triangle and diamond is attractive, effective, and durable.

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Natural Wood Billiard Rack

It doesn’t matter what game you play, this Natural Wood Billiard Rack is a must have for your pool table. The wooden pool ball rack is used to set the balls up at the beginning of the game. Placing the billiard balls tightly in the rack allows the possibility for a great break. With a loose rack you are almost sure to have a poor break.

The diamond-shaped wooden billiard rack allows for racking a game of 9 balls. The triangle shaped rack is typically used for 8-ball, though there are many other games that can be played with this setup.

These are made of wood and lacquered, maintaining the natural look. The two wooden pool ball racks can be purchased separately or together for a great discount!

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