Castle Custom Cue no1


Though no longer in production, Castle Custom cues are highly regarded for their intricate details and the inclusion of the finest materials available.

All Castle Custom cues are one-of-a-kind and were made to order by Jom Sforza, who trained extensively under Bert Scherger.

These unique pieces of billiards history will look as good on display on a rack as they will when you’re running the table.

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Castle Custom Cue no1


Canadian Hard Rock Maple forearm with ivory, malachite, turquoise and silver inlays, with an Irish linen wrap.

This cue includes 2 a+ hardrock maple shafts. One shaft/butt combo weighs 17.9oz with a 13mm diameter tip. The other combination weighs 18.4oz and has a 13-1/4mm tip.

Custom maple joint protectors are included for all three joints.

-5 malachite & 5 turquoise points inside 10 large ivory points on the forearm

-5 custom rings with ivory rings encrusted with 20 silver inlays

-100 total silver inlaid dots, 10 diamond shaped ivory inlays, 25 round ivory inlays, and 10 long diamond shaped ivory inlays.

-Sleeve has 4 wishbone shaped malachite inlays with ivory trim and ivory dots, along with 4 long diamond shaped turquoise inlays trimmed with ivory dots.

This is a brand new cue, but carries no warranty. All three pieces of this cue are straight, whether assembled or not.


Please note that the above specifics are based on our research, and would be graded on our opinion as a level 5 collector cue.

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