Abacus Scorekeeper


Keep score the old-fashioned way! This classic Abacus Foosball Scorekeeper is easy to use, and the bright colors allow players to know what score their opposite has easily.

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Abacus Scorekeeper

This Abacus Scorekeeper includes a set of 2 Abacus units, one white assembly and one red assembly. They are ideal for keeping score on foosball, air hockey, shuffleboard, and other games requiring scoring. They easily install with four screws (not included) that screw down into the mounting surface.

This abacus scorekeeper can replace old scorekeepers or be used to add a new flair to an existing model. Score is kept by sliding a scoring disc to one side, representing one point. Each scorekeeper assembly has 10 scoring discs.

The red and yellow air hockey score keeper is 9.5 inches long when attached to 1-inch round diameter sliding markers.

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