10-1/2 in Nylon Table Brush


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10-1/2 in Nylon Table Brush wood color may vary Regularly cleaning the felt top is important to help keep it looking great and to prolong its life. Someone will always end up spilling something on the pool table at some stage during its lifetime! Pool table tops get dirty – drink spills, chalk marks and powder, dirt build-up, accidents with food, just to name a few possibilities. Purchase a pool 10-1/2 in Nylon Table Brush. This brush is suitable for using on felt table tops – it consists of bristles in two lengths, longer at the edges and shorter in the middle. Use it after every playing session to remove dirt, dust, chalk dust, and any other foreign contaminants that have appeared during the games. Wipe or brush down the bumper railings first, then brush the felt top; this allows the dirt on the railings to fall on the felt top before you have gone to the effort of brushing it. Sweep all of the dirt from the center of the table into the nearest pockets using straight brush strokes. Do not use circular motions as this will go against the weave of the felt, causing it to rub up.
They’re inexpensive and wood color may vary


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