Tefco Master Spots


Tefco Master Spots

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Tefco Master Spots feature a 1-1/4″ outside diameter  round spot with a 1/4″  white dot center, Made in the USA

Tefco Master Spots are Peal & Stick Pressure Sensitive This is a commercial quality table spot designed for simple install and replacement. Over the many years of testing the durability of a variety of pool table spots (dots) this Tefco Master Spot has consistently out performed other spots on the market. The Peel & Stick feature is preferred for it’s sanitary installation versus other lick and stick models. The Tefco Master Spot is placed directly on the pool table cloth (felt) and is positioned where the side center rail sight and end center sight meet. The purpose of the spot is to consistently place the head ball during racking at the same location, rack after rack.

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Weight .01875 lbs


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