Modern Leather Drop Pocket Set


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Modern Leather Pool Table Drop Pocket Set

The Modern Leather Drop Pocket set is designed to replace the pockets on pool tables with an internal pocket design. These pockets will not fit a traditional “antique” style pool table with the pockets on the outside of the pool table. If your pockets have the irons sticking out of each side, check out our #6 pockets.

These pockets are made with a genuine leather upper, and high density foam lower held together with rivets.

The modern pockets couldn’t be easier to install. Simply push them in from the bottom of the table to put in to place. Hammer in a few pocket nails to keep them in place, and staple the leather “fingers” to the bottom of the table to allow them to effectively catch the balls.

  • Pockets measure 7-3/4″ from the bottom of the pocket to the top of the pocket
  • Includes 4 corner and 2 side pockets
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